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Our New Community Newsletter "The Inside Edge"

Congratulations to Caden McBride for providing the new name for our monthly newsletter. There were several excellent entries and it was a difficult decision among some very good choices.  Going forward, our newsletter will be called The Inside Edge, Sno-King’s monthly newsletter.  Caden has earned a $100 gift certificate to the Kirkland Team Store.  Thanks to everyone that participated!! 

We hope you are enjoying reading the monthly communications and we welcome your feedback at 

16UA1 Team Journey to Nationals
The 16UA1 team, led by Coach Mike Butters, starts the journey to USA Hockey Nationals next week in Tacoma, February 23-24, at the PNAHA Tier I State Tournament, playing teams from Everett and Wenatchee. State tournament winners move on to Pacific District championships in San Jose California April 8-11. District winners head to Pennsylvania for the National tournament in April. Sno-King has two Tier II teams in the hunt for Nationals, 14U A2, Coach Derek Pizzey and 17U A1s, Coach Darren Tymshychyn. The 17Us will play in the 18U age division. Both teams play in the PNAHA State Tournament, hosted by Tri-Cities in early March.
Best of luck of all our Sno-King teams working hard to earn a spot in the National tournaments!
Sno-King Tournaments
Earlier this week we finished up our 14U Presidents Day tournament. It was a fun filled weekend with a lot of great hockey played between our two ice arenas. The championship game was played between Richmond and Seafair C3 with Richmond winning 3-1 in a tight game with 17 shots a piece. Our teams showed improvement throughout the tournament against the tough opponents, earning some exciting wins and battling in some hard fought losses. We would like to thank all the parent volunteers for their help over the weekend. We received a lot of praise from the visiting teams about how well run the tournament went and the volunteers are a big part of that. We have a couple of tournaments that are quickly approaching as we enter the final stages of the season.  Our 10U to 18U Rec teams are gearing up for the MHL Playoffs and our 8U Major and Minor team are getting ready for their jamboree. Both being held March 3 and 4th. 
Then the following week we have the SKAHA Cup that is played during the week of March 5th-9th for our 10U-18U teams. The last tournament we have this year is the 12U PNAHA State Festival that we will be hosting at our rinks in conjunction with Seattle Junior. The tournament will be the weekend of March 24th and 25th. 
Community Fundraiser
Sno-King Hockey is proud- and excited- to support the Kingsgate Figure Skating Club in their cancer fundraiser, SK8 to Eliminate Cancer.
We would like to encourage all interested Sno-King Hockey players to participate in this fun event.  A 5K is about 40 laps, 3.50 miles.  5K pledge forms are available at the Kirkland rink or by contacting Maria Murphy at  . Players can use the pledge form to start collecting pledges for their laps at the event- maybe $1 per lap? Don’t forget a flat donation works too! Please make all checks payable to Scott Hamilton Cares Foundation.  We’ll see who gets the most laps- hockey players or figure skaters!
All proceeds benefit the Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research at Seattle Children’s Hospital. The SK8 to Eliminate Cancer benefit ends with an on-ice celebration ‘Believe’ on July 27th, featuring figure skating routines, a silent auction, and perhaps opportunity to spot Hockey Director Doug Kirton skating in a tutu.
Spring and Summer Activities
There are several programs that are in the works for this upcoming spring and summer in 2018!! These programs are sponsored or run by talented professional coaches and they w
ill be held locally at the Kirkland and/or Renton Ice Arena’s.
These activities are still in the planning stages and therefore subject to change so continue to check for updates and individual promotions for the ones that catch your eye. There is something for
 almost all age groups and skill levels and each program provides the opportunity for a player to take a big step forward in their level of play while having fun. Please check out a brief outline of the programs here.
Brooke Whitney
Brooke Whitney was a pioneer in female hockey back when she played for SKAHA from 1990 to 1996. In spite of being one of the few female hockey players at that time, she had a very successful career competing on her boys’ rep teams. 
Brooke moved on to play Division I hockey for the nationally ranked Northeastern University Huskies. She received numerous awards during her collegiate hockey career, including the 2002 Patty Kazmaier Award, which is presented to the player voted as the best women’s collegiate hockey player in the nation., Some other honors were NCAA First Team All-American, the Jeanne L. Rowlands Top-Scholar Athlete Award at Northeastern, and induction into the Northeastern University Athletic Hall of Fame. Whitney competed as a member of the USA Women’s National Team, and played for teams in Brampton, Ontario and Vancouver, British Columbia in the Canadian women’s professional ice hockey league (NWHL).  
After graduating from Northeastern with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, she continued her education earning a Master’s degree in Sports Management from the University of Connecticut. 
Finding new ways to apply her love for hockey, Brooke was a women’s hockey assistant coach at Boston College and the University of Connecticut. With her interest in helping pre-college players develop both their hockey skills and life skills, Whitney became the Associate Athletic Director and Girls’ Varsity Hockey Coach at Lawrence Academy (LA), a prep high school outside of Boston. 
For several years, Brooke coached at local, regional, and national hockey camps. She has worked as a USA Hockey regional evaluator and national camp coach. Many players Brooke coached have gone on to attend USA Hockey and Team Canada Player Development Camps, USA Hockey National Team Camps, and have been members of the USA Hockey U-18 and U-22 National Teams.
For almost a decade now, Brooke has been providing coaching, training, and consulting services to youth and adult athletes as the owner of 3sneaks health & sport. You may even see her at the rink occasionally giving skating and hockey lessons. In addition to her passion for health and sport, she also works as a marketing professional in the Seattle area.
What advice would you give to a youth hockey player today?
Control what you can control. There is a lot that is out of your control (e.g. playing time, penalties, ice conditions), but make it your goal to always work hard and improve. Nobody else can control that.
What words of encouragement do you have for youth hockey players today?
Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Work on your weak skills too. We all have them. Those players that aren’t afraid to do this usually end up being the best hockey players.

