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Welcome to the OCL and COPL

The Ohio Champions League (OCL), started in 2009, is designed for youth soccer teams above the recreational level between the ages of U-07 and U-15.  This season, we are pleased to be expanding "up" to include the Central Ohio Premier League (COPL).  The COPL will include the top teams from the top clubs in the Central Ohio area.  Nearly all of these teams are professionally-coached teams.  

The COPL will offer an Elite Division for top level teams and a Premier Division for mid level teams.  The Ohio Champions League will continue to offer the Blue Division for the upper level teams, the Red Division for mid-level teams and the White Division for lower level teams.  In the Spring 2019 season, we expect to offer a full program up through U-19.

The primary mission of the OCL is to provide an enjoyable soccer environment for a wide range of players desiring to play above the basic community-based recreational program.  The OCL provides its teams, coaches, parents and players with tremendous flexibility in terms of game scheduling dates/times, opponents (including younger/older aged-teams as desired by the coaches), number of games, etc.  The league allows for in-season roster flexibility as well.  

The primary mission of the COPL is to provide a competitive local soccer environment for the upper and mid-level teams from some of the top clubs in Central Ohio that will play games in Central Ohio.  The COPL will offer teams with the opportunity to play against upper level and mid-level competition right here in Central Ohio without playing "home games" 60 miles from Columbus.  The COPL will share many of the qualities of the OCL including flexibility in scheduling, roster flexibility and a willingness to be flexible to work for the benefit for all teams. 

Teams from the OCL will be able to schedule games with COPL teams.  Players will be able to move freely between the two programs within the same club.  

In addition, the OCL and COPL will offer a joint season-ending tournaments at the end of each Fall and Spring season.

Should you have further questions about the OCL, please feel free to send us an e-mail  should you have any questions.

Thank you,
Ken and KC McMahon

Update on Schedule for Today


As of 9:00AM this morning:
Canal Winchester fields are open (this includes Roller until I hear otherwise)

Grove City Muirfin has not reported field closures, yet, therefore, still open

Cooper Park has not reported field closure, yet, either, still open

Kilbourne HS has not reported (that I am aware of) a field closure, yet, still open

I believe that all other games have been canceled, today.




by posted 09/09/2018
Game Schedule for Sunday, September 9th


I have canceled all of the games for which a cancellation request has been made.  IF you KNOW a game is NOT going to be played on Sunday, PLEASE text 614-515-9300 as soon as you know.


If there are games being played tomorrow, look for an updated "openings" e-mail early on Sunday.


by posted 09/08/2018
A Big OOOPS! Havener and Liberty STILL OPEN!


Havener and Liberty Parks are STILL OPEN!  I have re-confirmed the games.  I was given inaccurate information for the moment....


by posted 09/08/2018
Nearly All Games Canceled Today -- BUT, Not All!


I have just canceled the vast majority of games scheduled for today due to field closings including:

1. Darree Fields

2. Olde Sawmill

3.  Worthington

4.  Easton

5.  Powell

6.  UA Lutheran

...There will likely be more....

Canal Winchester where games are ON at this time.

Verify your game is still being played before driving across town!  When Darree and Avery fields close for games, usually nearly every other facility in Central Ohio does as well!


by posted 09/08/2018

Frequently Asked Questions

  1.  Where do we find the rules for the Ohio Champions League/Central Ohio Premier League?
    1. Go to www.ohiochampionsleague.com
    2. Hover over Forms, Rules, More
    3. Click on Documents
    4. Click on COPL/OCL Fall 2018 Regular Season
    5. Click on Quick Rules
  2. Where do we find referee payment information?
    1. Follow the answers to Question 1
  3. What do we do if we have to cancel a game?
    1. Sign in and bring up the game
    2. Reach out to the opponent (DIRECT phone contact required if SAME DAY)
    3. Reach out to the referees (DIRECT phone contact required if SAME DAY)
    4. Send text notification to both 614-381-1170 and 614-515-9300
  4. How are game results recorded?
    1. Go to www.ohiochampionsleague.com
    2. Hover over Forms, Rules, More
    3. Click on Documents
    4. Click on COPL/OCL Fall 2018 Regular Season
    5. Click on Coach and Team Administrator Game Processes

More soon……


by posted 08/20/2018
Referee Availability Form for Fall 2018

Fellow Referees,

The OCL, when combined with the Central Ohio Premier Divisions (on top of the OCL) now has over 350 TEAMS!  It is the largest league in Central Ohio.  These teams vary in skill from ECNL to Lower MOSSL/Ohio Champion League.  ALL of them are from the Central Ohio area.  Here is the form:


Thanks.  Much more soon.

