Western Maryland Youth Lacrosse Conference (WMYLC) works with local lax clubs in the western Maryland, West Virginia & Southern Pennsylvania region to provide education and improve the sport for both player, league and families.

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Weather Cancelation Procedures

WMYLC Game Cancellation Procedures
Updated: 8 March 2019

Cancellations (typically and almost always because of weather and field availability):
1. If a weather cancellation, Home Team Club Coordinator is final decision for protecting the fields.
2. Always err on the side of protecting the fields and the players. This promotes the best interaction between the
field stewards and WMYLC.
3. The decisions for cancellations should occur as early as possible. It is best the day before the
scheduled game.
4. If the day of the scheduled game, this must occur at least 4 hours before the game or we may incur
a fee for the officials.
5. Home team is responsible to notify the WMYLC Commissioner at least 5 (five) hours prior to a
game if a game needs to be cancelled.

Cancellation communication pathway
1. Home Coach discusses cancellation with Home Club Coordinator in a phone call.
2. Home Club Coordinator cancels the game. The decision is communicated to the Home Team Coach
in the phone call.
3. Home Club Coordinator (or Coach, only if coordinator is unable to do so) contacts the Visiting Club
Coordinator by phone to inform about the cancellation.
4. Home Club Coordinator or Coach contacts the appropriate WMYLC Program Coordinator-

a. Boys’ Coordinator: Matt McGovern: 240-457-1405

b. Girls’ Coordinator: Teri Brull: 301-466-8690

c. *If unable to contact your program coordinator call WMYLC President (Doug Agnes: 413-655-1940)

5. WMYLC Coordinator/Commissioner contacts the Officials Association to inform about the
cancellation and updates the WMYLC Website.
6. Home Team Coach contacts the players and parents to inform about the cancellation.
7. Visiting Coordinator contacts Visiting Coach to inform about the cancellation.
8. Visiting Coach contacts visiting players and parents to inform about the cancellation.

WMYLC Game Rescheduling Procedures
Updated: 8 March 2019

1. When a game needs to be rescheduled for any reason (e.g. rain-out), the coaches will contact each
other to work out a mutually acceptable date and location.
2. Avoid single games & midweek games when possible.
3. The home team will contact the home team’s coordinator with the proposed new date and time
and location.
4. The home team coordinator will confirm the location’s availability.
5. If possible, we ask that you provide at least 9 days advanced notice of the make-up date. The
coordinator will fill out the Reschedule Request Form online at www.wmylc.org 

6. WMLOA or FLOA will confirm to the WMYLC Coordinator directly whether an official can be
7. WMYLC Coordinator should not update the WMYLC schedule on the Website until the officials are
8. WMYLC Coordinator will inform the Home Team & Visiting team coordinators that the new date and time have been approved or not.
9. Team Coordinators should then communicate the confirmed date & time to their coaches and players.

by posted 04/12/2019
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