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Welcome to the Westfield Youth Hockey Web Site.  This website is fully integrated with the GSL website and will load schedules directly from the GSL.
August Board Meeting - DATE / TIME Change 8/24 @5:30PM
The August board meeting has been changed to next Thursday, 8/24 @ 5:30PM; please see the agenda below.  The previous meeting minutes, amended bylaws and stipend committee recomendations have been posted under the 'Board Mtg Minutes Page' for your review prior to the meeting. 
We are begining preparations for the 2017-2018 season and ask that all team representatives and board directors attend.  If you are not able to attend, please send a substitute in your place.
**Also as a reminder all coaches must have valid safe sport training and appropriate module complete and submitted to Chris Bard prior to the first practice.
Westfield Youth Hockey
August 24, 2017 Board Meeting Agenda
1) Approve April 2017 Minutes
2) Review and Approve Stipend Committee Recommendations
3) Review and Approve Bylaw Committee Recommendations
President Report – Aaron Michelucci
Team Update – 2017/18 Season
New Directors 
Coaches meeting 8/31
Assistant coaches update
Skating clinics and goalie clinic updates
1st Vice President Report – Chris Bard
LTS / LTP programing update
Novice (6U) update
CPR / AED training for head coaches
Certifications and modules for coaches
Safesport – Beth Healy
2nd Vice President Report – Chris Pinney
Ice schedule update
Timekeeper update and coordinator need
2017-2018 tournament updates
Financial Director Report– Meg Bacon
Financial update
First and second ice payments
First week preparation / Check in
Communications Report – Tim McMahon
Team Rep Meeting
Secretary Report – Kerri Tymeson
GSL Report – Paul Braccialarghe & Chris Pinney
August GSL Board Meeting Update 
Fundraising Update – Heidi Leonard
Golf Tournament 
o Team baskets
o Volunteers & Expectations
Other Fundraising 
Uniform Update – Patrick DeFalco
Current uniforms and expected delivery
USA Hockey Report – Jen Ondrick
Registration reminder – USA Hockey (players and coaches)
CORI checks
Merchandise Report – John Millard
Merchandise and equipment update
Miscellaneous / Open Forum - ALL

by posted 08/15/2017
UMASS Hockey School August 21-25

Greg Carvel Hockey School

August 21 - 25, 2017
9am - 4pm Daily


Join Greg Carvel and his staff for five fun-filled days of hockey skills and development.


Group 1
Daily Schedule (Monday to Friday)

9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. On Ice Instruction
10:10 a.m. - 11:10 a.m. Off Ice/Snack
11:20 a.m. - 12:10 p.m. On Ice Instruction
12:30 p.m. Lunch
1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. Small Games/Game
2:45 p.m. Dismissal

Group 2
Daily Schedule (Monday to Friday)

9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. Video/Chalk Talk
10:10 a.m. - 11:10 a.m. On Ice Instruction
11:30 a.m. Lunch
12:30 p.m. - 1:20 p.m. On Ice Instruction
1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. Off Ice/Snack
2:45 p.m. - 3:45 p.m. Small Games/Game
4:00 p.m. Dismissal

Refund Policy:

Requests for cancellation must be made by contact baystatehockeyma@gmail.com. All monies paid, with the exception of a $50 administrative fee, will be refunded if the request is made at least (14) days prior to the start of camp. There will be no refunds if request is within (14) days to the start of camp unless request is accompanied by documented medical reason.

by posted 08/11/2017
2017 - 2018 Season Payments

USA Hockey Registration after April 1, 2017

First Half Payment due September 1, 2017

2nd Half Payment announced on October 1, 2017

2nf Half Payment due January 15, 2018


Fees and Payments:

Level          Registration           Commitment                1st Half Fee

6U                   $0                     $0                    $200 (per session)                 

8U                  $100                  $200                     $460

10U                 $100                  $300                     $660

12U                 $100                  $300                     $660

14U                 $100                  $375                     $760


For your convenience payment via credit card will be accepted. If you pay priort to Sept 1 (and only Sept 1) via check mailed to our PO Box (P.O. Box 1161, Westfield, MA 01085) you can deduct $10 from your fee.

