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Adobe PDF file A: Peeweee Rules.v2017.1 *- Comprehensive Rules for Peewee Levels [amended Aug 08, 2017)

Adobe PDF file B: Varsity/JV Rules.v2017.1 *- Comprehensive Rules for Varsity & JV Levels for both Raritan and Delaware Divisions [amended Aug 08, 2017)

Adobe PDF file C: JSFC General Team Rules.v2017.1 *- This document should be read and understood for all levels. It covers code of conduct, Head Coach expectations, playing field and site info and other info. (Amended Aug 08, 2017

Adobe PDF file D: Tackle Levels Comparison Grid.v2017.0 *- Side by side comparison grid of the Varsity/JV & Peewee rules and differences. You should always have the rules with you but This document is good to have copies for the Officials on Gameday. Remember, they officiate many different leagues and each has its own rule set. [amended MMM DD, 2017)

Adobe PDF file Z: JSFC Age and Grade Requirements (2016) *- A quick reference of the grades and max age a player must be in to qualify to play tackle football for JSFC, Peewee, JV or Varsity. Both requirements must be strictly adhered to.

Microsoft Excel file Rosters- 2017 Rosters - Current as of Week 3. Players can be added all season long, but any player added after week 4 will not be eligible for the post season.
[Uploaded 2017.09.22]


Adobe PDF file A: INTRUCTIONS: Roster Certification Requirements (2016) *- This document explains what is required to certify a player is eligible to be included on a program's official tackle football - Peewee, JV or Varsity - Rosters for the upcoming season.
Any questions on the roster registration process, please contact competition@jrskylandfootball.com

Adobe PDF file B. Player Attestation Form (2016) *IT IS REQUIRED FOR EVERY PLAYER
This form must be fully completed and signed by all listed for a player to be eligible to play tackle football for the JSFC.

Microsoft Excel file C: Roster Spreadsheet (2016)- Use this spreadsheet to send in rosters for upload to the website.

Adobe PDF file D: JSFC School and Grade Verification Form (2016) *- A program can complete this document with each players name, grade and school and have a principle or administrator from the school sign off on it to attest to the grade and school of players appearing on a Peewee, JV or Varsity Roster. This can be done in lieu of a copy of a player's most recent report card.

Adobe PDF file JSFC Constitution v2016.2 *- [OUTDATED - Under Revision]
This document is the by-laws and constitution of the Jr Skyland Football Conference, Founded in 2004, latest Revision- August 2016


Note some or all of the preceding documents can be downloaded and displayed and/or printed in Adobe's Acrobat format.  If you do not have Adobe's free Acrobat Reader software, download it now.