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Spirit Wear Store Open
Mav Family, Our Spirit Wear store is now open.  You can access...
Lacrosse Helmet Order (Updated)
Mav Family, We note there has been an interest this year from...
IHSLL Player Registration
Mav Family, The IHSLL (Idaho High School Lacrosse League) has...
1st Team Meeting Recap
Thankyou to all who attended our first meeting of the season...
2019 Registration Open and First Team Meeting
2019 Registration Open and First Team Meeting   Spring...
Chair Positions Available
NEW -Volunteer Model for 2019 season- Parents will also...
Upcoming New Players and Parents
Join Our Mailing List   For the upcoming parents of freshman...
Announcing Varsity Coaches
MVHS Lacrosse Family The MVHS Lacrosse Board would like to announce...
Spirit Wear Store Open

Mav Family,

Our Spirit Wear store is now open.  You can access it by clicking on the “Spirit Wear” link at https://www.mvhslacrosse.com.  We appreciate Dot Starks amazing work on it this year where we think a pretty straightforward but accurate description of Mavs Lacrosse was developed.  The store will be open through Jan. 31st where all orders will then be submitted for production and we plan on having them for hand-out during our next team meeting February 12th; we are cutting it close so if they are not ready by the meeting they will be soon afterwards.  Please print and bring your receipts for pick-up.

Speaking of the next team meeting, it is scheduled for 6:00pm on February 12th and attendance is considered required by all players as well as at least one guardian/parent of the player.  It will again be held in the MVHS cafeteria.  A lot of information is covered, and we will also be collecting a uniform deposit check for $125.00 which will be returned at the end of the year when the uniform is returned.  Please bring with.

The try-out dates are still being finalized though it should start on the weekend of Saturday February 16th or early into the next week.  We absolutely cannot let your boy onto the field for try-outs unless we have their physical, concussion, and player agreement completed and uploaded at https://mavslax.zenpig.net.  You can access the same page by going to our website then going to the “Parents and Players” menu heading and drop down to the “upload docs” link.  With school back in session and if needing an already completed player physical now is a good time to have your boy get with an MVHS athletic trainer to get a copy.  This applies to Seniors and Sophomore that have one from the previous year or any year athlete that has participated in an athletic sport such as football this year and has one done already.  Otherwise, your player will need to complete the physical and have the paperwork uploaded/turned in.  Again, there is no exception to this rule for insurance purposes.  Thank you, btw, for those who have already uploaded the docs.

So, get fashionable with some Mavs gear which at the same time helps support the program.

Thank You,

MVHS Lacrosse

by posted 01/10/2019
Lacrosse Helmet Order (Updated)

Mav Family,

We note there has been an interest this year from some who want to purchase lacrosse helmets and seeing if we can come up with a deal as has been done in years past.  We have been in contact with LaxID and they are willing to work with us on the Cascade S helmet which is the latest model but will need to verify at least 6 orders.  These helmets run $329.99 but if we can confirm 6 orders LaxID will be able to order them at $249.99 apiece.  Last year the same was tried but we could not reach the minimum order so hopefully we can now.


If you have an interest in this offer please that you do want to take advantage of this and once we hit 6 we will notifiy you and you will need to go down to LaxID and pre-pay for the helmet.  They do state there is about a two week turn-around time once the order is submitted which will be done as a group order.  We and LaxID do ask for a timely trip to them to place the order if we hit the minimum.  Their address is 8189 Westpark St, Boise, ID 83704


The helmet is matte gray which is the required helmet color to play on the Varsity team.


Thank you,

MVHS Lacrosse



We have received enough interest in this offer in order to fullfill the minimum of 6 orders.  We do ask that for all those who want to take advantage of this to visit LaxID by their closing time of 7pm this Saturday the 12th and pre-pay for the helmet.  Just let them know you are with the Mountain View Mavs so they can track you as part of the order.  LaxID informs us that the turn around time once ordered is approximately two weeks.


by posted 01/02/2019
IHSLL Player Registration

Mav Family,

The IHSLL (Idaho High School Lacrosse League) has decided to update their website to a new platform and are asking all parents to register their players.  No player can be assigned to a roster until this is completed.  It is straightforward.  Have your players US Lacrosse # handy and where it asks for a team name just enter “Mountain View”.  There is also a “note” section where if there is any important information the league should know such as, for example, a players allergies, just enter it in.  It’s a mandatory section so if there is nothing to add just put in “Mountain View HS”. 