by posted 08/06/2017
Golf Tournament - Fundraiser

by posted 08/03/2017
Timekeepers Wanted for the 2017-2018 Season
Westfield Youth Hockey is looking for some timekeepers for the 2017-2018 Season

The following are considered an asset:
-Helpful to have an understanding of hockey and the rules
-Must be available to work September to March.  
-Must be able to keep a professional and calm attitude under pressure
-Must be punctual and adhere to a schedule.
-Must be minimum of 14 years of Age.

Pay Rates:

60 minute games - $12/game

80 minute games - $18/game

If you are interested in becoming a timekeeper, please complete the online applications under the Forms tab.
Link here
WYHA Executive Board


by posted 08/01/2017
How to get a $100 credit off ice fees!

Hello WYHA Families,
It's that wonderful time of year where it's still summer, the weather is nice and vacations are plentiful. It is also time to think about our 4th Annual WYHA Golf Tournament. 
This year our tournament is being held at the majestic Ranch Golf Club in Southwick, MA on Sunday September 24, with a Noon luncheon and a 1 pm shotgun start, followed by a buffet dinner. There will be plenty of raffle prizes, 50/50 Raffle, as well as closest to the pin, closest to the line and hole in one competitions.
As in years past your help is vital for our organization to achieve great success. We ask that if you contacted a local business or persons for sponsorship that you please reach out the them again. We will also need plenty of volunteers to help watch holes, help out at check ins and raffle tables. Plus it would be great again to have our players out and about on the course with their jerseys for photo ops with our golfers.

Attached to this email please find the flyer and share it with anyone and everyone either for sponsorship or to gather foursomes. 

This year WYHA will be offering $100 credit on your ice bill for every $500 your bring in sponsorships so get started now.

We look forward to another successful tournament where all proceeds go to Westfield Youth Hockey for our kids to enjoy another wonderful hockey season.

So please join us and help us kick off the season with a joyous day on one of New England's preeminent golf courses.

Brochure here
Thank You,

Chris Bard
WYHA 1st Vice President

Chris Pinney
WYHA 2nd Vice President

by posted 07/22/2017
Volunteers for Open Board Positions
With the start of summer hockey is probably the farthest thing from your mind but this is when we start preparing for the fall. WYHA is looking for additional parent volunteers to fill some important open positions in our organization.  We are only able to offer these great programs because of our parent volunteers. Most positions don't require a lot time nor expertise. They just need a person to organize the activity.
If you are interested in helping our organization in one of the following positions contact Aaron Michelucci at a.michelucci@me.com or myself.
• The Treasurer shall report directly to the Director of Finance.
• Receive, post, and deposit collections for WYHA regular season players including Mite, Squirt, Peewee, Bantam, and Midget.
• Produce delinquent list of all monies owed for the Director of Finance to investigate.
• Assist in tax preparation with Director of Finance and/or accountant for yearly return.
• Perform periodic audit of billing and cash-receipt logs compared to roster of registered players for all accounts.
• Perform such additional duties as may be required by Executive Board of Directors.

• Disbursement of any budgeted funds to each team to help defray the costs of tournament play.
• Assumes duties of Assistant Treasurer as needed.

Assistant Treasurer
• The Assistant Treasurer shall report directly to the Director of Finance.
• Receive, post and deposit all collections for WYHA learning programs including LTS, LTP, Novice, and House League.
• Collector of fundraising income from fundraising events.
• Maintain cash-receipt log and perform periodic audit of billing compared to roster of registered players for all accounts.
• Bank Account reconciliation.
• Produce delinquent list of all monies owed for the Director of Finance to investigate.
• Assumes duties of the Treasurer as needed.

