North Shore Little League is a recreational baseball and softball league serving the communities of Mt. Sinai, Miller Place, Sound Beach, Rocky Point, Shoreham, Wading River. NSLL, North Shore Little League, Rocky Point, New York, NY, Baseball, Softball,

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2018 Fall Ball Playoff Rules

1.) Home/Away is determined by a coin flip.

2.) In inning 1 thru 5, the inning ends with 3 outs or 4 runs (expect Softball Minors which is 3 runs). The 6th inning or extra innings will have unlimited runs and continue until 3 outs are recorded or the Home team wins.

3.) No Inning begins after 2 hours. Unless there is a tie in which case you play until there is a winner. An inning beginning before the 2 hour mark may continue past 2 hours until 3 outs are recorded or the Home team wins.

 4.) All players must play the field a minimum of 2 defensive innings. Substitutions must be made when the team takes the field.

5.) All teams must be able to field a minimum of 8 players from their own roster. There is no sharing of players between teams during playoffs. If a team is unable to field 8 players at any point during a game a forfeit will be recorded.

6.) BB Majors: Players born before 9/01/06 can pitch a maximum combined of 3 innings per game. There is no restriction on the number of innings/games per week (within pitch count and rest requirements).

7.) Pitch count limits and days of rest remain in effect.

8.) No pitcher can pitch in more than one game per day.

9.)  A Pitcher who delivers 41 or more pitches in a game cannot play the position of catcher for the remainder of that day.

10.) A catcher who has caught 4 or more innings in a game is prohibited from pitching in any game that day. An inning is determined by 1 pitch being thrown.

11.) During an extra-inning game there will be no relief from the maximum innings played per position rules (Farms Division).

12.) Any championship game shall be played until completion. Rain or darkness will not end the game. If not possible to finish at that time the game will continue from that exact point until completion, at the earliest possible time to reschedule.

*All teams should be prepared for weather related rescheduling during the playoffs. This includes games being pushed to allow for earlier round games to be completed and doubleheaders .

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2018 NSLL Program

North Shore Little League 2018 Program

Spring Season April - Jun


Pee Wee (Coach Pitch)

Baseball Farm (Machine Pitch)

Baseball Minors

Baseball Majors

Softball A

Softball Minors

Softball Majors

Summer Season Jul - Aug

Baseball Jr/Sr

Summer Softball

Fall Season Sept - Nov

Pee Wee (Coach Pitch) Leage Age

Baseball Farm

Baseball Minors

Baseball Majors

Softball Minors

Softball Majors

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RainedOut Alerts

Our organization uses RainedOut to inform you about canceled events, changed plans, new directions, and more. RainedOut delivers our urgent alerts to you as a text message or email.


* Save time

* Save gas

* Be prepared

* Be on time

* Be in the right place

* Have the right equipment


Text NSLLNY to 84483 to receive alerts from North Shore Little League.


For email alerts, Click Here or search for our organization on

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    Field Status
    Batting Cage East - Rocky Point OPEN (10/22) 
    Batting Cage Little Shea - Rocky Point OPEN (10/22) 
    Batting Cage West - Rocky Point OPEN (10/22) 
    Center Field @ NSLL - Rocky Point OPEN (10/22) 
    Defense Hill - Shoreham OPEN (10/22) 
    Doubleday Field @ NSLL - Rocky Point OPEN (10/22) 
    Fenway Park @ NSLL - Rocky Point OPEN (10/22) 
    Jacobe's Field @ NSLL - Rocky Point OPEN (10/22) 
    Little Shea @ NSLL - Rocky Point OPEN (10/22) 
    North Shore LL Complex - Rocky Point OPEN (10/22) 
    Robert Miner Park - Rocky Point OPEN (10/22) 
    Sylvan Ave Field - Miller Place OPEN (10/22) 
    The Wedge - Mount Sinai OPEN (10/22) 
    Wrigley Field @ NSLL - Rocky Point OPEN (10/22) 
    Yankee Stadium @ NSLL - Rocky Point OPEN (10/22)