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Seahawks Provide Hurricane Relief

Earlier this week, Seahawks Secretary and Midget Level Director, Tom Donahue and Seahawks Midget coach, (and retired Registrar) Jay Ryan drove the Nona’s Homemade Ice Cream refrigerated truck 10 hours down to the Capital Area Food Bank to donate food and supplies for the relief efforts for the Houston area after hurricane Harvey (and then drove 10 hours back).
Tom set up a Facebook page for donations and auction items and generally beat the street to raise money to buy the supplies.  The money raised bought over 2000 pounds of food and other necessities for the hurricane victims.  The truck was then filled out with donations from other locals.
As you can see from the picture, the Seahawks were strongly represented by the guys, on the banner and, we’re told, by the Seahawks logo on the back of the truck for the 500 mile trip.  The Seahawks are proud to be associated with this effort and give a big shout out to Tom and Jay (rumor has it they’re still on speaking terms after 20 hours in the truck together).  Thank you to all those who donated and helped with the fundraising efforts.

by South Shore posted 09/23/2017
LTPH and LTS Registration is Open!!

by South Shore posted 09/22/2017
Scituate Hockey Boosters Golf Outing

by South Shore posted 09/21/2017
3rd, 4th, and 5th kids are 50% off!
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