Fundraising Coordinator
• The Fundraising Coordinator shall report directly to the Director of Finance.
• Present to Executive Board of Directors all proposed association fundraising events for upcoming season.
• Give to Director of Finance breakdown of all anticipated costs and associated income related to Executive Board of Directors approved fundraising events for budget preparation
• Give to Director of Communication schedule of approved events for internal and external communication.
• Liaison between WYHA and outside vendors for fundraising events.
• Present to Executive Board of Directors invoices related to fundraisers for payment approval.
• Obtaining all proper licenses and association release forms required for fundraising events.
• Perform such additional duties as may be required by Executive Board of Directors.
• Must approve all individual team fundraisers. Any WYHA merchandise cannot be used as an individual team fundraiser.

Web Master
• The Webmaster shall report directly to the Director of Communications.
• He/She shall be responsible for designing, developing, marketing and maintaining the WYHA web site and electronic communications.
• The Webmaster shall also implement appropriate security in regard to all electronic mediums sponsored by the WYHA.

• Responsible for maintaining the spelling, grammar and continuity of the WYHA web site.
• Provide other board members with access to the web site for updating incase of the web masters absence.
• Works very closely with the Public Relations Representatives.

Public Relations
• Shall report directly to the Director of Communications.
• Work with Team Rep Coordinator, Team Reps and Webmaster to promote communication.
• Report on the individual team related events and accomplishments.
• Coordinate regular communications.

• Perform additional duties as may be assigned by the Executive Board.

Team Representative Coordinator
• The Team Rep Coordinator shall report directly to the Director of Communication.
• Create Team Rep job descriptions to hand out to all team members at the beginning of the season.
• Compile a list of all team reps from the association and coordinate an information meeting in September to explain their responsibilities.
• Each team rep should receive a copy of the WYHA Bylaws and any other forms deemed necessary to complete their job.
• The Team Rep Coordinator shall be the main point of contact for all team representatives.


SafeSport Coordinator

  • The SafeSport coordinator shall report directly to the 1st Vice-President
  • The SafeSport Coordinator is responsible for monitoring Association and Team compliance with the USA Hockey SafeSport Program and Mass Hockey SafeSport Program.
  • Duties will include monitoring the training of local program administrators and others within the association.
  • He/or she will serve as the Association’s initial contact for persons reporting suspected abuse, misconduct or other violations, compiling information on disciplinary issues within WYHA and, when appropriate, reporting such information to USA Hockey and/or Mass Hockey.
Safety Director
  • The safety director shall report directly to the 1st Vice-President.
  • He/or she shall educate, and provide the Program with the proper safety materials and equipment.
  • He/or she shall evaluate player injuries and manage return to play conditions.
  • He/or she shall establish protocols for concussion management including testing.
Timekeeper Coordinator
  • The timekeeper coordinator shall report directly to the 2nd Vice-President.
  • The timekeeper coordinator is responsible for finding people to do the timekeeping, training them and scheduling all games where WYHA is the home team. 
  • Communication shall be made with all teams as well as the Greater Springfield League.


If you have any questions about an appointed board position and what it may entail don't hesitate to ask any Executive Board Member.

Tim McMahon
WYHA Communications Director

by posted 06/24/2017
10 Ways to Boost Development This Offseason

By Jamie MacDonald, 05/16/17, 2:00PM EDT


In the eyes of Ken Martel, a man largely responsible for USA Hockey’s American Development Model implementation and operation, players who specialize in hockey too young may be setting a ceiling on their development.

Does USA Hockey love to see kids playing hockey: Absolutely.

Does USA Hockey think that’s all kids should be doing? Absolutely not.

In fact, USA Hockey prefers well-rounded athletes who aren't sport-limiting until their late teens. As such, the governing body encourages young athletes to play multiple sports – particularly at younger ages. 

In the eyes of Ken Martel, a man largely responsible for USA Hockey’s American Development Model implementation and operation, players who specialize in hockey too young may be setting a ceiling on their development.

“We’ll get kids who have spent a lot of time specializing in hockey, and, in the short run, it might make a difference – but, in the long run, their athleticism is really capped,” Martel says. “They're not growing as players, and you can see it. It's like they can't get any better.”

