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Eagles Youth Sports, Inc. has provided Denver with a quality youth sports program for boys and girls for over 50 Years. Our goal is to teach young boys and girls the value of hard work, sportsmanship, and working as a team to reach a common goal. We offer competitive play for all levels of talent from ages 6 to 14. We are a club member of the Arapahoe Youth League and offer Spring Baseball, Fall Football, Winter Basketball, Fall Softball, Winter/ Spring Volleyball, and Fall Cheer. 

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Throughout the offseason we will post coaching clinics, youth camps & clinics that are held around the metro area.  For updated information please got to the specific page tab in the horizontal menu then click the Camps & Clinics link on the left side of this page.

Cole Sukle Award Winners

Congratulations to the following Cole Sukle Award Winners! Each of the players below were recognized for their Leadership and Sportsmanship both on and off the field. 


1st/2nd grade - Eagles Green - Fisher Bergner #1

4th grade NFC - Eagles Green - Ned Zilinskas #87

4th grade AFC South - Eagles Silver - Billy Aitchison #12

5th grade NFC - Eagles Black - Wyatt Watkins #38

5th grade NFC - Eagles Green - Jaiden Lewis #88

5th grade NFC - Eagles White - Karson Sparks #21

6th grade NFC - Eagles White - Mitchell Bigelow #21

6th grade AFC North - Eagles Black - Austin Lindegren #1

7th grade NFC - Eagles Black - Elijah Jamison #50

7th grade AFC North - Eagles Green - Weston Wolkov #12 AND Kyle Krebs #21

7th grade AFC South - Eagles Silver - Christian Roe #23

8th grade AFC Central - Eagles Gold - Aiden Moore #44

8th grade AFC South - Eagles Green - Sailor Ross #25



5th grade - Eagles Green - Reese Schmitt

6th grade - Eagles Green - Amanda Dowliing

6th grade - Eagles White - Makena Biltoft

8th grade - Eagles Green - Kayla Dunlap

8th grade - Eagles White - Cora Allen

8th grade - Eagles Black - Marin Wasinger



7AA National- Eagles Green - Braylen Ringland

7AA National - Eagles White - Austin Dellatorre 

9AA American - Eagles Green - Pierce Clark

9AA National - Eagles Green - Logan Kramer

10AA National - Eagles Green - Zach Groth

11AA American - Eagles Silver- Manny Wadkins

11AA National - Eagles Green - Adrian Santaella

13AAA National - Denver Eagles - Sam Feiman

13/14AA National - Eagles Black - Evan Habitz

13/14 AA National - Eagles Green - George Smith

13/14AA American - Eagles White - Sam Metcalf

14AAA - Golden Eagles - Jack Thurman

14 Majors - Denver War Eagles - Chase Brickley



8AA - Eagles Black - Kenzy Broadrick

8AA - Eagles Green - Olivia Gibson

8AA - Eagles White - Isabella Jackson

10AA - Eagles White - Maddie Cusulos

10 Comp - Rado Eagles - Halle Guber

12AA - Eagles White - Danica Geist

12 Comp - Denver War Eagles - Stephanie Zabel

12 Comp - Eagles Green - Abby Perruccio

12 Comp - Eagles Riptide - Samantha Brown

14 Comp - Eagles Green - Quinn Lloyd



4th grade AFC South - Eagles Iron -  Max Byford

5th grade NFC - Eagles Green - Angus Garvey

6th grade NFC - Eagles White - Logan Conaway

6th grade AFC North - Eagles Green - Trevor Schweer

6th grade AFC South - Eagles Silver - Joey Caruso

7th grade NFC - Eagles White - Dylan Wigglesworth

8th grade AFC North - Eagles Green - George Fitzpatrick

8th grade AFC South - Eagles Silver - Will Sutherland




2017/2018 BASKETBALL:

3rd Grade Boys - Eagles Silver - Evan Cahill

3rd Grade Boys - Eagles Green - Derek Mershon

3rd Grade Boys - Eagles Black - DaKarion Banks

4th Grade Boys - Eagles Green - Lucas Valdez

5th Grade Boys - Eagles Grey - Aiden Hux

5th Grade Boys - Eagles Silver - Luke Williams

5th Grade Boys - Eagles White - Thomas Loftus

6th Grade Boys - Eagles Green - Ben Davis

8th Grade Boys - Eagles Black - Baillie Weil

8th Grade Boys - Eagles Silver - Blake Harwell

3rd Grade Girls - Eagles Green - Aubrianna Tobkin

6th Grade Girls - Eagles Green - Macy Quatrochi

7th Grade Girls - Eagles White - Sydney Fitzgerald



4th Grade - Eagles Green - Simone Kitchens

5th Grade - Eagles Green - Anna Olson

6th Grade - Eagles Green - Reese Schmitt

6th Grade - Eagles White - Anna Seaman

7th Grade - Eagles Green - Abby Perruccio

7th Grade - Eagles White - Karen Llamas

8th Grade - Eagles Green - Dazea Callender



8AA American - Eagles Green - Isaac "Moose" Landow

9AA National - Eagles White - Oliver Herrebout

10AA American - Eagles Green - Thomas Nash and Charlie Nash (co-recipients)

11 Majors - Denver Eagles - Avery Hutchins

12AA National - Eagles Green - Brennan Roberts

12AAA American - Screaming Eagles - Christian McKernan

13/14AA American - Eagles Green - Ethan Spilsbury

13/14AA American - Eagles White - Harry Haber

14AAA - Denver Eagles - James Green

by posted 04/01/2017
AYL goes mandatory concussion training for all coaches!

It is now mandatory that all coaches that coach in the AYL must take the NFHS Concussion Class.  For more info click on Senate Bill 40 click the menu button to the left or to take the certification class now For Concussion training go to www.nfhslearn.com/electiveDetail.aspx?courseID=15000. In the horizontal menu click courses. Scroll down to the Concussion in Sports (elective course) click on it and then click on order course. You will have to register to be able to log in. Upon registration you will be prompted to log in. After you log in you can click on order course. Once you the course is completed you will have the option to download the certificate.


posted 04/18/2012
Online Registration Dates


September 1, 2018

December 5, 2018

December 1, 2018

Football / Cheer:              April 1, 2019

Softball:                             May 15, 2019
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