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2018 Year End Wrap Up

Dear Families,


We wanted to reach out to you all to make you aware of a few items:

First, we viewed this year as a total success!  We stepped up to tougher competition by getting out of the Lakeshore league and actually played better and had had better overall records.    Every team ended with at least 9 wins!  We had teams last year that had 1 and 2 wins!  Our program record for the year was 61-38-11!  We ended the season at Cranbrook going 17-1-1!!  What a way to finish!

We do want to remind you all those wins are fun, but they are not the ultimate goal of the program; growth and development are!  (But it is nice to get some wins!)

Secondly, we have added content to www.hudslax.com.  Please use this as your primary information source. 


New to the site are the following: 


Wall Ball routine - Potential Wall Ball Challenge coming this fall, so start now!                    

Ladder Drills - 10 published ladder drills that will improve your players speed and agility.  

Off season Conditioning - We just posted an off season conditioning program that starts August 31 and runs in conjunction with Football!  This program will make you faster and have more endurance. 


These are all Self driven activities, but are strongly encouraged.  If parents want to get the boys together, let us know and we can facilitate the organization of that!

Additionally, we posted some grade level progression expectations.  These progressions will give you an idea of the expectations we have of your son when they come to play next year.  Please take a look at these and give yourself an honest evaluation, then get to work!  Lacrosse does not have to be a 12 month sport, but the players that are excelling are doing something with a stick most of the year.  Wall Ball, Summer Teams, Fall Teams, Camps, Clinics, Playing in the yard with a brother.  Any of these are options to stay active in lacrosse!


Camps / Clinics - We have several listed on our site: UM / MSU / Davenport / Hudsonville / Jenison etc.    We will add them as we become aware.  It is not necessary to do them all, but rather do something this summer to stay active in lacrosse.


Drop Ins - Muskegon Northside is offering Drop ins every Wednesday this Summer.  I will post specifics once I have them, I was just made aware of this over the weekend.  They have openly invited us to play with them.  The idea is to get kids from surrounding areas together to play pick-up games of lacrosse in a safe, fun environment.  Again, these drop ins are designed to keep kids active in lacrosse if they are not playing on a Summer team.


Summer Ball - Keep in mind, Travel programs begin their tryouts towards the end of August for the coming year.   If memory serves, True is in August, West Side is in Oct, Hudsonville is yet to be determined for 2019, but I hope it will be back.


What to look for in 2019 - Based on initial input from this season there is a possibility of having a tiered approach to lacrosse in 2019.  One idea would be to keep grade level team as we have now, having 2 practices per week and one weekday game for the casual player and for the continued growth of our program.  Playing time for the grade level teams will be equal to all players.  Development will be the goal, not program wins!   The second part of that idea would be to add a tournament team (TT) at each of the following: U10, U12, U14 levels.  The players on the TT would still be on a grade level team, but would add one practice per week and would participate in the weekend tournaments with a goal of winning the tournaments.  The TT’s would be a try-out basis and would have more performance based playing time.  This is not set in stone, but is under serious consideration based on the many faith based commitments as well as feedback about the aggressive schedule in 2018.  By offering a tiered approach, we feel we can satisfy the goals of more families!


Sponsorships 2019 - Ideally we would begin our sponsorships in November again as we did this past year.  However, being that many companies have exhausted their donations by that time we will begin accepting sponsorships for 2019 beginning July1, 2018 for the 2019 season.  Again, we look to allow half of sponsorships raised to be put towards individual player fees! 


Fundraisers - We have the option of running a Fall Fundraiser, I will have to reach out to our contact to see if we have an impactful fundraiser during the “off season” Keep in mind that these fundraisers last from 10-14 days and we were able to raise roughly $5000 this spring!  We will likely do the Biggby fundraiser again in the spring or one very similar.


Recruit - Please have your boys talk to their friends and help more boys get involved in our great sport!  We may even be able to come up with a recruiting promotion!  We will be offering a Kindergarten through 2nd grade program for 2019.


Support - Please come out to support your 2024/2025 / U12 Team this weekend at the West Side Warm up in Holland.  The coaches put together a team to compete locally and offer more lacrosse for our boys since we do not have a full-fledged summer program this year. Information can be found at www.westsidelmilax.com


Please continue to support our loyal sponsors:  They can all be found on our sponsor page of the website.


Additional training - More information will be coming soon, but we are looking into drop-ins next Jan/ Feb at the Soccer Zone in Jenison.  Assuming we have the funds, interest, and field availability!


Thank you all for a very successful and Fun 2018.  Let’s keep the ball rolling in 2019.



Hudsonville Youth Lacrosse

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