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Rapid City schedule
Scorpions--the schedule for Rapid City on 21 Apr 2018 is posted on...
Ballboys/girls for HS games!
Scorpions! The Bearcat and Bandit HS lacrosse teams are looking...
Scorpions Merchandise In
For those that ordered from the Scorpions Store in March, you should...
Post-Jamboree BSL
Scorpions-- We have seen enough of winter, but we haven't...
Rapid City schedule

Scorpions--the schedule for Rapid City on 21 Apr 2018 is posted on our website.  Let me know if you are interested in officiating.  We'll advise if there are any further mods to this schedule. 

- Jason

by posted 04/11/2018
Ballboys/girls for HS games!


The Bearcat and Bandit HS lacrosse teams are looking for motivated Scorpion ballboys and ballgirls to help retrieve and replace balls on the end and side lines for the games this upcoming weekend.  HS game times and locations are posted under "events" on our website. 

Scorpion ballboys/girls will need a helmet--we are looking for up to 4 helmeted youths per game for the Bearcat, Bandit/Bandit JV games at Amend Park this Saturday. 

Send a message to if interested for one or multiple games this weekend or any upcoming weekend.  Go Billings Lacrosse!


by posted 04/11/2018
Scorpions Merchandise In

For those that ordered from the Scorpions Store in March, you should be receiving an email from Universal Athletics that your order is in. You can pick your orders up at the store during regular business hours. 

by posted 04/11/2018
Post-Jamboree BSL


We have seen enough of winter, but we haven't seen all of it unfortunately.  It's been a record breaker here in Billings.  In my 6 years of involvement with the Scorpions, we have never had the impacts on practices and games like we've seen this year. 

Now we're on the road as a club--finally we get to enjoy the fruits of all of our labors!  There was a tremendous amount of planning and coordination that went into the Billings Jamboree (special thanks to JoAnn Arthur and her committee), and there continues to be coordination with our fellow MLA clubs and others in the region to try and salvage as much of the season as possible.  I know many of your are disappointed that we couldn't host in Billings.  We are not sure at this rate if we will be able to host any games in Billings since our schedule is already set from now until state... but if you are interested in helping navigate the logistics of a partial reschedule in Billings... let me know. 

Our boys and HS girls have their first games this weekend--good luck!  The club's trip to Rapid City is a new addition this year--we hope it is a great event for all teams--and we plan to release the schedule very soon for 4/21 after some final tweaks.  We finish April as a club in Missoula, and we are in the middle of trying to reschedule some 4/7 games in conjuction with the 4/28 Missoula trip.  One of the cool things is that the HS girls get to play a make-up game in Bobcat Stadium?!  How sweet!  The Foster-clan has a serious Bobcat bias as Anita and I are both MSU grads, but as a Montanan know I cheer for the Griz 364 days a year.  The opportunity to play lax in a college football stadium is a very cool experience.  By now you've probably watched NCAA lacrosse teams on TV and have seen the likes of Syracuse, Ohio State, Maryland or many others on the same field that you may watch fall football on.  Here is a great list for Men's and Women's lax games--they'll be all wrapped up Memorial Day weekend:   https://www.uslaxmagazine.com/media/tv-listings

Officials.  If you are a certified official, adult or player, and interested in officiating in Rapid City on 4/21... let me know.  It may not be exact MLA pay, but should be close to it.

Commitment.  With the weather improving and travel beginning, we need committment from all Scorpions to make our 2018 lacrosse experience the best possible.  To the extent we all are able, attend all practices and games, and coordinate with other families if necessary when the logistics get challenging.  My family and I continue to rely on our Scorpion connections now that we have a HS player for out of town trips and practice arrangements... and I rely on others to help with 8U/6U practice when a work trip takes me out of town.  Coaches invest a lot of time into practice planning in order to execute game strategy, managers continue to have a lot of logistics to sort out with fundraising wrap-up, uniforms, and a myriad of others to take care of for our teams, and teammates need teammates to practice with in order to be prepared for game days.

Facilities.  Practice and game space--continues to be a challenge for our club and others in Billings, and has been compounded this year.  If you are interested in helping begin work on next year's facilities with a eye towards long-range plans, i.e. our own dedicated space or a space we share with a fall sport like youth football... we need your ideas and energy to begin work on a long-range BSL facilities plan.  As BSL grows... fields and facilities potentially become one of the greatest barriers to continued growth of lacrosse in Billings.

We continue to look for sponsors, you'll continue to see volunteer opportunities posted, there are summer camps and select team preparations underwaywe are already looking at BSL 2019 and beyond, and we'll all have to continue to adjust to the ongoing weather for practices and games.  Through the dynamics, enjoy the season and one another as lacrosse keeps us together for a few more months--our 2018 GOALs to support our club’s Mission Statement:


Grit--resolve, perseverance, mental and physical toughness--stick together and support each other as Scorpions--players, coaches, parents, fans

Outside the Box thinking--creatively tackle challenges as a team and club, communicate and cooperate for team success and individual growth

Ambassadorship--make positive impacts, as we are all ambassadors for our club, our teams, and our sport in our community, our state, and beyond

Love--genuine care for each other, value each individual's unique contributions and capabilities, treat each other with respect and dignity--love the game of lacrosse and the others we share it with



This past weekend, we saw what junior sports can do to bind communities together, even across borders.  We experience the highest of highs and lowest of lows with the teams we love and the sports we love.  My thoughts and prayers remain with those impacted by the Canadian hockey team tragedy this past weekend... 


Enjoy the grandeur as you travel across our wonderful Montana, as well as Wyoming, South Dakota, and Colorado for Scorpion events this Spring and Summer, and enjoy every moment we have as teams, families, extended families, and a Scorpions family this season.




- Jason Foster

BSL President 2017-2018, 8U Boys' Coach, My five lacrosse-playing kids' biggest fan!


by posted 04/10/2018
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