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2019 Minors Winter Workouts

In January we are starting Minors Winter Workouts for ALL 8-10-year-old baseball players.

The goal is to develop our kids through the winter so they can go further in the spring/summer/fall programs.

This is a HUGE opportunity for individualized coaching. 

  • The Minors Winter Workouts will be directed by myself, Bill Granata, Bob Purpora, Rob Villanova - a former NY Yankee MiLB Player, and other NMYBBSB coaches. ​
  • They will be held Saturdays from Jan19-Apr27 at Walnut Hill Church here in NM for two hours. We have committed to morning sessions however there is some wiggle room should we need to adjust. Also if the weather cooperates we will move outdoors in April.​
  • We are ONLY taking the first 40 players who sign up.
  • The cost is $150 for 15 weeks which is ONLY $5 an hour! ​

You can reserve your spot by clicking here. 

Winter Workouts will also open to parents/guardians who would like better themselves as coaches. 

If you have questions feel free to email/text/Facebook me! 

Coach Chris Biszantz
NMYBBSB Minors Commissioner

by posted 12/05/2018
2019 13U Bulldogs District Team Announced

2019 should be a great season for the NMYBBSB 13U travel program. The 13U Bulldogs look to have a strong, hard-hitting roster and NMYBBSB is pleased announce the newly selected 2019 district team.

Thank you to all of the talented baseball players who attended tryouts.

Congratulations to the following players:

Marc Barnhard
Andrew Bologna
Jake Coniglio
Jake Conway
Jemail Elezi
Evan Espino
Luke Fisher
Hunter Garretson
Jalen Greene
Jason Muller
Thomas Pilla
Jeremy Santos
Collin Walsh

by posted 11/13/2018
2019 12U Cyclones District Team Announced

It with great pleasure that NMYBBSB announces its newly selected 2019 12U Cyclones district team. Thank you to all of the talented baseball players who attended tryouts.

NMYBBSB looks forward to the 2019 12U Cyclones representing New Milford and the NMYBBSB program as they continue the success they had last year.

Congratulations to the following players:

Noah Hulse
Gabe Greene
Brayden Sturino
Andrew Rondini
Ryan Gabianelli
Lucas Kopp
Zach LaCava
Aidan Andreotto
Adam Roberts
Sebastian Ramery
Alex Sweeney
Ryan Manka

by posted 11/08/2018
2019 11U Hitmen District Team Announced

The NMYBBSB travel program is pleased to announce the 2019 11U Hitmen district team. A big and sincere thank you goes out to all of the talented players who attended tryouts. As expected, this was a difficult decision and all of the players should be proud of their efforts.

We look forward to the 2019 11U Hitmen representing New Milford and the NMYBBSB program.

Congratulations to the following players:

Nick Allen
Teegan Baur
Nolan Bell
John Coniglio 
Ben Crookshank 
Gavin Gaudio 
Sam Granata 
Ryan Hughes 
Cole Jennings 
Ben Lasser
Caden Reynolds 
Austin Shanks
Owen Staller

by posted 10/28/2018
10U Chaos Honored at Fenway

After winning the 2018 10U regional championship, the New Milford Chaos softball team had the treat of being recognized at Boston Red Sox's Fenway Park in downtown Boston. Congratulations to these young players on their accomplishment and thank you for the great job representing New Milford at one of baseball's most iconic fields.

by posted 09/16/2018
New Bat Rules for Baseball

It's important to know that new baseball bat rules were implemented January 1, 2018. These rule changes impact NMYBBSB's T-ball to Babe Ruth divisions. They do not, however, impact softball.

All bats used in the above mentioned divisions must have the USABat logo. Previously legal bats will not be premitted.

From USA Baseball:

USA Baseball, the national governing body for the sport of baseball in the U.S., in conjunction with participating national member organizations (NMOs) announced the decision to adopt a new method for measuring bat performance in the testing of youth bats.  Informed by the research of leading scientists on the USA Baseball Bat Study Committee, and supported by its NMOs, -- including the American Amateur Baseball Congress (AABC), Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), Babe Ruth Baseball/Cal Ripken Baseball, Dixie Youth Baseball, Little League Baseball and PONY Baseball -- USA Baseball has concluded that recent advancements in science, engineering, technology, and the materials available to fabricate non-wood bats, now allow the manufacturers to construct youth bats that can perform at a wood-like level through the entire range of lengths and weights of youth bats.
The new USA Baseball bat standard (USABat), which will apply to bats that are classified below the NCAA and NFHS level of play, will be implemented on January 1, 2018, allowing the bat manufacturers sufficient time to bring these bats to the marketplace.
The Cal Ripken Division of Babe Ruth League, Inc. have approved the use of the 2 5/8 inch barrel bats for local league play and tournament play beginning in January 2018 and coinciding with the new USA Bat standard.
Similar to the NCAA and NFHS BBCOR standard, which helped to eliminate discrepancies with different length bats and thus provide a more direct measure of bat performance, the new USA Baseball bat standard will allow youth baseball organizations in the United States to reach their goal of establishing a wood-like standard, a standard that will provide for the long-term integrity of the game.

by posted 01/04/2018
Background checks

Attention Coaches!

