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Fall Ball Schedule - 9/22/18
Fall Ball 2018              
Week 3 Schedule            
Field Time Home Team Manager Visiting Team Manager Format Umpire
Poets 9:00 AM Brewers Bode Woburn 2   50/70 TBD
Buck 9:00 AM Indians Donato Nationals Cooke 60 TBD
Scannell 9:00 AM Athletics Hutchinson Woburn 1 Donato 60 TBD
McClennan 9:00 AM Astros Pratt Winchester 3a   60 TBD
Ottoson 9:00 AM Braves Childs Giants Donnolly 60 TBD
Peirce Softball 9:00 AM Cardinals Hale Dodgers Hogan 60 TBD
Buzzell 1 8:30 Reds Battaglia Pirates Collins 60 N/A
Buzzell 2 10:30 Angels Hale Tigers Gainfort 60 N/A
Buzzell 1 10:30 Reds Sox Hogan Cubs Zaganjori 60 N/A
Buzzell 2 TBD TBD   TBD   60 N/A
Nutile TBD Winchester 2   Winchester 1   60 N/A

by posted 09/19/2018
Reminder - New bat Rules for 2018

USABat Standard for 2018


As mandated by Babe Ruth / Cal Ripken, in conjunction with Little League Baseball, Pony Baseball, and other youth baseball organizations, Arlington Youth Baseball & Softball Association is adopting the USABat standard for all bats used in the 2018 season.

The purpose of the USABat is to standardize on a more wood-like performance, while still retaining the durability and lighter-weight materials (especially for the younger players). It is important to note that the new USABat bats for our Cal Ripken-aged players (7-12) will now feature a bigger 2 5/8" barrel.

ONLY bats marked with the USABat logo will be approved for use in AYBSA in 2018. 


For more information regarding this change, see the following links:

Announcement: https://www.baberuthleague.org/batter-up/articles/usabat-standard.aspx

Bat Rules (has chart with 2018 rules): https://www.baberuthleague.org/bat-rules.aspx


As you will learn from these links, USABat bats are currently available for purchase from the various manufacturers and sporting goods stores.


 Tee-Ball Bats (26” and under in length) will not be require to change under the USABat program. However AYBSA will be providing USABat stickers to all managers to review and apply to all existing bats.





by posted 02/08/2018
Field Status
Batting Cage - Arlington OPEN (9/20) 
Bishop School - Arlington OPEN (9/20) 
Buck - Arlington OPEN (9/20) 
Buzzell 1 - Arlington OPEN (9/20) 
Buzzell 2 - Arlington OPEN (9/20) 
Florence - Arlington OPEN (9/20) 
Hurd - Arlington OPEN (9/20) 
McClennen - Arlington OPEN (9/20) 
Ottoson - Arlington OPEN (9/20) 
Peirce - Arlington OPEN (9/20) 
Poets - Arlington OPEN (9/20) 
Reservoir - Arlington OPEN (9/20) 
Scannell - Arlington OPEN (9/20) 
Spy Pond - Arlington OPEN (9/20) 
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