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Attention All Kindergarten, Grade 1 Boys, and Grade 2 Boys: Field Change update!

All Wednesday sessions for Kindergarten Boys and Girls, Grade 1 Boys, and Grade 2 Boys are moving to JOHN GEORGE PARK for the remainder of the Fall season.


The Kidergarten program will start at 5:15pm instead of 5pm, and it will conclude at 6pm instad of 5:45pm. We made this change due to field permits. The Kindergarten athletes will practice on the same fields as the Saturday sessions.

Grade 1 Boys and Grade 2 Boys will use the same fields as the Saturday session and will keep the normal Wednesday start/end times.

Fall Practice Schedule can be found here: 2018 Fall Practice Schedule

Danvers Youth Soccer strictly follows and enforces the ECYSA Game Behavior Policy.


Next DYS BOD meeting Tuesday,October 9th, @7:30 at the Polish Club, 12 Cheever Street, Danvers.

All are welcome to attend.


Event Cancellations
Travel Families - Please confirm any cancellations with your coach!
In case of inclement weather families will receive an event cancellation message from DYS.
If a family does not receive any communication, then they can check the Field Status box. If field status is listed as "CLOSED" then all events on that field for the day are cancelled.
Away TBD (9/26) 
Beverly: Cross Lane - Beverly TBD (9/26) 
Gates Fields - Danvers TBD (9/26) 
Gates GRD1 F#1 - Danvers TBD (9/26) 
Gates GRD1 F#3 - Danvers TBD (9/26) 
Gates GRD2 F#1 - Danvers TBD (9/26) 
Gates GRD2 F#2 - Danvers TBD (9/26) 
Gates GRD2 F#3 - Danvers TBD (9/26) 
Gates Travel 1 - Danvers TBD (9/26) 
Gates Travel 1A - Danvers TBD (9/26) 
Gates Travel F#2 - Danvers TBD (9/26) 
Gates U10 F#1A - Danvers TBD (9/26) 
Gates U10 F#1B - Danvers TBD (9/26) 
Gates U10 F#1C - Danvers TBD (9/26) 
John George F#1 - Danvers TBD (9/26) 
John George F#2 - Danvers TBD (9/26) 
John George F#3 - Danvers TBD (9/26) 
John George Park - Danvers TBD (9/26) 
Salem: McGrath Park - Salem TBD (9/26) 
Smith Elementary - Danvers TBD (9/26) 
Smith Game F#1 - Danvers TBD (9/26) 
Smith Game F#2 - Danvers TBD (9/26) 
Smith Game F#3 - Danvers TBD (9/26) 
Thorpe Travel F#7B - Danvers TBD (9/26) 
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