Ken and KC

by posted 08/01/2018

In order to improve responses to ADD/DROP/MODIFY requests, effective immediately, please copy the following on each request:

1. ohiochampionsleague@gmail.com

2. ocl.gamechanger@gmail.com (this is a NEW E-Mail Address)!

3. BOTH coaches 

4. The individual who assigned the field to you.  Thank you.

The following is the GAME ADD / GAME DROP / GAME MODIFY procedure, please follow this.

GAME ADD in subject line
HOME team name (FULL name)
AWAY team name (FULL name)
emails attached from BOTH TEAMS confirming this is indeed agreeable and a valid game
GAME DROP in subject line 
HOME team name (FULL name)
AWAY team name (FULL name)
emails attached from BOTH TEAMS confirming this is indeed agreeable and a valid game
GAME MODIFY in subject line
EXISTING Game info:
HOME team name (FULL name)
AWAY team name (FULL name)
NEW game info:
HOME team name (FULL name)
AWAY team name (FULL name)
emails attached from BOTH TEAMS confirming this is indeed agreeable and changes ARE valid

by posted 04/12/2016
Field Status
AN-01 (Antrim Park) - Worthington OPEN (9/22) 
AN-02 (Antrim Park) - Worthington OPEN (9/22) 
AV-01 (Avery Park) - Dublin OPEN (9/22) 
Bichsel Fields - Plain City  -- 
BL-01 (Bluffsview Elem.) - Worthington OPEN (9/22) 
Blast Fields - Columbus OPEN (9/22) 
Blue Jacket Park - Bellefontaine OPEN (9/22) 
CF-01 (Calvary Fields) - Bellefontaine OPEN (9/22) 
CF-02 (Calvary Fields) - Bellefontaine OPEN (9/22) 
CH-11 (County Home Rd.) - Marysville OPEN (9/22) 
CH-12 (County Home Rd.) - Marysville OPEN (9/22) 
CH-13 (County Home Rd.) - Marysville OPEN (9/22) 
CH-14 (County Home Rd.) - Marysville OPEN (9/22) 
CH-15 (County Home Rd.) - Marysville OPEN (9/22) 
Columbus Montessori Educ - Columbus  -- 
County Home Rd Fields - Marysville OPEN (9/22) 
County Home Road - Marysville OPEN (9/22) 
CP-01 (Cooper Park) - Westerville OPEN (9/22) 
CP-01A (Cooper Park) - Westerville OPEN (9/22) 
CP-01B (Cooper Park) - Westerville OPEN (9/22) 
CP-05 (Cooper Park) - Westerville OPEN (9/22) 
DA-02 (Darree Fields) - Dublin TBD (9/22) 
DA-03 (Darree Fields) - Dublin TBD (9/22) 
DA-04 (Darree Fields) - Dublin TBD (9/22) 
DA-05 (Darree Fields) - Dublin TBD (9/22) 
DA-06 (Darree Fields) - Dublin TBD (9/22) 
DA-07 (Darree Fields) - Dublin TBD (9/22) 
DA-08 (Darree Fields) - Dublin TBD (9/22) 
DA-09 (Darree Fields) - Dublin TBD (9/22) 
DA-10 (Darree Fields) - Dublin TBD (9/22) 
DA-11 (Darree Fields) - Dublin TBD (9/22) 
DA-12 (Darree Fields) - Dublin TBD (9/22) 
DA-13 (Darree Fields) - Dublin TBD (9/22) 
DA-13a (Darree Fields) - Dublin TBD (9/22) 
DA-14 (Darree Fields) - Dublin TBD (9/22) 
DA-15 (Darree Fields) - Dublin TBD (9/22) 
DA-16 (Darree Fields) - Dublin TBD (9/22) 
DA-17 (Darree Fields) - Dublin TBD (9/22) 
DA-18 (Darree Fields) - Dublin TBD (9/22) 
DA-19 (Darree Fields) - Dublin TBD (9/22) 
Dublin Dummy OPEN (9/22) 
EA-01 (Easton Field) - Easton TBD (9/22) 
EA-02 (Easton Field) - Easton TBD (9/22) 
EA-04 (Easton Field) - Easton OPEN (9/22) 
EA-08 (Easton Field) - Easton OPEN (9/22) 
EA-11 (Easton Field) - Easton OPEN (9/22) 
EA-13 (Easton Field) - Easton OPEN (9/22) 
EA-9W (Easton Field) - Easton OPEN (9/22) 
