Quito Little League is an organization of volunteers dedicated to serving the youth in our community. The commitment is to provide a little league program with qualified leadership. Safety, training, participation, fun, sportsmanship, teamwork, fair play
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Quito Little League - Clean Up DayŁ - Sunday, March 1st

Quito Little League “Clean Up Day”

When: Sunday, March 1st

Time: 9am – 3pm

Location: Quito Little League (ALL Fields)


Come out and pitch in to help Quito Fields look their best.


We plan on doing the following:

Install new signs (no parking, etc)


Paint backstop

Paint announcer stand

Hang sponsor signs

Paint/ repair stands near RHMS

Power Wash by the Majors Field

Fix Windbreaker in Center field

Tie wrap sign on fence 1st base side

Need sign for fans 1st base side

How about bleachers in Lf – can we put some there?

Pull weeds behind center and left field by rocks

Wind breaker on 1st base dugout roof tie down


We need to build up the pitchers mounds on the field and bull pen.

We are missing some signs (no sunflower seeds, no dogs etc.)

Paint backstop

Paint container by 1st base


fresh paint would help on the backstop areas

Signs needed in dug out?

Signs needed for parents?

Paint wooden shed behind


Need to fix the lock on the A Ball shed located next to the AAA field first base line.


We are going to change two boards on the benches,

drag the field, get the weeds out,

pull the dirt away from the fence, clean up trash

Stain around the bleachers on 3rd base side

Pull Weeds


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Quito Little League Mechanics Clinic

Quito Little League Mechanics Clinic


Date: Mar 08, 2015 - (Division: AA - Juniors & Jr. Umpires)

• Time: 9:00AM to 12:00 PM

• Location: Rolling Hills Middle School (AAA Field)



Tony and I are offering an additional mechanics training for the AA and Jr Umpires.  This will target the newer umpires, but we welcome anyone that is interested in attending (All Divisions).  Please send me an email at by March 5th if you are interested so we can get a headcount.


Thank you,

Greg Kenzler & Tony Browne – Quito LL UICs


by posted 02/27/2015
Umpires Rules Clinics - AA and Above

Quito Little League Rules Clinic


Date: Mar 03, 2015 - (Division: AA)

• Time: 7:00PM to 9:00 PM

• Location: Rolling Hills Middle School (Cafeteria)


Date: Mar 05, 2015 - (Divisions: AAA, Majors, & Juniors)

• Time: 7:00PM to 9:00PM

• Location: Rolling Hills Middle School (Cafeteria)



Click here to review the Quito LL Rules Clinic Agenda and Presentation Files (The Presentation Files are embedded on the second page. Double click the icon on the left to access each of the files).  Tony and I recommend reviewing the material in advance of your respective meeting(s).  The meetings are divided by division.  You should attend the nights that pertain to the division you will be umpiring.


Thank you,

Greg Kenzler & Tony Browne – Quito LL UICs


by posted 02/27/2015
Community Award

Quito Family,


Each year we give out Community Award to an outstanding member of our family. Would each of you please go to the following link https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/DTYK9BM and let me know who you feel should given this award for last years Community Service at Quito Little League.

This survey will be available from 2/24/15 through 3/2/15.



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Little League Baseball 2015 Equipment Guidelines


2015 Equipment Guidelines


Before purchasing equipment for your son or daughter to use in playing Little League Baseball, please review the following guidelines taken from the rule cited in the Little League rulebook.

Link to 2015 Equipment Guidelines

by posted 01/14/2015

Quito Little League is based upon the following principles:
• Creation of a fun, safe and competitive environment
• Identification of coaches with baseball knowledge and who are instructive encouraging and supportive
• Continuous development of players and coaches
• Creating an equal opportunity for all children to participate
• Encouraging a variety of baseball experiences at all levels
• Providing a means for families to share in the operations of the League
• Increasing and improving community participation


Quito Little League
 PO Box 772
 Campbell,CA 95008

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We welcome your feedback

We welcome your feedback 

It is important that the BOD hears from our families, both the positive and not so positive input. It is only through knowing about issues that we can respond and effect change. Based on survey input, we will be implementing an ‘anonymous’ feedback process. It is hoped that this will enable more parents to provide input which will help to improve our league

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