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Little League Baseball has adopted new standards for its bats beginning on January 1, 2018.

All bats that do not bear the USA Baseball Logo are now prohibited from use in any Little League activity, including games, practices and clinics. 

Solid, one piece wood barrel bats are acceptable and do not require the USA Baseball logo.

Westbrook Little League has purchased three dozen new bats so that each team has a variety to choose from. Players are allowed to use their own bat as long as it complies with this new rule.

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by posted 02/07/2018
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Daisy #1 (near park lot) - Westbrook OPEN (6/20) 
Daisy #2 (Far field) - Westbrook OPEN (6/20) 
Eastman Field - Westbrook OPEN (6/20) 
High School Field - Westbrook OPEN (6/20) 
HS Baseball - Westbrook OPEN (6/20) 
Nelson Field - Madison OPEN (6/20) 
OL - Cross Lane - Old Lyme OPEN (6/20) 
OL - Mile Creek - Old Lyme OPEN (6/20) 
OL - Town Woods - Old Lyme OPEN (6/20) 
Ray Palmieri - Westbrook OPEN (6/20) 
Ted Lane - Westbrook OPEN (6/20) 
Ted Lane Batting cage - Westbrook OPEN (6/20) 
WB HS -Softball 2 - Westbrook OPEN (6/20) 
WB MS -Softball 1 - Westbrook OPEN (6/20) 
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