Earlington Park - Dublin OPEN (9/22) 
Easton, EA-09 West - Columbus  -- 
EE-01 (Eakin Elem) - columbus OPEN (9/22) 
EE-99 (Eakin Elem) - columbus OPEN (9/22) 
FP-02 (Fancyburg Park) - Upper Arlington OPEN (9/22) 
FP-03 (Fancyburg Park) - Upper Arlington OPEN (9/22) 
GOE-11 (Glen Oak Elem) - Lewis Center OPEN (9/22) 
GRC-01 (Groveport Rec) - Groveport OPEN (9/22) 
GRC-02 (Groveport Rec) - Groveport OPEN (9/22) 
GV-01 (Anderson Field) - Grandview Heights OPEN (9/22) 
GV-02 (Anderson Field) - Grandview Heights OPEN (9/22) 
GV-02(Anderson (grass)) - Grandview Heights OPEN (9/22) 
HA-01 (Harvest Prep) - Canal Winchester OPEN (9/22) 
HA-05 (Hannah Park) - Gahanna OPEN (9/22) 
Hard Road Park - Columbus  -- 
Havener Field 2 - Olentangy OPEN (9/22) 
HB-01 (Huntley Bowl Pk) - Worthington OPEN (9/22) 
HC-01 (Hilliard Church) - Hilliard OPEN (9/22) 
HE-01 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (9/22) 
HE-02 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (9/22) 
HE-03 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (9/22) 
HE-04 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (9/22) 
HE-05 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (9/22) 
HE-06 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (9/22) 
HE-07 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (9/22) 
HE-08 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (9/22) 
HE-09 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (9/22) 
HE-10 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (9/22) 
HE-11 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (9/22) 
HE-12 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (9/22) 
HE-13 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (9/22) 
HE-14 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (9/22) 
HE-15 (Headley Park) - Gahanna OPEN (9/22) 
Headley Park Field 5 - Gahanna OPEN (9/22) 
HFP-01 (HOSA Franks Pk) - Hilliard OPEN (9/22) 
HFP-02 (HOSA Franks Pk) - Hilliard OPEN (9/22) 
HLP-04 (Highlands Park) - Westerville OPEN (9/22) 
HOSA Soccer Complex (D2) - Hilliard OPEN (9/22) 
HP-01 (Havener Park) - Olentangy OPEN (9/22) 
HP-02 (Havener Park) - Olentangy OPEN (9/22) 
HP-03 (Havener Park) - Olentangy OPEN (9/22) 
HP-04 (Havener Park) - Olentangy OPEN (9/22) 
HP-06 (Havener Park) - Olentangy OPEN (9/22) 
HP-07 (Havener Park) - Olentangy OPEN (9/22) 
HP2 - Olentangy OPEN (9/22) 
HRP-11 (Hard Road Park) - Worthington OPEN (9/22) 
HSP-01 (HOSA Soccer Pk) - Hilliard OPEN (9/22) 
HSP-02 (HOSA Soccer Pk) - Hilliard OPEN (9/22) 
HSP-03 (HOSA Soccer Pk) - Hilliard OPEN (9/22) 
Hylen Souders Elementary - Galena  -- 
Hylen Souders Elementary - Galena  -- 
Hylen Souders Elementary - Galena  -- 
Hylen Souders Elementary - Galena  -- 
Kenney Park Fld #1 - Columbus OPEN (9/22) 
Kilbourne Run SportsPark - Westerville OPEN (9/22) 
LBP-01 (Library Park) - Powell OPEN (9/22) 
LC-01 (UA Lutheran Ch.) - Hilliard OPEN (9/22) 
LC-02 (UA Lutheran Ch.) - Hilliard OPEN (9/22) 
LI-01 (Linworth Park) - Worthington OPEN (9/22) 
Liberty Park Field 5 - Powell  -- 
Liberty Park Practice - Powell OPEN (9/22) 
London High School - London OPEN (9/22) 
LP-01 (Liberty Park) - Olentangy OPEN (9/22) 
