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16U Independent Team Tryout

Our Edge program is looking to offer a second 16U option for players in birth years 2003 through 2006.

Tryouts for the Edge 16U Independent team will occur on:

Wednesday, April 24 @ Bill Gray's Iceplex Rink #3.*

We have a number of girls interested in the program and coaches excited to build the team. Our coaches have extensive hockey coaching experience at many levels: Jean-Francois Darcy and Sean MacNeill.

The team anticipates two practices per week with optional skill development including participation in our Edge clinics and additional skills clinics. The team will follow USAH recommendations on practice-to-game ratios, and intends to keep travel very manageable. We are excited to be able to offer this opportunity. Please contact us at if you are interested and have questions.

* If you came to an earlier tryout, this tryout not require additional paperwork or cost. If you have not come to a tryout, please fill out a registration form and bring it with you along with a $45 check made payable to Monroe County Youth Hockey for the tryout ice, and a separate $150 made to Monroe County Youth Hockey for the team deposit. If you are not an MCYH player, please bring a release with you.

Our 16U Independent tryout will share the ice with our third and final 19U team tryout.

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16U Tryout Results Posted

Thanks to all the girls who came to tryouts this week.  The 16U results have been posted here.

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14U Tryout Results Posted

Thanks to all the girls who came to tryouts the past two nights.  The 14U results have been posted here.

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16U Tryout Result Update

Thanks to all of the girls for coming to our 16U tryouts. Coach Reston will post the roster by noon on Saturday, April 24.  Check here for results.

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19U Tryouts

Our Third Night of Tryouts for the 19U Tier 2 Tournament Bound team will be held on Wednesday, April 24th, at 7:00pm at Bill Gray's Iceplex.


To register, please print this registration form, fill it out, and bring to the rink.

Players coming to tryouts should bring the following:

  • Tryout registration fee of $45 (if you did not already pay online at registration)
  • $150 check for your team deposit (only cashed upon acceptance of place on team)
  • USA Hockey #
  • Original signed copy of Player Release from current organization (if not Edge)


Our registration table will be downstairs in the lower lobby in one of the party rooms (down where the noisy video games are). Make a quick right when you enter the rink and head down the stairs and you will find us there.


Email us at if you have questions


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19U Competing for a National Championship

With their strong performance throughout the season and runner-up finish at the state tournament, our 19U girls have qualified to play for a National Championship.

Top Row (L to R): Sarah Farnand, Megan MacDougall, Angelique Bennett, Holly DeYoung, Abigail Moon

Middle Row (L to R): Lian Sydorowicz, Olivia Hollenbeck, Madison Ricketts, Isabella Barry, Haydn Towne, Abby Miller, Erin McCarthy

Bottom Row (L to R): Samantha DiFilippo, Katelyn Barton, Allyson Schwind, Grace Monette, Kyia Walsh


Come Support Our Ladies as They Play for a National Title at Amherst's Northtown Center

Thursday, April 4, 12:30pm vs. Concord Capitals

Friday, April 5, 11:15am vs. Team South Dakota

Saturday, April 6, 6:40pm vs. Petoskey Piranhas

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Edge 2019-2020 Season Plans

Our Edge teams skate out of Bill Grays Iceplex on a regular practice rotation. All Edge teams will practice a minimum of twice per week with an additional all-girls / all-org Edge clinic every other Thursday. See the specific season plans for additional training information. Should tryout turnout be very high, we will add additional teams and extra ice may be secured at Bill Grays and Rochester Ice Center.


Goaltending Program

Our aim is to provide all Edge goalies with the opportunity for a skill development session dedicated to goalies three times per month at a minimum. Our goal is to offer:

  • Once per month goalie clinic with the Bob Janosz school of goaltending (off-site)
  • Once per month goalie clinic with professional goalie coach on Edge practice ice (we will dedicate a 1/3 sheet of a team's full-ice practice to offer the clinic)
  • Once per month goalie clinic run by Edge coaching staff on Edge practice ice (we will dedicate a 1/3 sheet of a team's full-ice practice to offer this session)
  • Individual teams may also provide support for an additional goalie training session per month


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Edge 12U Back to Back State Champions