Register at:



Some of you may already have a Sports Engine account which is the platform they moved to.  You can log in first and choose to connect your SE account to the new IHSLL website, but you will still need to register using the provided link. 

Thanks for your cooperation.  The IHSLL is wanting this to get done as fast as possible.

MVHS Lacrosse

by posted 12/11/2018
1st Team Meeting Recap

Thankyou to all who attended our first meeting of the season on Tuesday evening.  We intended to keep it as short as possible with the information we needed to convey and even with coach Nava given the floor we think that was achieved.  The Mavs board would like to recap the information for those who did not attend and just add any info that may need clarification.  Some main points are that we would like all players registered by the first payment due date of Dec. 4th.  We will shortly be sending out orders for the spirit packs and to ensure your players receive one need to have this done.  As well, we are in need of goalies and anyone who registers as a goalie will have their full spring registration dues refunded at the end of the year.  Goalie gear will also be provided.


Please click here for a recap of the meeting.

For info on the Off The Field training set up for our MVHS Lax players please click the logo below

MVHS Lacrosse

by posted 11/29/2018
2019 Registration Open and First Team Meeting

2019 Registration Open and First Team Meeting


Spring 2019 Registration


We're rolling now.  Registration for the Spring 2019 season is now open to all 9th - 12th graders.  We're expecting to be able to field 3 teams again this year and look forward to another successful year of Mtn. View Lax.  The cost is being kept the same as last year, $410, and you do have the option of splitting it up into three payments with $135 due on 12/4/18 and 1/15/19 and a final payment of $140 due on 2/14/19.  The full dues can also be paid for ahead of time if you choose.  Please note for all the great volunteers who assisted in our Boise Open and Fit One opportunities the player and parent credits have been applied to your account; please let us know if you do not see them.


Please be aware that if your boy is selected for the Varsity or JV "A" team we are planning a pre-season trip to Reno, NV this year for those two teams March 15th and 16th which is mandatory for the player to attend and which will also include an additional fee.  The cost is still being worked into the clubs budget and we expect between $100 to $125 per player which will cover travel to and from, overnight lodging, and food.  Instead of the two games per team we have traditionally done in the past two seasons when travelling we currently have three games per team scheduled.  For the JV "B" team we are looking at a couple of different pre-season options/tournaments and don't forsee any additional cost for the players unless it requires an overnight stay.


To register for the 2019 season please click on the green “Register” button.


1st Team Meeting


Keep November 27th open which will be our first team meeting from 6:30pm to 8:00pm in the MVHS cafeteria.  Instead of a chili feed this year we are going to fill you up with pizza and talk about needed volunteers to required documents like physicals and mandatory concussion acknowledgements.  Expect to receive more detailed communication between now and then but a couple of main points is that if your player is a Freshman or Junior who has not had a physical yet please plan ahead and schedule one with your physician.  For those Freshmen and Juniors who have already had a physical (football players, for example) you will need to contact an athletic trainer to receive a copy of it so we can have it on file...due to HIPAA regulations that request typically has to come directly from the player.  Regardless of grade level, if this is the first year of High School level sports and has not completed a physical yet one is required.  The Idaho Health Examination and Consent Form is found at http://files.leagueathletics.com/Text/Documents/21483/58980.pdf.


We do recommend if one hasn't been done to have a baseline(concussion) test completed.  St. Lukes offers them for $15.  https://www.stlukesonline.org/health-services/procedures/baseline-impact-testing


We would like for all players and family to attend the meeting and so we have a head count for pizza please RSVP at https://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090f4ea8ae2ca6f49-mtn


