Pine Bush Raptors (Boys) & Thunder (Girls) is a Youth Lacrosse Club open to players of all abilities and townships. We currently have Boys & Girls grade 1-2, 3/4, 5/6 and 7/8 teams playing in the Mid-Hudson Lacrosse League.

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Feb 02 Freelax A Success

We had a great turnout for both Boys and Girls at both events!!!




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ARMY v. MARIST Feb 19th
    Anyone interested in going, let us know, Tuesday...

    The FreeLax Events were a major success,...
Registration CLOSING
Registration will be closing for the Season on Feburary 25th, Please...
Army Woman's Game Tickets 3/16/19
We are selling tickets to watch the Army Women's lacrosse game...
2019 Season Registration Open
   Registration is now open.  We are looking to...
Required Girls Equipment
Required Boys Equipment



Uniforms are available NOW, click on the link above or from the website you can select the "UNIFORM ORDER" button.  All that is required is the Pinnie and shorts.  The shooter shirt, worn under Pennie, is optional.  You do not need to update the your players uniform this year unless you choose to.  Previous year's uniforms are fine to wear untill your player out grows them.  Adults may choose to purchase the shooter shirts, as they are a nice was to support your player.  



Girls And Boys K/1/2 - We have the numbers for teams, we could definitely use a few more so please spread the word.


Girls 7/8 - We have 11 signed up, that means we need a few more, please talk to friends and help get the numbers.


Boys 7/8 - Due to the modified program at the school we do not have the numbers to field a team,  we are keeping the registration open, just in case.


***The Uniform store closes at 10am on Feb. 25th, all sales are final, so choose carefiully.  Players choose their own numbers.  As far as sizes go, when in doubt go bigger so they can be used for a couple seasons.  Any questions please email me BEFORE you place your order.  

by posted 02/15/2019
ARMY v. MARIST Feb 19th



Anyone interested in going, let us know, Tuesday FEB 19th, 3:00pm at West Point,

Army V. Marist - No Tickets Required!!!




by posted 02/14/2019
The FreeLax Events were a major success, we had over 75 kids come out, and at least 50 were first time players.  We will be posting pics on social media soon and hope that all attended will continue sharing with their friends and colleagues how much fun and exciting time they had, and how much they are looking forward to the upcoming season.  We ask for all those who attended to post and repost pics and comments regarding Pine Bush Youth Lacrosse.  
There is still time to register for the season.  The Registration will be closing on Monday February 25th.  We have to place the uniform order the next day to ensure that we have them in time for the first games.
We will have a link to the uniform site on the website next week.  You will have to order uniforms by February 25th.  We have updated the uniforms for the upcoming season, keeping with the same design scheme, you can still wear the old uniforms until the players out grow them.  We recommend that you get a size bigger than usual to ensure that you get a couple years out of them.  When in doubt, go larger as far as sizing goes.  The uniform consists of bottoms and a Pinnie, there are other options such as shooters shirts, socks, and helmet decals that are offered but not required.  We also have team apparel for families and fans offered on our website and following link:
We are still working on firming up the schedule, We will have something out by the end of next week.
K/1/2 - Boys 
We will have enough to field a team and we are looking forward to a great season.
K/1/2 - Girls
We are excited to be having a program this year, enrollment will determine how the amount of games and the frequency of practices , we will have weekly activities, regardless of team size.  We want the program to develop, please recruit your friends and share the experiences that you have had with us.
3/4 & 5/6 Boys and Girls
The core of our club.  We have solid numbers and look forward to the season.  With that said, without the younger teams we don't have the older teams, again please help us recruit, please talk and share on social media.
7/8 - Boys and Girls
Due to local modified teams beginning, it has been hard to get the numbers.  We are still trying  to field teams and we will be making a decision soon regarding this season.  You can register without US LACROSSE Membership and payment for now, to show intent.  Please do if interested
We will have a date set for the equipment swap extravaganza soon.  The club has been collecting equipment so there will be some available.  We are asking former players and parents to donate or pass on their old equipment.  Please come and donate it no matter the condition, and those who need please come and take, you do not need to donate inorder to take something.  Please email me if you have something to donate and can't make it or need something in particular, we have contacts and are constantly looking for deals.
Thank YOU!!!
On behalf of the Board, Coaches and Players I would like to thank all the parents and families who have brought their kids to our events, practices, and games through out the years and for the next years to come.  You are the backbone of our organization and we would not be here without you.  Please contact me with any questions, I will get right back to you.

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Registration CLOSING

Registration will be closing for the Season on Feburary 25th, Please register if you have not done so already, please email pbyouthlaxclub@gmail with any questions.

by Master Admin posted 02/10/2019
Army Woman's Game Tickets 3/16/19

We are selling tickets to watch the Army Women's lacrosse game at West Point on Saturday March 16th @ 1:00.

This is a really exciting day for us!

We will be able to attend a "Chalk Talk" which gives us access to the Coach’s Scouting Report and the girls can get involved with an interactive Q&A and hear from a current player about the game plan.

We will also be able to stand in the "Fan Tunnel" and high five the players on their way out to play!

Lastly, after the game we are invited to attend a clinic with the team!

Looking forward to this awesome event and seeing everyone there.

-Saturday, March 16 vs. Loyola @ 1:00PM at the Michie Stadium (yes, its outdoors, so dress accordingly)

To purchase tickets, select the “online store” button on the vertical menu, hit the Army logo, enter quantity and pay with credit or debit card.  We will hand out tickets at game or before. Tickets sales end 03/01/19

*we are also planning a trip to Army Men’s game


by posted 02/07/2019
2019 Season Registration Open


 Registration is now open.  We are looking to field teams for K-2, 3/4, 5/6, and 7/8 - both boys and girls.  Please register according to the players current grade.  You may need to update your US Lacrosse membership before you register if it expires before the end of the upcoming season.  Links to purchase uniforms and deals on equipment packages will be available soon.  We are keeping the uniforms as they are and will have the store open soon for them.
     We are planning to have a few events and activities over the winter including a equipment swap day.  We are looking to increase our rosters, so please spread the word about how much fun the sport of Lacrosse is!!! Any questions please contact   or go to
     We would like to thank Scott Boyce for his years of hard work and dedication to the program and community.  He has done a lot for the game of Lacrosse not only in Pine Bush but the entire Hudson Valley.     
We would like to wish the Pine Bush Youth Lacrosse Family a Happy Holiday Season, our 2019 Spring Season will be here before we know it.

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Required Girls Equipment

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Required Boys Equipment

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In the Online Store

General Admission PBYLC Ticket