Top Row (L to R): Amelia Rizzo, ZaveyAnn Powers, Elizabeth Kent, Willa Runge, Bella Fanale, Alana Ipen Van Zeilen, Sienna Beal, Kayla Suders

Bottom Row (L to R): Anna Hensel, Sarah Hensel, Katelyn Bovee, Sydney Saracene, Eva Mayo, Chloe Pittinaro, Abby Strasenburgh, Lola Betancourt


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Our 10U Head Coach Aaron Coleman

Coach Aaron Coleman to Lead Our 10U Program

Coach Coleman will be bringing over two decades of instructional and coaching experience along with a tremendous passion for the sport, developing lifelong friends, and a keen attention to detail and communication with families to lead the development of our 2009 and younger skaters.


Aaron has most recently coached a 10U girls team to a regular season championship in the Empire Amateur Hockey Conference boys Squirt Blue division and concluded their season as champion of Perinton’s Big Thaw Tournament.


Coach Coleman’s season plan is going to follow the USA hockey development model. The team will target 35 - 40 games and over 80% skating & skill work in practice. The players will be introduced to general defensive and offensive individual and team concepts. Players will also learn to play every position and enjoy fair ice time in games. Aaron will ensure that all of the girls become much better skaters, passers, shooters and puck handlers so that they can continue to enjoy their progression through hockey.


Read more about Coach Aaron here.


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2019-2020 Edge Season

2019 Tryout Schedule

10U Teams (Coaches Wescott, Rizzi and more) 

Tuesday, March 26, 5:30pm, at Bill Grays Iceplex #3

Wednesday, March 27, 5:30pm, at Bill Grays Iceplex #3


12U Tier 2 Tournament Bound (Coach Hensel)

Tuesday, March 26, 6:30pm, at Bill Grays Iceplex #3

Wednesday, March 27, 6:30pm, at Bill Grays Iceplex #3

** Online registration for 10U & 12U tryouts will open on March 19th**


14U Tier 1 Tournament Bound (Coach VanDamme) and 14U Tier 2 Tournament Bound (TBD)

Wednesday, April 10, 8:00pm, at Bill Grays Iceplex #3

Thursday, April 11, 8:00pm, at Bill Grays Iceplex #3


16U Tier 2 Tournament Bound  (Coach Reston)

Wednesday, April 10, 9:00pm, at Bill Grays Iceplex #3

Thursday, April 11, 9:00pm, at Bill Grays Iceplex #3


19U Tier 2 Tournament Bound (Coach Wiesenberg)

Wednesday, April 10, 10:00pm, at Bill Grays Iceplex #3

Thursday, April 11, 10:00pm, at Bill Grays Iceplex #3

** Online registration for 14U 16U, & 19U tryouts will open on April 4th **



Stay tuned for more season information and some exciting coaching and training updates.

  • If you have questions about next season, feel free to contact us


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EDGE Class of 2019 Senior Night

Come Celebrate Our Edge Seniors

Come celebrate our 2019 Senior Class of Edge players as the 19U team takes on the Carolina Junior Hurricanes.

Date: Friday, March 1st

Time: Puck drop at 8:30, senior recognition ceremony to start

Location: Rochester Ice Center

Our great group of young ladies includes state tournament champions, multiple tournament champions, two Tyler Putnam award winners, and a fun group of dedicated and hard-working ladies.

Pictured above:

Top Row (L to R): Angel Bennett, Abby Moon, Megan MacDougall, Olivia Hollenbeck, Isabella Barry

Bottom Row (L to R): Sarah Farnand, Maddie Ricketts, Abby Miller, Haydn Towne, Kyia Walsh

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Coach Wiesy Returns to Coach our 19U Team

Eric Wiesenberg to Lead Our 19U Tier II Tournament Bound Program for 2019-2020

Coach Wiesenberg returns for his third year as head coach for the Edge org. His last two years were as coach of the 16U Tier 2 TB teams, which competed (2018) and will compete again (2019) in the NY State Tournament. In the previous 4 years, he was an assistant coach with Edge from 12U through 14U, while also serving as head and assistant coach for RYH boys AA travel hockey. He was also part of the coaching staff of the 14U Tier 2 State Champion Edge team in 2016/17. Before that he also served as head coach and assistant coach for boys RYH and Grizzlies for 6+ years.