Thank you,

MVHS Lacrosse

by posted 10/29/2018
Chair Positions Available
  • NEW -Volunteer Model for 2019 season-
    • Parents will also have a great opportunity to earn money towards their son's lacrosse dues. HELPING to make the club STRONGER and BETTER than ever before.
      • The Board will be setting up 12 Chair positions. Parents can earn $30.00 towards their son's club dues
  • Scorers Table -
Need one per Varsity, JV A, and JV B team.  Responsibility is to coordinate score table volunteers via Sign Up Genius, make sure your team is getting all their games covered, train scorekeeper/timers and help get coverage if needed.
  • Field/ Game Day Prep -
Plan out and paint the fields pre-season and touch up during season.  Make sure volunteers are scheduled to set up score table/PA/and check to make sure it all gets returned to the shed.
Get sprinker/mowing schedule figured out for games on the MVHS soccer field.
  • Fundraiser (2) -
Be a lead for Boise Open, Fit One and Snap Raise or equivalents. Manage the volunteers.
  • Apparel -
Oversee everyone to design, set up online store, order,
Handout and help with team uniform handouts and collections.
  • End of Year Banquet -
Reserve food, venue, awards printed, decorations set up/take down
  • Pre-Season Travel -
Reserve hotel, bus, food ordered/delivered. Be a chaperone.
  • Senior Game(s) and Freshmen Invite -
Work with TVYLL to get 8th graders involved and get ice cream social set up.  Involved with senior pre-game photos, family, etc.
  • Team Dinner and Concessions -
Post/create albums.  Gather of teams-creating a video for end of the year banquet.
  • Once the season is finished and assignments have been completed- parents will have the option to credit the money towards next years club dues or receive a check.
  • If you are interested in one of the positions please sign up on our website.
  • It is first come, first served.
  • Please make sure you have the time available to complete the position
  • If there are open spots after all members have the opportunity to volunteer a family/member can choose to take on a second position.


MVHS Lacrosse



by posted 10/23/2018
Upcoming New Players and Parents

Join Our Mailing List


For the upcoming parents of freshman and new players please join our mailing list to receive important announcements from MVHS Lacrosse.  We frequently update the Mavs lax family with upcoming and ongoing information from important dates, costs, and fundraisers.  Once you as a parent join the mailing list you have also created an account on our website and will be ready to register your child underneath your account for our program when registration opens.  Just follow the steps below.

  1. Join our mailing list by clicking here.
  2. Finalize your account creation by editing your account here.  Just enter your email address here and click on submit.  An email will be sent to you to update/create a password.
  3. You can now log in to the website and update your account information.
  4. Welcome to the Mav Family!!

Please keep an eye out for our September fundraiser signups.  Your child by volunteering for one or both of the fundraisers earns credit towards the programs registration fees...parents will also have an opportunity to earn more for their child.


MVHS Lacrosse 

by posted 08/07/2018
Announcing Varsity Coaches

MVHS Lacrosse Family

The MVHS Lacrosse Board would like to announce the hiring of Jaime Nava as the MVHS Boys Varsity Head Lacrosse Coach.  The Board would also like to announce Chase Larson as the MVHS Boys Varsity Assistant Coach.

As most of you know, Coach Nava and Coach Larson have been a part of the MVHS Lacrosse program for the past several years and bring a great deal of experience to the MVHS Lacrosse program.  

Coach Nava has had a real passion for sports his whole life and has been coaching various sports and levels of sports for the past 10 years.   With regard to Lacrosse, Coach Nava coached three years at the youth level, two years with the Outlaw traveling club and is now entering his fourth year at the high school level.  The past two years he has been a head JV coach in the MVHS Lacrosse program and has coached many of the boys returning this season.   Most recently, Coach Nava and Coach Larson coached the 2018 MVHS Lacrosse JV Boys- winning the JV State title!!

Coach Larson is a Boise native that grew up playing lacrosse in the Treasure Valley. He played three years of Varsity lacrosse as a midfielder and attack at Boise High School graduating in 2008. He played at the college level for Fort Lewis College in Colorado, BSU and U of I.  He coached 2 seasons previously with Mountain View's JV program earning a Championship title in 2014.   The past two seasons he has coached with Coach Nava in the MVHS Lacrosse program as the Assistant Coach.

The MVHS Lacrosse Board is excited to have Coach Nava and Coach Larson heading the Varsity program for the 2018-2019 season. We look forward to the success they have with the boys on and off the field.  Please join us in welcoming Coach Nava and Coach Larson in their new roles. 

The season is just around the corner so please don’t forget to mark your calendars for the upcoming Boise Open (September 15th) and FitOne (September 22nd) fundraisers.   More communication on these fundraisers will be coming out shortly.   Lastly, please remind any incoming Freshman players and parents to sign up to receive e-mails, notices and other communication via the website.

Horns Up! 

by posted 08/07/2018