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Welcome to Spencerport Soccer Club!
Travel and Recreational Programs for Boys and Girls
from 4 to 19 years old
2019 - 2020 SSC Travel Tryout Registration is Open
*All tryouts are located at Cosgrove.
Registration table and entrance to the fields will be located on the side of the fields near the tennis courts with parking directly behind the High School.

Girls – Mon 7/22, Wed 7/24

6:00 PM - 7:20 PM
U8 – U12 


7:30 PM - 8:50 PM
U13 – U17


Boys – Tues 7/23, Thurs 7/25

6:00 PM - 7:20 PM
U8 – U12 


7:30 PM - 8:50 PM
U13 – U19
All players need to check in at registration and will be directed to the appropriate field.  For players who played with Spencerport Soccer Club this season, you will be directed to the field with the coach/ team that you played on this season.  For those who are new to the club, you will be directed to your age appropriate field for tryouts.


  1. There is a $20 registration fee - SCROLL DOWN FOR REGISTRATION/PAYMENT LINK. For fastest processing and to avoid delays upon arrival, please pay the fee online.  Payment can also be brought in cash or check to the first night of tryouts. DO NOT MAIL!!  Player participation will not be allowed without payment. 
  2. For those who cannot attend tryouts: there will not be additional dates unless inclement weather forces us out of our schedule. See below for more information.
  3. If selected, you will be notified via email and have 48 hours to commit/respond. This will require a $100 deposit on the roster spot. See below for more information.
  4. Confirm YOUR email address, in the SSC website, is up to date! 
  5. Double check your junk mail folders! (emails come from leagueathletics.com and could be viewed as SPAM)
Missing tryouts
Travel tryouts have traditionally been the last week of July. There are several reasons for this but field availability is the primary driver of this decision. We do not anticipate this changing in the foreseeable future so tryouts should figure into your summer plans, if possible.
You will need to register for tryouts regardless of attending, or not, in order to be considered for an SSC team. Current coaches will be involved in the selection process. This will help but, does not replace the ability for others to view a players qualities. There is an inherent risk in missing a tryout and that needs to be understood by the individuals and parents of those missing the tryouts. 
Team Selection and Notification
Returning this year is the 48 hour/$100 deposit policy.  It helps confirm actual rosters which affect everything: uniform needs, indoor space needed, registration and insurance costs, etc.
After the teams have been selected: 
  1. Players will be notified via email and the 48 hour clock will begin - current email address is critical
  2. Follow email Link to update player profile information to match birth certificate!
  3. Confirm Code of Conduct
  4. Commit/Make $100 deposit - Online or mailed in (will add 3 business days to the 48 hours)
  5. Failure to commit will result in a follow-up attempt. The roster spot will be passed on to another player after an unsuccessful 2nd attempt to contact original player. Original player will be removed from roster consideration.

2020 Season Age Matrix

Effective January 1, 2020 - December 31, 2020


U08 - players born in 2012

U09 - players born in 2011

U10 - players born in 2010

U11 - players born in 2009

U12 - players born in 2008

U13 - players born in 2007

U14 - players born in 2006

U15 - players born in 2005

U16 - players born in 2004

U17 - players born in 2003

U19 - players born in 2001 or 2002

by posted 06/16/2019
Field Status
District Office field D - Spencerport OPEN (6/20) 
HS field F - Spencerport OPEN (6/20) 
HS field G - Spencerport OPEN (6/20) 
HS field H - Spencerport OPEN (6/20) 
HS field I - Spencerport OPEN (6/20) 
Munn field #1 - Spencerport OPEN (6/20) 
Munn field #2 - Spencerport OPEN (6/20) 
Munn field #3 - Spencerport OPEN (6/20) 
Pineway Ponds field #2 - Spencerport OPEN (6/20) 
Pineway Ponds field #3 - Spencerport OPEN (6/20) 
TSE Field #9 - Rochester OPEN (6/20) 
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