Martel, who as a player won an NCAA title with Lake Superior State and has worked as a coach and staff member at USA Hockey for a quarter century, is a firm believer in playing … anything.

“It matters less which sport,” Martel says. “We just want you to go and be more physically active. However, there are certain sports where you can definitely see transference.”


So many kids play soccer these days, and, in some ways, it’s the ultimate entry sport, beginning at ages 3 and 4 in many towns.

“They get agility and they get to learn tactics that are very similar to hockey,” Martel says. “How to support, how to create 2-on-1s and those types of things.”


While not many would associate hockey with tennis, the mostly outdoor racket sport certainly has application when it comes to the mostly indoor ice sport.

“Tennis is fantastic,” says Martel. “The lateral movement and the side-to-side explosiveness have a lot of transferability to what we need in ice hockey – for skating, it’s huge. And it’s about developing coordination and tracking.”


Swimming? Yes, swimming.

“Absolutely,” Martel says. “Swimming is fantastic. One, there’s obviously water safety for your kids. But there’s also ambidextrous movement – movement on both sides of your body. That's really, really good, to do things with your non-dominant side.”


One of the most side-dominant sports is golf, but, again, there is application.

“You see a lot of hockey players who are good golfers,” says Martel. “There's some weight transfer in the golf swing, and in your lower body. And there’s the striking skill. I know a lot of hockey players who are darn good golfers.”

Track and Field/Running

Not all running is created equally, and, for hockey players, not all running is good running.

“For our sport,” Martel says, “I would keep away from the distance running – it’s basically slow-twitch.”

Martel, along with so many strength and conditioning coaches, suggests picking up the pace for something more useful when it comes to hockey.

“Explosive sprinting would be good,” he says.

Flag Football

As flag football rises in popularity, Martel sees its merit.

“I would have kids play flag football all day long,” he says. “And it's a big push from USA Football. It's running, jumping and evasion skills – it’s all of the skill position type stuff. That will make you more productive as an athlete. Guys can transfer into football later on if they're good athletes because they can teach you some of the simpler movements.”


In Canada, it’s a pastime. Lacrosse is also a rapidly growing sport in some parts of this country, too.

“In Canada, it's box lacrosse,” says Martel. “In a lot of communities, the ice goes out in the offseason and they play lacrosse indoors. What I like about lacrosse is that you pick up the ball and you run with it, and you're trying to survey the field. With hockey and soccer, you tend to look down. That's where the ball or the puck is in those sports. Lacrosse is really good and helping our kids survey. But, there is also the agility and tactics.”  


Who would benefit from gymnastics?

“If I had my way, every kid that plays ice hockey,” Martel says. “Gymnastics is full of foundational skills movements for all sports. All that kinesthetic awareness and strength and agility and power. It's phenomenal.”

Martial Arts

Sports such as Taekwondo and karate can also be great for kids.

“It's body control, and it's movement skills,” says Martel. “It's control of your body. It's coordination. We've done some boxing, and it's more about the combination of upper-body and lower-body movement, and it’s about how to move your body efficiently.”

Anything to Get You Moving

There are dozens more athletics to get involved in, of course, including sports as structured as basketball or volleyball to something a little more casual, such as skiing or flying disk games. And all of them have something in common: For young hockey players, they’re worth trying.

“Do everything,” says Martel. “Kids are getting too sedentary. That’s the bottom line. And we see it when we go to a country like Finland, where they have a sporting lifestyle they cultivate. Part of it is culture.”

Oh, yes, and one more thing: Go outside.

"Ride your bike, play tag, go play kick the can in the neighborhood,” Martel says. “Those, in some ways, are even better than turning to another organized sport where everything is programmed. Let kids get out with the neighbors and sort something out. And it's not just physical skills. It's social skills, and it's how to cope in society.”