Eric’s coaching philosophy revolves around effort being the foundation of a successful team. He often quotes Section V Hall of Fame coach, Werner Kleeman's, E=R (Effort = Results) in and out of the locker room. "I'll take an average player with a ton of heart over a lazy talented player any day". Coach Wiesy is looking forward to his team competing at Tier 2 TB next season.

Wiesy has been a hockey lifer and his travel hockey career includes playing for Barry Smith with the Junior B Monarchs and his college hockey at Brockport.

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Program Offerings and Coaching Applications for 2019-2020

The Edge Girls Hockey Program Offerings for 2019-2020

The Edge program offerings for the upcoming 2019-2020 season include:

  • 10U program --> expectation is for this team to play in an Empire white or red squirt league in addition to selected girls tournament and independent schedule. The practice schedule will be on a regular rotation and be known to families well in advance of the season to aid in planning. When not on clinic ice or its own ice, the team will share practice ice with our 12U team and/or additional 10U teams as registration permits. The 10U program is for girls with 2009 and 2010 birth years.
  • 12U program --> our expectation is to field a Tier 2 tournament bound team at the 12U level. The 12U level is primarily for skaters with 2007 and 2008 birthdays, though skill appropriate younger players can play at this level as well. The season plan for the team will be determined after the selection of the team. Our current 12U team plays in a Pee Wee Minor Boys AA travel division in the WNYAHL in addition to being full time members of the Great Lakes Girls hockey league and playing a selection of girls and boys teams on top of that. The practice schedule for our 12U team will be on a regular rotation known to families in advance of the season to aid in your schedule planning. When not on clinic ice or its own ice, the team will share practice ice with our 10U team and both will place a strong emphasis on skill development including skating, stick handling, hockey sense and creativity.
  • 14U program --> our 14U program will offer training on a regular schedule three days per week. When partnering for practice, the team will be sharing ice and working with our 16U program. Check back soon for additional program details.
  • 16U program --> our 16U program will offer training on a regular schedule three days per week and will play at the Tier 2 Tournament Bound level. When partnering for practice, the team will be sharing ice and working with our 14U program. Check back soon for additional program details.
  • 19U program --> our 19U program play at the Tier 2 Tournament Bound level. We will offer a lighter practice schedule during the early part of the season to accommodate fall high school sports, and pick up the pace as the autumn turns to winter.

If there are enough players and coaching interest, we will be offering additional teams to accommodate. The most likely additions to the program would be an additional team at the 10U level that may be comprised of younger (majority 2010) skaters and chooses to play in an Empire Blue division (or higher as interest and talent level indicates). We would also be able to offer a non-tournament bound program for girls at older ages looking for a place to play with girls but who may not be interested in, or able to make the commitment that the older travel teams would require.


Additional Program Notes

  • The five teams indicated above will practice in centrally located Bill Grays Regional Iceplex on a regular rotation and mostly on nights when most or all of the girls teams in the organization will be at the rink. This enables the coaches to work together and share ideas and help out on the ice, for the girls to get to know each other across all age levels, and for families to have a chance to get to know each other and share their knowledge with each other. If additional teams materialize, we may purchase additional ice at Bill Grays or other rinks in the Rochester area.
  • The Edge program includes an "all-org" clinic to be offered every other Thursday.
  • The Edge program includes a regularly scheduled goalie training that is open to all goalies across the organization. The dates and times for the goalie clinics will be posted after each of the teams secures their practice ice schedule for the season.
  • The Edge program has for years put on an annual girls summer camp. Participation in the camp (it has sometimes been a 4.5 day camp, or as short as a 2 day mini-camp) is not mandatory, but it has been very popular in the past and has been well attended by players at all age levels. We will post information about our summer camp plans soon after tryouts.
  • The amount of extra training, number of games, tournaments, ultimate team cost, etc. is determined on a team-by-team basis by the teams themselves. The organization itself does not dictate what each of its teams must do in terms of the intensity of its season so long as the focus remains on long-term player skill development, building confidence and empowering each player to play to the best of their abilities.