Thank you for volunteering to coach.  All coaches and board members are required by Babe Ruth to undergo a background check. If you are new to coaching, or if you haven't completed this check within the last 3 years, please click the picture below to find the application and fill it out as soon as possible.  The cost to complete the background check is $10. The league does not receive any information from your background check other than pass or fail and that information will be kept strictly confidential.   


posted 10/01/2014
Coaches Training


All coaches must be certified by Babe Ruth. If you have already taken the course, you do not have to take it again. The certification program is available online at www.baberuthcoaching.org. 

Due to league guidelines, anyone that has not completed the course will not be allowed on the field.

Babe Ruth League, Inc. programs, nationwide, are required to annually conduct a background check on all managers, coaches, board of directors' members, as well as any other persons and volunteers, who provide regular service to the league and/or have repetitive access to, or contact with, players or teams.  The purpose of these background checks is, first and foremost, to protect the players. 

posted 10/01/2014
Know the rules


One of our goals is to provide a safe and pleasant experience for all our players and guests. Below is an outline of our premise policies. We appreciate your help and compliance with these rules. 

Dogs—There are no dogs permitted on the property at any time. Anyone with a dog inside the property will be asked to leave immediately.

Bicycles—There are no bicycles permitted on the property.

Smoking—The fields are designated as non-smoking. There is no smoking permitted on the property. 

Alcohol—Alcoholic beverages of any kind are not permitted on the property. 

Trash—Please remember to pick up all your trash and throw it out in the garbage pails located around the fields. Also, remind your kids/players that they are responsible for leaving the dugout areas clean for the next teams. 

Parking—All parking is at your own risk. Also, please DO NOT park in front of any gated areas. Emergency vehicles need to have immediate access to the space at all time. Keep in mind that cars parked on the street may be ticketed or towed by the Police.

New Milford Farms Field Parking—There is no parking between Fields B and C. There are a lot of families and children that take advantage of the Snack Bar and our tented eating area. For their safety, this area is now closed. Please do not open the gate to park here. Parking should be in the parking lot across the street from the fields. 

New Milford Volunteer Field Parking—Parking for Volunteer Field is at the Bulls Field football parking lot. Please do not park on Boardman Road. The parking lot behind home plate is designated for the New Milford head coach, his named assistant and two umpires. Please refrain from pulling into the coach’s lot to drop off players for practice. 


Mailing Address:

PO Box 201
New Milford, CT 06776

posted 10/01/2014
A tradition of winning
Field Status
"Rogers Park, Danbury" TBD (12/18) 
"Sarah Sanford Field, Br TBD (12/18) 
Baldwin - New MIlford TBD (12/18) 
Bantam TBD (12/18) 
Garrick Farms Field A - New Milford TBD (12/18) 
Garrick Farms Field B - New Milford TBD (12/18) 
Garrick Farms Field C - New Milford TBD (12/18) 
Garrick Farms Field D - New Milford TBD (12/18) 
Garrick Farms Field E - New Milford TBD (12/18) 
Garrick Farms Little A - New Milford TBD (12/18) 
Governor's Park - Ridgefield TBD (12/18) 
Helen Marx Park Field 1 - New Milford TBD (12/18) 
Helen Marx Park Field 2 - New Milford TBD (12/18) 
Huckleberry School TBD (12/18) 
New Milford High School - New Milford TBD (12/18) 
Newtown High School TBD (12/18) 
NMHS Varsity Field TBD (12/18) 
NMHS Varsity Softball Fd - New Milford TBD (12/18) 
Pickett District Field 1 - New Milford TBD (12/18) 
Pickett District Field 2 - New Milford TBD (12/18) 
Pickett District Field 3 - New Milford TBD (12/18) 
Pickett District Field 4 - New Milford TBD (12/18) 
Sarah Noble Field #1 - New Milford TBD (12/18) 
Sarah Noble Field #1 - New Milford TBD (12/18) 
Sarah Noble Field #2 - New Milford TBD (12/18) 
Snack Bar - New Milford TBD (12/18) 
Volunteer Field - New Milford TBD (12/18) 
Mailing Address
PO Box 201
New Milford, CT 06776
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