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Pickerington Booster Drive

Now that lacrosse is a school sponsored sport we are required to participate in the Annual Booster Drive.  Both Pickerington Central and Pickerington North will have this.  Below is the current information on the Pickerington Central Booster Drive. 


Pickerington Central Booster Drive will take place July 30th.  All incoming junior high and high school athletes planning to play lacrosse this coming year are asked to attend.  This is a mandatory fundraiser for Central athletes.


All sports and players meet at the high school.  Then groups will go out and hit neighborhoods with booster cards.  Then all head back to the school for lunch.


Start Time- July 30th

Start Location - Pickerington Central

Additional Information - Please plan on wearing a Pickerington Tigers Lacrosse shirt.  There will be a sign up genius sent out to incoming 7th,8th, and 9th graders to purchase a $10 t-shirt for this event. 


Pickerington North Booster Drive- Details to come.

by posted 07/18/2016
2016 BOYS Lacrosse Awards

2016 Pickerington Boys Award Winners:

Congratulations to all the boys for a great season!



1st Team ALL-REGION - Landon Trout (Pickerington North)

1st Team ALL-REGION - Tom Kolibash (Pickerington North)

2nd Team ALL-REGION - Bryce Keaton (Pickerington North)

2nd Team ALL-REGION - Tyler Faig (Pickerington North)


Tyler Faig (Pickerington North)


Danny Gibson (Pickerington North)


1st Team OCC - Steve Warren (Pickerington Central)

1st Team OCC - Jacob Pineda (Pickerington Central)

1st Team OCC - Tyler Faig (Pickerington North)

1st Team OCC - Bryce Keaton (Pickerington North)

1st Team OCC - Tom Kolibash (Pickerington North)

2nd Team OCC - Sam Schooley (Pickerington Central)

2nd Team OCC - Hayden Drennen (Pickerington North)

2nd Team OCC - Adam Hellmich (Pickerington North)

2nd Team OCC - Nathan Maziarz (Pickerington North)

2nd Team OCC - Landon Trout (Pickerington North)

2nd Team OCC - Jason Wollenberg (Pickerington North)

Honorable Mention OCC - Zach Beretich (Pickerington North)

Scholar Athlete OCC - Zach Beretich (Pickerington North)

Scholar Athlete OCC - Devin McMillin (Pickerington Central)

UNDER ARMOUR All -American Awards:

Honorable Mention - Jake Pineda (Pickerington Central)

Honorable Mention - Steve Warren (Pickerington Central)

by posted 07/18/2016
2016 Pickerington Girls Awards

2016 Pickerington Girls Award Winners:

Congratulations to all the girls for a great season!



1st Team ALL STATE - Kat Walton (Pickerington Central) - 12th


1st Team ALL-DISTRICT - Kat Walton (Pickerington Central) - 12th

2nd Team ALL- DISTRICT - Lauren Morris (Pickerington Central) - 11th

Honorable Mention ALL - DISTRICT - Aubrey Cernus (Pickerington Central) - 12th

Honorable Mention ALL - DISTRICT - Julia Robson (Pickerington North) - 12th


1st Team OCC - Alyssa Kneedler (Pickerington North)

1st Team OCC - Julia Robson (Pickerington North)

1st Team OCC - Aubrey Cernus (Pickerington Central)

1st Team OCC - Lauren Morris (Pickerington Central)

1st Team OCC - Kyra Tye (Pickerington Central)

1st Team OCC - Kat Walton (Pickerington Central)

2nd Team OCC - Mackenzie Barnes (Pickerington North)

2nd Team OCC - Sophie Zimmerman (Pickerington North)

2nd Team OCC - Carly Clinger (Pickerington Central)

2nd Team OCC - Maddi Hyer (Pickerington Central)

2nd Team OCC - Lexi Stuck (Pickerington Central)

Honorable Mention OCC - Jessica Pinkerton (Pickerington North)

Honorable Mention OCC - Taylor Murphy (Pickerington Central)

Scholar Athlete OCC - Julia Robson (Pickerington North)

Scholar Athlete OCC - Kat Walton (Pickerington Central)


**Awards just being announced.  Will be added as we learn about them!

by posted 05/31/2016

Help us raise money for the Pickerington lacrosse Association!! IT TIME TO RE- REGISTER AGAIN!!


Every year we have to go into the Kroger link and re enroll in the month of April so that we continue to benefit from you!!  Please take the time to go into the link and add 91859 as the organization you would like to contribute to through your Kroger Plus Card!!  This is at no cost to you!  A percentage of the $$ you spent at Kroger while using your registered plus card will help Kroger donate $$ to Pickerington Lacrosse.  Please help support.


Don't forget to re-register or register your Kroger Plus Card with the NPO # 91859 to help our PICKERINGTON HIGH SCHOOL LACROSSE.


Click this link: www.krogercommunityrewards.com and sign up!!!

**If you don't have a Kroger plus card you can visit the customer service desk in any Kroger**
If you use your phone number rather than scanning your card call 877-576-7587 to get your Kroger Plus card number!!

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