12U Hockey "Win A Battle, Make A Play"

Checking was removed from USA hockey at the 12U level 4 years ago. At that time, it was considered the right thing to do for the development of the 12u player as this age is considered the “Golden Age of Skill Development” Later on it became obvious to most hockey people that it was also the correct decision for the player due to the overwhelming advancements in concussion education.

Fast forward to 2018 and we are seeing how much the game has changed. The speed and skill have improved immensely at all ages thanks to USA hockey’s commitment to skill development. Body checking is gone, BUT body contact has increased exponentially. There is a premium put on the player that knows how to skate well, be safe, protect the puck, create offense using his or her body and use proper angling skills on defense. In short, contact is up, checking is out! If I could use one tag line that defines the current style of hockey played it would be, “WIN A BATTLE, MAKE A PLAY” Former NHL player and Sno-King Director Jamie Huscroft sees the benefits of learning proper body contact at all ages. He experienced concussions in his career that eventually forced retirement and has now become a voice for player safety in our district; “I will be a resource, a face, a voice and a story of how concussions and their appropriate diagnosis, treatment, and recovery are vitally important to an athlete's recovery and wellness.” Players or families can reach out to me at any time if they are experiencing any symptoms or concerns about returning to play too early.”

There are many resources available to the Sno-King player including contact clinics and links to concussion materials.

Body Contact
  • Full understanding of the purpose of body contact.
  • Ensure that players understand the principles of Heads Up, Don’t Duck.
  • Focus on stability (flexion in ankles, knee bent, hips down, heads up).
  • Puck retrieval (shoulder check, create an angle and accelerate).
  • Have an understanding of danger areas and ways to escape pressure (create time and space).
  • Taking a check and giving a check.
  • Stability (solid base, knees bent, bottom hand pressure on stick), awareness (head on a swivel).
  • Steering, taking ice away, controlling speed, angling, active stick.
  • Be safe, compete and have "FUN”
Doug Kirton, Sno-King Hockey Director 
Update on Goalie Coaches
Unfortunately at the end of the season we will be losing Seattle Thunderbird Manager and Sno-King goalie coach Brent Siedel as he is moving back to Colorado. We would like to thank Brent for all the great work he has done with our goalies and wish him luck with his new ventures. We would like to welcome a new goalie coach to the staff, Sam Bloomberg. Sam is a recent graduate of Western Michigan where he played goalie for 4 years and has also coached 16U AAA in the Chicago area.  Sam is looking forward to spending time on the ice and helping our goalies improve in all facets of their play, both at practices and individual lessons.  Welcome aboard Sam! 
More good news!  SKAHA Goalie Director, Darin Campbell, has been appointed Assistant Goalie Development Coordinator for PNAHA. He will be helping coordinate local association goalie instructors up and down the I-5 corridor and working closely with the Head PNAHA GDC Mike Landry. Congratulations to him for his selection. This will afford Darin access to the latest goalie coaching information while working with the lead goalie coach in the state.  He will also be attending the USA hockey district camp in San Jose for the first time to help evaluate goalies which will provide him the opportunity to see the most advanced youth hockey goalie coaching techniques and drills.   
We are very thankful for all the coaches that enthusiastically volunteer their time and efforts and are fortunate to have exceptional coaching for our players.  
Skills Coach - Mark Leung
Mark has been coaching at Sno-King since 2007- he started with the Beginner program has followed his boys up through the age ranks. This season, Mark head coaches a 14U C team and assistant coaches a 12U C team. As a Level 4 USA Hockey certified coach, Mark is a great example of dedicated coaching- from the basics to a high level!

