The Indian Hill Recreational Soccer program is a community based, volunteer run SAY soccer program open to children who live in the Indian Hill School District.

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Fall Ref Info

Fall 2018 Referees – 


Please use this link to sign up for your IH Field Training portion of your ref training. 


Remember the CHSS classes are for NEW referees and we ask that ALL IH refs attend Field Training each season.  This is a good way to meet the others you are working with, learn rule updates and gain field experience and confidence.  We want our IH Refs to be the best and we are here to be a resource for that.  After Field Training session we are offering testing that complies with your CHSS requirement to test annually.   If you are a returing ref and cannot make the Field Training you can do your review class with CHSS. 


This season we are breaking up the Field Training – 1 hour will be specific to 8U and Instructional leagues (Build-out Line, instructing etc),  ½ hour we will have ALL IH Refs covering general expectations and the game  management that overlaps any age group, and then 1 hour for 10U and above age groups (offsides etc).  All refs will overlap in the middle so please attend the division you would intend to ref this season.  If you want clarity please ask.  All NEW refs (most 2ndseason refs too) we ask that you attend the 8U and Instructional as you will begin there.  


IH Field Training is July 17 and Aug 11 your choice to attend one. 


Prior to attending IH Field Training please review your rule books specifically: 

Law XII - Fouls and Misconduct (6 pages beginning on page 34)

Law XIII -  Free Kick (3 pages beginning on page 40)

We will cover many topics but these two Laws are important and too lengthy to cover entirely.

Here is a link to the rule book if you need a copy.


Additionally, SAY offers a great online training syllabus here that will fully prepare you for class and testing.


We will hold our refs to a high standard of competency and behavior.  We expect to be proud to have our Refs to representing Indian Hill. 


IH Rec Soccer

Field Status
Bethel 1/Livingston 1-A - Indian Hill TBD (1/22) 
Bethel 2/Livingston 1-B - Indian Hill TBD (1/22) 
Kugler Mill 1 - Camp Dennison OPEN (1/22) 
Kugler Mill 2 - Camp Dennison OPEN (1/22) 
Kugler Mill 3 - Camp Dennison OPEN (1/22) 
Livingston 2 - Indian Hill TBD (1/22) 
Livingston 3 - Indian Hill TBD (1/22) 
Livingston 4 - Indian Hill TBD (1/22) 
Livingston 5 - Indian Hill TBD (1/22) 
Livingston 6 - Indian Hill TBD (1/22) 
Mariemont Elementary - Mariemont TBD (1/22) 
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