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As the holidays approach, we thought this would be a good time to remind everyone of the free hockey rules to ensure that it is a positive experience for all involved.  Failure to comply will result in loss of free hockey privileges. 


  • Any members, including vacation members and Travel Development League players are permitted to play, as long as they attend their appropriate age group and abide by the rules.
  • Players may attend the session for their appropriate age group only and must show respect to all players on the ice.
  • All players must wear helmets, gloves, shin pads and elbow pads.  
  • The Hockey Committee may find it necessary to change the schedule based on weather, attendance, etc so please check the website often.  
  • All players should be respectful of the GSC staff and ice monitors at all times.  This includes following directions and keeping the clubhouse and locker rooms clean and free of clutter.
  • Guests are NOT permitted to participate in free hockey. 


Please review the rules with your children and thank you in advance for your cooperation.


GSC Board and Hockey Committee

Go Wings!

by Lorin Pratley posted 11/20/2017
Thanksgiving Morning Parent Child Games


Join in the Fun!

Thanksgiving Morning Parent Child Games

7:15-8:30am Mites/Squirts/U10/U12 and Parents

8:30-9:45am PeeWees/Bantams/U14 and Parents

10:00-11:45am Men's/High School and Older and Parents


* Please note that all kids must wear full hockey equipment.  Parents must have shin guards, elbow pads, gloves and helmet though we recommend full hockey equipment for everyone.  

by posted 11/20/2017
High Performance Power Skating


Introducing....High Performance Power Skating at GSC!!

First Session starts Tuesday, November 14th

Register NOW!  Sessions are capped at 30 skaters!


Who needs power?

Hockey Players!

Power is strength, but it is also technique. Skating technique (proper posture, stance and skating stride) directly affects balance, acceleration and skating speed. Little can be accomplished unless you can move FAST on the ice -- with or without the puck -- stop to go, slow to fast, skating forward, skating backward, cornering, turning, transitioning. Better form --> better efficiency --> more endurance --> stronger player!  *Please note that hoceky players must wear helmets and gloves!


Figure Skaters!

Power and technique allow you to maintain or increase your speed while executing skating moves, control your movements with precise edge work, improve your extension for better flow. Better technique will lead to more success with all aspects of your skating -- stroking, jumps and spins.

NEW this year....High Performance Power Skating!!  


Designed for enthusiastic skaters (both hockey & figure) who want to improve the performance of their skating skills. Classes will emphasize proper technique training for the purpose of becoming more powerful, stable, explosive, efficient and faster skaters. Technique lessons will include power, edge control and quality, posture, carriage, extension, quickness and flow -- specific stance and stride mechanics to help players maximize acceleration and speed, and posture and edgework to create low center of gravity, and balance so players won't get knocked off the puck.

Class length:             30 Minutes

Day/Time offered:     Tuesday 6:00pm-6:30pm

Session I:                 November 14 through January 9   (8 sessions) - $160

Session II:                January 16 through February 27    (7 sessions) - $140


Before registering your child, please make sure they are able to perform the following skating maneuvers proficiently:

- skate backwards

- stop

- balance on 1 foot

- change direction from forward to backward and backward to forward


Suggested age: 9+, but final determination will be made based on proficiency.

Click Here to register now for Session 1


by posted 11/14/2017
Don't Miss out on Cardinal Road Hockey!
Click here to register
CRHL "Adult" hockey league draft to be held Sunday night November 12th
Word round the boards is that there is a hard deadline for registering for CRHL 2018, the finest, most sought-after outdoor hockey league in the land.  Log yourself in through the GSC website, get help from your friends family pets or charitable GSC site guru or whatever it takes to get your name on the draft board by 11:59 PM Friday November 10th if you want to play. Otherwise, get warm clothes, a bottle opener, pom-poms, poster board and crayons and join the throng of adoring CRHL fans in pressing your assets against the glass looking in!
Captains will run a draft during a CRHL cookout and maybe even a pickup skate on Sunday November 12, with the idea of league play starting on Sunday November 19th.  Teams will be configured much as they have been in the past, with the goal of balancing hockey talent across the league.  Obviously, that balance depends on the mix that shows up from week to week, but, it tends to even out, and the fireplace and beverage tub show no hockey snobbery.  Parent Nature has been cooperating for all of one day now, so it looks like the mad ice-making scramble is on to help us git 'er goin'!
Questions or comments are welcome.  e-mail me at 
Complaints should be written out and put in the complaint box that is along the driveway behind the clubhouse.  They will be picked up twice a week.
Looking forward to seeing you 'round the rink!
Priest of Puck
James E. Buck II (JEB)
Milton Partners
Steamboat Asset Management
475 Steamboat Rd Greenwich, CT 06830
203 629-7500

by posted 11/07/2017
Learn to Skate Class Registration Now Open!
Register Now for Learn to Skate Classes!
Classes start on Saturday, November 11th!
Click the button below to register!
 Class Description:
Classes are offered to Boys and Girls Ages 3 and up on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays!
Designed for beginning skaters, this Learn to Skate program stresses preliminary coordination and strength to maneuver on skates. This class will include fun and games to encourage enjoyment of skating. Any single-blade skates (figure, hockey, LL Bean velcro, etc.) may be worn for this class. Helmets are mandatory. Also, please remember to dress your child appropriately, especially in extremely cold weather. Kids must be 3 years or older. 
Please contact either Jennifer Leary ( ) or Ingrid Hang ( ) with any questions.

by posted 10/25/2017
Figure Skating Class Registration Now Open!
Register Now for Figure Skating Classes!
Classes start on Saturday, November 11th!
There are many class offerings for GSC Figure Skaters this year!
* Skating Badge Classes Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays
* Jump & Spin - Saturdays
* Intro to SynchroSaturdays
* Advanced Jump & SpinMondays
Pre-Paid Figure Skating Practice Time-throughout the week -- 
One registration gets you access to all Pre-Paid times!
* Adult Classes 
Click button below to register for any of these Figure Skating Programs:
Please click here for the class descriptions or find them on the Figures Skating tab on the GSC website.
Please contact either Jennifer Leary ( ) or Ingrid Hang ( ) with any questions.

by posted 10/25/2017
Register Now for Cardinal Road Hockey League!