Mark is a Vancouver native; he grew up playing youth hockey, football and basketball and is a graduate of University of British Columbia. When not at the rink, Mark works for Boeing and lives in Renton. His hockey players are sons Nicholas, 14U, and Lucas, 12U- and a hockey wife, Julia.
Message to players: Never stop improving!  Work on fundamentals- edge work, stickhandling, passing.

Coaching tip: Have game intensity in practices and let the players have fun during the games.
Suman Chakrabarti
Suman came to Sno-King in August of 2015 from Pittsburgh, PA. ‘Coach Shoe’ spent one season as an 8U mite major head coach, and while still an assistant coach for the past two seasons at 10U, has been donating his time and talents to some of the behind the scenes needs at Sno-King. Using his Microsoft software background, Shoe is helping with the Sno-King web site update, rink monitor display, and schedule integration needs.
The Chakrabarti volunteer spirit doesn’t stop with Suman. His wife, Melanie, is the team managers for 10U A Cooke.  Thanks to Suman and Melanie for all their contributions!!  
Sno-King volunteer needs do not end on the ice- If you have a talent, or time, please consider volunteering- we’re always happy for extra help! 
Summary of Our Teams
Sno-King is comprised of 50 competitive hockey teams with approximately 570 players participating in programs beginning at 8U and culminating at 18U.  We also have a Beginner’s program with approximately 300 participants during a year that introduces young players to ice skating and some very early fundamentals of playing hockey.  For more information about the description and goals of the different teams please go to the Sno-King website at snokinghockey.com/programs.  
A list of the 50 competitive teams associated with SKAHA is as follows:
  • 8U Minor (6) Six rec teams that play in house
  • 8U Major (10) Eight “C” rec teams that play in the local MHL league plus two (2) development teams
  • 10U (15) Eight “C” rec teams and four "A" rep teams that play in the local MHL league plus three (3) development teams
  • 12U (9)  Five “C” teams that play in the local MHL league, one “A1” rep team that plays in the PCAHA, two “A2” rep teams that play in the local MHL and 1 State “B” team.
  • 14U (6) Three “C” teams, one “A2” rep team that plays in PCAHA, one “A3” rep team that play the local MHL league and one State “B” team
  • 16U(1) One “A1” joint rep team that plays in the PCAHA
  • 17U(1) One “A1” rep team that plays in PNAHA
  • 18U (2) Two “C” rec teams
We are very proud of the players, coaches, managers and volunteers of each of these teams.  For a view of the standings of our teams please go to http://leagueathletics.com/Bulletins.asp?org=SNOKINGHOCKEY.COM.  There is a website page for each of the teams where you can access information about schedules, etc. at http://leagueathletics.com/Schedule.asp?org=SNOKINGHOCKEY.COM.

Nick Foles 
Eagles quarterback Nick Foles helped lead Philadelphia to an improbable first Super Bowl title after taking over for injured quarterback Carson Wentz in the final weeks of the season.

Just 12 hours after the game of his life, Foles was asked to reflect on his career and future in Philadelphia. The Eagles quarterback delivered a humble response about the adversity he’s experienced during his career. “I think the big thing is don’t be afraid to fail,” Foles said. 

In our society today, with Instagram and Twitter, it’s a highlight. It’s all the good things. When you look at it, you have a bad day, you think your life isn’t as good, you’re failing. Failure is a part of life. It’s a part of building character and growing. Without failure, who would you be? I wouldn’t be up here if I hadn’t fallen thousands of times, made mistakes. We all are human. We all have weaknesses. Just being able to share that and be transparent.

“I know when people speak and share their weaknesses, I listen. Because I can (relate). I’m not perfect. I’m not Superman. We might be in the NFL and we might have just won the Super Bowl, but we all have daily struggles. That’s where my faith comes in. That’s where my family comes in. I think when you look at a struggle in your life, just know that it’s an opportunity for your character to grow.”

It’ll be tough to find a more level-headed response than that after a Super Bowl win. Well said.

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