Interest in Coaching an Edge Team Next Season?

We are now accepting coaching applications for the 2019-2020 season. Applications are due by Friday, February 8th, and can be completed by navigating to our online application form. If you have any questions, please contact Mike Rizzo at


Tryout Dates, Times and Locations


Tuesday, March 26, 5:30pm, at Bill Grays Iceplex #3

Wednesday, March 27, 5:30pm, at Bill Grays Iceplex #3



Tuesday, March 26, 6:30pm, at Bill Grays Iceplex #3

Wednesday, March 27, 6:30pm, at Bill Grays Iceplex #3



Wednesday, April 10, 8:00pm, at Bill Grays Iceplex #3

Thursday, April 11, 8:00pm, at Bill Grays Iceplex #3



Wednesday, April 10, 9:00pm, at Bill Grays Iceplex #3

Thursday, April 11, 9:00pm, at Bill Grays Iceplex #3



Wednesday, April 10, 10:00pm, at Bill Grays Iceplex #3

Thursday, April 11, 10:00pm, at Bill Grays Iceplex #3


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Sigmund VanDamme to Lead Edge 14U Tier I Program

The 14U Tier I Tournament Bound Program for 2019-2020

The Rochester Edge Girls Hockey program is excited to announce the launch of a Tier 1 Girls Hockey Program at the 14U level for 2019-2020.  “This continues the exciting tradition of success at the highest level for the Edge Program” states Cassy Opela, Director of Hockey Development. Cassy herself was a member of two Tier 1 championship teams with the Edge.

The head coach will be Sigmund VanDamme who coached the Edge 12U team to a state championship last year.  Sigmund is a USA Hockey Level IV coach with over a decade of experience in coaching youth hockey.

The Edge 14U team will have the highest level of on-ice development of any team in the upstate NY area.  Each two-week practice rotation will include seven-touches and nearly 8 hours of ice. The program will include a weekly clinic led by Rob Sedia of the NewEdge Hockey Development Academy. Rob and the NewEdge team implement a unique training system that is used by multiple NHL and Division I players with an intense focus on developing elite performance skating, puck skills and hockey sense.

All of the 14U practice ice will be run out of centrally and conveniently located Bill Gray’s Iceplex.

Our girls will also be regularly training with women who have played and participate in women’s hockey at its highest levels. Cassy Opela (Edge alum and a four-year Division 1 player at UCONN) and Jess Prance (captain at Elmira College) – will be working on practice and player development and be regulars on ice with our girls. Robyn Van Zeilen will be working on skating. Jodi Price (Edge alum and referee for women’s hockey at all levels including the NWHL, the IIHF World Championships, and NCAA Frozen Four) is a trainer with NewEdge who will be assisting with both goalies and skaters in our clinics.

Our 14U tryouts will be held on April 10th and April 11th at Bill Gray’s Iceplex.


Get to Know Coach VanDamme


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Scott Reston to Lead Edge 16U Tier II Program

Introducing Scott Reston as Head Coach of the 16U Tier II Tournament Bound Program for 2019-2020

Our Edge program is proud to announce that Scott Reston will be taking the reins of the 16U Tier II Tournament Bound program for the 2019-2020 season. Joining Coach Reston on the coaching staff will be Robyn VanZeilen – one of Western New York’s most well respected hockey skating instructors and who herself enjoyed a distinguished career in hockey in Canada – including attending Notre Dame Academy in Saskatchewan. In addition, both Cassy Opela (an Edge alum, Cassy played four years at D1 UCONN and professionally in the CWHL) and Jessica Prance (four year player and team captain at Elmira) will be working very closely with Coaches Scott and Robyn with the 16U program on player development.

“Playing for the Edge helped cultivate me for the most advanced levels of my career. With such high-caliber hockey, I gained the proper skills to go on and play at the D1 and professional levels. I have so many incredible memories while wearing the Edge jersey. I'm excited to be back and look forward to working with this impressive organization to get the girls to the next level too.”

