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Adobe PDF file 1. Tool Kit *- All you need to know to navigate the website as a designated Team Manager.

Adobe PDF file 2. 2017 Pre Game Protocol *- "Host" vs. "Home" team responsibilities.

Microsoft Excel file 3. 10U/12U/14U Parent Volunteer Sheet- Volunteer assignments and description for the 10U/12U/14U age groups. Highlighted red are mandatory.

Microsoft Excel file 4. 8U Parent Volunteer Assignments- Volunteer assignments and description for the 8U age group. Highlighted red are mandatory.

Microsoft Word file 5. Patelco Sports Complex Home Game Confirmation- Information to be shared with opponent regarding the fields at Patelco Sports Complex.

Microsoft Word file 5a HPMS Home Game Confirmation- Sample home game confirmation @ HPMS.

Microsoft Word file 6. Sample Home Game email to Pride parents@Patelco- Information for Pride families when games are at Patelco Sports Complex.

Microsoft Word file 6a Sample Home Game email to Pride parents @ HPMS- An email to send to Pride parents regarding home games.

Microsoft Word file 7. Away Game Confirmation- Sample away game confirmation to be sent to opposing team.

Microsoft Word file 8. Sample Away Game email to Pride parents- A note to parents about upcoming Away Game.

Adobe PDF file 9. Confirming Game Officials *- Each week before your game, confirm that you have officials and keep their cell #'s available in the event of a rain out.

Microsoft Word file 10. Log In Information, ArbiterSports- To confirm your officials for games, you will need this information.

Microsoft Excel file 11. Roster Card - A sample roster card made up to distribute to your team. *You may want to include cell phone numbers of parents.

Microsoft Excel file 12. Stat Sheet Template- Keep track of players achievements with this stat sheet.

Microsoft Word file 13. Photo Day email- Email for photo day.

Adobe PDF file Hydrating Young Athletes Article *- A great article to share with your families regarding hydrating young athletes.

Adobe PDF file Pride Logo *- The Pride Paw logo

Adobe PDF file Pride Wear 2017 *

Note some or all of the preceding documents can be downloaded and displayed and/or printed in Adobe's Acrobat format.  If you do not have Adobe's free Acrobat Reader software, download it now.