LP-06 (Liberty Park) - Olentangy OPEN (9/22) 
LP-07 (Liberty Park) - Olentangy OPEN (9/22) 
LP-10 (Liberty Park) - Olentangy OPEN (9/22) 
LP-12 (Liberty Park) - Olentangy OPEN (9/22) 
LW-01 (Lazelle Woods Pk) - Worthington OPEN (9/22) 
LW-02 (Lazelle Woods Pk) - Worthington OPEN (9/22) 
LW-03 (Lazelle Woods Pk) - Worthington OPEN (9/22) 
MC-01 (McCorkle Park) - Gahanna OPEN (9/22) 
MC-01 (Mill Creek) - Marysville OPEN (9/22) 
MC-02 (McCorkle Park) - Gahanna OPEN (9/22) 
MC-03 (McCorkle Park) - Gahanna OPEN (9/22) 
MC-04 (McCorkle Park) - Gahanna OPEN (9/22) 
MC-1B (McCorkle Park) - Gahanna OPEN (9/22) 
MD-01 (McCord Park) - Worthington OPEN (9/22) 
MD-02 (McCord Park) - Worthington OPEN (9/22) 
MF-3 (Murfin Fields) - Grove City OPEN (9/22) 
MF-4 (Murfin Fields) - Grove City OPEN (9/22) 
MF-6A (Murfin Fields) - Grove City OPEN (9/22) 
MF-6B (Murfin Fields) - Grove City OPEN (9/22) 
MF-7A (Murfin Fields) - Grove City OPEN (9/22) 
Mill Valley South - Marysville OPEN (9/22) 
MP-0A (Municipal Park) - Hilliard OPEN (9/22) 
MV-01 (Mill Valley Elem) - Marysville OPEN (9/22) 
NC-01 (Northside Church) - Westerville OPEN (9/22) 
NC-02 (Northside Church) - Westerville OPEN (9/22) 
NC-14 (NCAA Fields) - Columbus  -- 
NCAA Fields - Westerville  -- 
NCAA Fields - Columbus  -- 
NCAA Fields - Columbus  -- 
NCAA Fields - Columbus  -- 
NCAA Fields - Columbus  -- 
NCAA Fields - Columbus  -- 
NCAA Fields - Columbus  -- 
NO-04 (North Orange Pk) - Olentangy OPEN (9/22) 
North Orange Park - Lewis Center OPEN (9/22) 
OS-04 (Olde Sawmill Prk) - Dublin OPEN (9/22) 
OS-05 (Olde Sawmill Prk) - Dublin TBD (9/22) 
PA-02 (PASA complex) - Pickerington OPEN (9/22) 
PA-03 (PASA Complex) - Pickerington OPEN (9/22) 
PA-03 (PASA Fields) OPEN (9/22) 
PA-04 (PASA Complex) - Pickerington OPEN (9/22) 
PA-05 (PASA Complex) - Pickerington OPEN (9/22) 
PA-06 (PASA Complex) - Pickerington OPEN (9/22) 
PA-07 (PASA Complex) - Pickerington OPEN (9/22) 
PA-08 (PASA complex) - Pickerington OPEN (9/22) 
PA-09 (PASA complex) - Pickerington OPEN (9/22) 
PA-10 (PASA complex) - Pickerington OPEN (9/22) 
PA-10 (PASA Fields) OPEN (9/22) 
PA-Dummy - Pickerington OPEN (9/22) 
Parkers Park, Alexandria - Alexandria  -- 
PASA Complex - Pickerington OPEN (9/22) 
PASA Complex Pickeringto - Pickerington OPEN (9/22) 
Pickerington Christian - Pickerington OPEN (9/22) 
PMS Track (Perry MS) - Worthington OPEN (9/22) 
PP-01 (Perry Park) - Worthington OPEN (9/22) 
PP-02 (Perry Park) - Worthington OPEN (9/22) 
PP-03 (Perry Park) - Worthington OPEN (9/22) 
Raccoon Valley Park - Granville OPEN (9/22) 
Reynoldsburg field - Reynoldsburg OPEN (9/22) 
RF-01 (Roller Fields) - Canal Winchester OPEN (9/22) 
RF-88 (Roller Fields) - Canal Winchester OPEN (9/22) 
RO-01 (Roller Fields) - Canal Winchester  -- 
RO-99 (Roller Fields) - Canal Winchester  -- 
SBP (St. Brendan Park) - Hilliard OPEN (9/22) 
SF-00 (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (9/22) 
SF-01 (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (9/22) 
SF-02 (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (9/22) 
SF-03 (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (9/22) 