  • Cassy Opela, Edge Director of Player Development


Get to Know Coach Reston


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Edge Announces Player Development Partnership with NewEdge

Rochester Edge Girls Hockey Establishes Partnership with NewEdge Hockey Development Academy


Rochester Edge Girls Hockey is excited to announce a new partnership with the NewEdge Hockey Development Academy (NEHDA) for the 2019-2020 season. NEHDA and Coach Rob Sedia have rapidly developed a reputation throughout Western New York and beyond for their deep knowledge of the game, innovative training techniques, and relentless tempo and education in every one of their skills development sessions.

Coach Sedia and NEHDA have extensive experience training dedicated hockey players from the youth level through the highest levels of competitive hockey including the NHL. NEHDA has been endorsed by great hockey minds like Jim Corsi, Ron Rolston, Darcy Regeir, Chuck Weber, and Chadd Cassidy (among many others), and their recent expansion into the Buffalo, NY market headed by 25 year NHL coach/trainer/scout Jon Christiano has attracted the area's top players. NewEdge Hockey Development Academy has become NY’s go to company for on-ice training, player education seminars, coach education seminars, and scouting for the NCAA D1 and elite level – tuition free Junior Programs.

“Throughout the past 10 years I have had the great pleasure and honor to work with a large number of hockey players, teams, organizations, and coaches from all over North America. During that time, I have learned how and why hockey organizations (and coaches) either succeed or unfortunately fail. There are a number of common characteristics among the flourishing organizations as well as the fading ones.

President Mike Rizzo of The Edge Girls Hockey Organization is leading the program’s new mission with an incredible supporting cast. People like Cassy Opela, Robyn Ipen Van Zeilen, Sig VanDamme, Jessica Prance, and Steve Weisbeck are among the very talented team within the organization. The Edge Organization is instituting and practicing the same philosophies that the most successful hockey organizations practice! This is a very exciting time for the Edge Organization and for the families that will be involved. On behalf of Dave Garofalo, Jon Christiano,and myself, NewEdge Hockey Development Academy is honored to be a part of Rochester Edge Girls Hockey mission!"  Rob Sedia / Owner NewEdge Hockey Development Academy
 “The addition of NEHDA to our player development program is a cornerstone of our restructuring. Coach Sedia’s emphasis on continuing coach and player education, individual resilience and character development along with an emphasis on performance skating, individual skills and increasing compete levels will enable our young women to develop the individual and tactical skills needed to gain superior confidence both on and off the ice.

Coach Sedia brings unparalleled joy, enthusiasm and attention to detail to every aspect of NEHDA. From superior on ice sessions all the way to technically advanced practice preparation, Rob brings the experience and knowledge needed to help bring the Edge Program to the next level. His preparation, professionalism and love of the game are apparent and motivational to both players and coaches.”  Rochester Edge President Mike Rizzo
Rochester Edge Girls Hockey
2700 Brighton-Henrietta Townline Road
Rochester, NY14623



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Cassy Opela Named Director of Player Development

Cassy Opela Joins Rochester Edge Girls Hockey as Director of Player Development

The Rochester Edge Girls hockey program is excited to announce that Edge alum Cassy Opela has joined the organization as Director of Player Development. Coach Cassy will be providing on- and off-ice instruction to players and coaches at every age and skill level throughout the organization. Cassy will also be providing expertise in promoting girls hockey throughout the Rochester area and beyond, and providing services to our girls and families who have an interest in continuing their hockey careers beyond their youth hockey experience.

Cassy grew up in the Rochester area. During the 2006-2007 season, she played for the Webster Tier 2 Girls State Championship team. From 2007-2011, Cassy played for the Rochester Edge. While with the Edge, she won two more state titles at Tier 1 in 2009 and 2011. In 2009 she also was a runner-up at the 2009 national tournament and invited to the Team USA National Development Camp. For the 2011-2012 season, she played in the JWHL for the Boston Shamrocks. During the season she was recruited by the University of Connecticut (UConn) where she spent the next 4 years. After graduating, Cassy was drafted 11th overall into the CWHL by the Boston Blades. While playing for the Blades, Cassy also was an assistant coach for the New England Hockey Club in the JWHL. She has now come back home and helping to coach the Rochester Edge at all levels, and to grow the girls game in Western New York."

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