It’s also, perhaps counter-intuitively, about hockey.

by posted 06/22/2017
Planet Hockey Camp 2017 Westfield Amelia Park


WYH Players, Parents & Coaches,


We invite you to join Planet Hockey this summer in Westfield, MA.  Please forward this reminder to your teammates!


Amelia Park Arena| August 14-18, 2017 (M-F)

Tuition: $489

Discount: $30

Final Camp Tuition: only $459

Discount Code:  390-841-1724403017244990

View camp details & features

CAMP FOCUS/FEATURES:  Power Skating – Quickness, Mobility, Speed & Efficiency | Stickhandling | Scoring | Small Games | Team Play | Body Contact, Battles & Puck Protection | Professional/Certified International Staff | Dryland Training | Video Lectures & Focus Sessions | Personalized Player Evaluation | Free Training Video Clips | Free Camp Jersey | STP Program | Pre-Camp Preparation Workbook & Videos | Final Day Game & much more!


  • Copy and paste the discount code above into the 'Discount Code' field on the last page (payment page) of your online registration.
  • Goaltenders – do not enter above discount code, goaltenders receive a $100 discount (off of full tuition).
  • Discounts cannot be combined.  Largest discount always applies.
  • Discount must be applied at time of registration.  No refunds/credit given for missed discounts. 


3 ELITE Camps in 1
 | TOTAL Player Development

  • SUPER Skills Camps provide Planet Hockey students with the most COMPLETE hockey skills training & innovative training methods available: Power Skating, Stickhandling, Scoring, Small Games, Body Contact, Puck Protection and Team Play.  Plus, each player will receive our exclusive pre-camp preparation workbook, post camp player evaluation, video training tips and a free camp jersey. 
  • Supplemental Training Program (STP) offered at this camp!  Receive 1 additional hour of on ice skills training the first 4 days of camp (4 day program).  This optional 'add on' program will conveniently extend your day by 1 hour.  Players LOVE this program.  Limited to 30 total players.
  • All New ELITE SuperCamp format - All 2017 Summer programs are ELITE workshops specifically designed for players who are serious about improving their hockey skills. These ELITE camps follow the same format and methods we use when training NHL and European professional players.
  • This camp will be instructed by Planet Hockey Certified Instructors



·       7 Day Resident Hockey/Adventure Camps - Breckenridge, CO & Jay Peak, VT

·       European Youth Hockey Summit ‘17 – Copenhagen (Esbjerg), Denmark July 28- August 5, 2017

·       Adult Oktoberfest Hockey Classic – Munich, Germany & Austria September 11-19, 2017

·       Planet Hockey Website – learn more about Planet Hockey

·       2017 Camp Locations – coming to a rink near you


We expect this camp to fill quickly, so register before it’s too late.  Planet Hockey limits group sizes, so REGISTER NOW to ensure your spot and discount in the upcoming 2017 Westfield, MA Planet Hockey SUPER Skills Camp.

by posted 04/29/2017
Western Mass Hockey School & Preseason Positioning Clinic
Western Mass Hockey School: August 7 - 10 at Olympia Ice Center. The Western Mass Hockey School is focused primarily on speed and skill development for hockey players ages 7 to 15. On ice program includes power skating and edge control/balance, skill stations, tight area and cross ice game situations.
Preseason Position Clinic: August 14 -17 at Olympia Ice Center. The Preseason Position Clinic is a four-day position specific clinic for forwards, defensemen and goaltenders ages 9 to 16. Primary focus is to introduce, teach, and further develop important details associated with each position in the game. 
Coaching Staff for both programs includes - Len Quesnelle (Detroit Red Wings)Red Gendron (Univ. of Maine), Blaise MacDonald (Colby College), Chris Hall (Colby College), and college hockey players from Western MA. To register, visit the website New England Hockey Factory or parents can also register using the attached brochures. For further information or questions regarding either program please call 413-687-2607 or send an email to quesnelle@nehf.net

by posted 04/15/2017
Congratulations Squirt 1 Champions at Fire & Ice Tournament

by posted 01/15/2017
USA Hockey
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