SF-04 (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (9/22) 
SF-05 (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (9/22) 
SF-06 (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (9/22) 
SF-07 (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (9/22) 
SF-08 (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (9/22) 
SF-09 (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (9/22) 
SF-10 (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (9/22) 
SF-11 (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (9/22) 
SF-12 (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (9/22) 
SF-13 (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (9/22) 
SF-14 (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (9/22) 
SF-15 (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (9/22) 
SF-A (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (9/22) 
SF-B (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (9/22) 
SF-C (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (9/22) 
SF-D (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (9/22) 
SF-E (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (9/22) 
SF-F (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (9/22) 
SF-G (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (9/22) 
SF-H (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (9/22) 
SF-I (Soccer First) - Dublin OPEN (9/22) 
SH-01 (Slate Hill Elem) - Worthington OPEN (9/22) 
SK-01 (Smith Park) - Delaware OPEN (9/22) 
SK-04 (Smith Park) - Delaware OPEN (9/22) 
SLC-01 (Soccer Learn) - Worthington OPEN (9/22) 
SN-02 (Snouffer Park) - Worthington OPEN (9/22) 
SN-03 (Snouffer Park) - Worthington OPEN (9/22) 
Southview Park - Bellefontaine  -- 
SP-01 (Sutter Park Elem) - Worthington OPEN (9/22) 
SP-14 (Spindler Park) - Hilliard OPEN (9/22) 
SP-15 (Spindler Park) - Hilliard OPEN (9/22) 
Spangler Rd. Fields - Columbus OPEN (9/22) 
Spindler Park - Hilliard OPEN (9/22) 
SU-01 (Sunny 95 Park) - Upper Arlington OPEN (9/22) 
SU-02 (Sunny 95 Park) - Upper Arlington OPEN (9/22) 
TE-01 (Tremont Elem) - Upper Arlington OPEN (9/22) 
TE-14(Tremont Elem) - Upper Arlington OPEN (9/22) 
Thompson Park - 5 - New Albany OPEN (9/22) 
Thompson Park #1 - Upper Arlington OPEN (9/22) 
Thompson Park #2 - Upper Arlington OPEN (9/22) 
Thompson Park-7 - New Albany OPEN (9/22) 
Toll Gate Elem. - Pickerington OPEN (9/22) 
TP-01 (Thompson Park) - Gahanna OPEN (9/22) 
TP-02 (Thompson Park) - Gahanna OPEN (9/22) 
TP-03 (Thompson Park) - Gahanna OPEN (9/22) 
TP-04 (Thompson Park) - Gahanna OPEN (9/22) 
TP-05 (Thompson Park) - Gahanna OPEN (9/22) 
TP-06 (Thompson Park) - Gahanna OPEN (9/22) 
TP-07 (Thompson Park) - Gahanna OPEN (9/22) 
TP-08 (Thompson Park) - Gahanna OPEN (9/22) 
TP-09 (Thompson Park) - Gahanna OPEN (9/22) 
TP-10 (Thompson Park) - Gahanna OPEN (9/22) 
UM-01 (UM Childrens Hm) - Worthington OPEN (9/22) 
WE-Dummy - Westerville OPEN (9/22) 
WP-01 (Worthington Park) - Westerville OPEN (9/22) 
WP-02 (Worthington Park) - Westerville OPEN (9/22) 
WP-03 (Worthington Park) - Westerville OPEN (9/22) 
WRE (Wyandot Run Elemen) - Powell OPEN (9/22) 
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