The Connecticut Lynx league and tournament teams allow for all players chosen to get college level coaching and to face high level competition.

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Welcome to Lynx Lacrosse

Lynx Lax is a Summer, Fall and Winter season program dedicated to supporting the growth of NorthWest Connecticut Lacrosse with a convenient location and affordable fees.

Since 2007, the Connecticut Lynx tournament and league teams allow for all players to get college level coaching and to face high level competition. The Lynx coaches will focus on teaching the appropriate level of skills and concepts. During the summer, winter and fall, the teams will compete at three levels 5th / 6th grade, 7th / 8th grade and  High School. It is our belief that the combination of high level competition and participation with other players from the region is a means to improve skills and compete at a higher level but also to build friendships and enjoy this great lacrosse experience.

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Lax Start 1/5/19
For the 7th year, Lynx Lacrosse is happy to offer indoor Winter Lacrosse. Indoor...
Lynx Team - Summer 2018
Girls Winter Lax 2017
Lax Start 1/5/19

For the 7th year, Lynx Lacrosse is happy to offer indoor Winter Lacrosse.

Indoor Winter Lacrosse will start on January 5.  Teams have been assigned based on your spring team, with exceptions.  Additionally, players that registered late may not be on a team with their teammates.  If necessary, I will try to make some “trades” on Saturday night.

Please get there at least 15 minutes before game time - we start promptly

Some rules –

Play will start at 8:05 SHARP we will play 2 - 25 minute periods with a 5 minute half time – running time.

Cleats are OK

Boys will play 2-3-2 and a goalie.

For boys, full pads are required INCLUDING MOUTH GUARDS.  Girls:  eyes and mouth guards.

For boys, this is a “NO HIT” league.  Being strong in your position is ok, laying out a hit is not.  Special care is needed when playing along the sidelines so players do not hit the walls.  During the game, the referee has complete authority to make decisions regarding play.  Matt Glaser, the league administrator, can make decisions based on what is best for the safety of the players and the good of the league.  Habitual offenders can/will be removed from the game, suspended or ejected from the league - no refunds.  Again, the underlying criteria will be safely.

While rosters are set, in the name of gamesmanship, roster changes may be necessary to balance the teams.  This will be reviewed on a week by week basis. 

WEATHER – Cancelations will be posted as soon as a decision is made.  You will receive an email, texts and the website will be updated.  The policy of the facility is:  If they close, we get a makeup date, if I cancel, we don’t.  Therefore I walk a tightrope.  Knowing many players drive themselves, I will err on the side of safety.


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Lynx Team - Summer 2018