Registration is now open for Cardinal Road Hockey League for the 2017-2018 season!

Calling all adult benders & tenders, muckers & showboats, glory-seekers & backcheckers, grinders & snipers!  

THE League is gearing up for another puckin fantastic season at the GSC.  The format will be almost entirely the same as last year:  we will hold open registration for adult members, we will hold a draft night at the Club whereby the captains will select teams equally populated with A, B & C players, there will be manipulation, haggling, gamesmanship and whining, and at the end of the day, we will all end up having a blast playing every week.  



Help a brother out:  if you know people who are new to the club, read em in on the secret to the best time on earth.  If you played last year and want to play again, hit the link and git 'er done.  Word round the boards is that there will be no additions to rosters after draft day.  Just sayin.


Click here or the button below to register!

Questions, ideas, comments please contact Jeb (Priest of Puck) Buck

by posted 10/24/2017
Mini Mite Hockey Registration Now Open!

Registration Now Open for Mini Mite Hockey !

Program begins once the rink opens in November

Mini Mite Hockey

Fridays 4:00-4:45pm at Greenwich Skating Club

Saturdays 7:00-8:00am at Greenwich Skating Club

This program is designed for the younger skater who is relatively new to hockey or who is learning to skate and is interested in playing hockey.  It is designed to teach the fundamentals of skating and an introduction to the game. The kids will work on basic skating skills (edge work, stopping, cross-overs and backward skating) as well as introduction to the basics of hockey such as passing, shooting, and stick handling.  Full hockey pads, helmets and sticks are required.   Please contact Brent Brower at bbrower@greenwichskatingclub.org with any questions.

The cost of the mini mite program is $550 (plus $55 state excise tax)


Click here to register:

by posted 09/18/2017
GSC Member Rules Reminder







We strongly urge every parent to read these rules to the entire family:

1. General Skate - Fast skating, tag, sliding on the ice, sitting on the rail, and other things that could be dangerous are not permitted at any time.  No hockey sticks are allowed on the ice during general and figure skating sessions.

2. Guests – Club members are welcome to bring guests to General Skate sessions.  Guests must be reported to the snack bar and members account will be charged $10.00.  Guests are welcome for some Club social events.  Details for guests will be provided for each social event at the time of the event.

3. Head Protection - Hockey players must wear helmets and face protection for all hockey programs and sessions. Children ages 10 and under are strongly encouraged to wear helmets during General Skating Sessions and helmets are required for all Learn to Skate Programs.  We strongly recommend some form of head protection for skaters of all ages to reduce the possibility of serious head injury.  

4. Club House - Skates must be removed before going to the second floor.  Hockey sticks must be placed in stick holders at locker rooms.  No roughhousing, manhunt or tag is allowed in the clubhouse.  Playing hockey in the building is NOT allowed.

5. Children - Children ages 12 and under must not be left unattended when not participating in a Club program. Children left unattended will be asked to contact their parents for pickup. 

6. Pets – Pets are welcome outside at the club.  All pets must be on a leash.  Pets are not permitted in the building.  Service animals are welcome throughout the building.

7. Figure Skating Professionals - The Club has hired figure skating -professionals for the skating season.  Therefore, members may not bring any outside professionals to teach at the Club.  Any exception must be approved by the Figure Skating Committee.

8. Ice Hockey Professionals - The Club has hired ice hockey professionals for the hockey season.  Therefore, members may not bring any outside professionals to teach at the Club.  

9. Keep Our Club Clean - Members are expected to clean up after themselves.  Trash and recycling containers have been provided, PLEASE RECYCLE.  Spills should be cleaned up or reported to a staff member.  No food or drink is allowed on the ice at any time.

10. Respect Fellow Club Members – All members, both adult and children should be respectful of other members and staff.  No foul language or bullying will be accepted.  Taking or “borrowing” of equipment that does not belong to you, without permission of the equipment’s owner, is not allowed.  

by posted 01/21/2017

The Greenwich Skating Club is happy to introduce all members to our new video streaming service, LiveBarn.com! By now you have noticed the monitors on the first and second floor of the clubhouse. Well now you can watch from home, on the road or on the go!

What is LiveBarn?

One email address per household will receive a promo code to activate your free LiveBarn standard membership. Your membership will be valid through February 28th, 2017 and will give you access to every LiveBarn location. In order to become a member, go to https://www.livebarn.com/preregister and follow the steps to signing up, entering the promo code when prompted.

If you’d like to share LiveBarn with other family members and friends, please have them use the GSC specific promo code f8fa-38da for 10% off the standard membership price.

Please contact   if you have any questions.

Hope you enjoy LiveBarn.com!

The LiveBarn Team & GSC!

by posted 11/28/2016
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