To support the sport of Girls and Boys lacrosse in the Hopkins School district.

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Adobe PDF file Boy's LAX Spectator Guide *- Minnesota Lacrosse Association prepared a Specator Guide to Boy's High School and Youth Field Lacrosse.

Adobe PDF file HLA Website Tips & Parent Info *- Handy tips for how to access information and edit your account on the Hopkins LAX website and useful information for Parents.

Adobe PDF file Sideline Mgr Instructions *- Provides intervention strategies and tactics to help maintain a positive environment around the playing field.

Adobe PDF file Sideline Mgr Job Description *- Describes role and how to help maintain a positive and sportsmanlike environment around the playing field including both sidelines.

Adobe PDF file Sportsmanship Card *- Cards to hand out if initial requests to fan or parent to rethink their behavior is not effective.

Adobe PDF file How to measure 12U and 14U player skills, lacrosse IQ, leadershi *- This two part survey helps coaches measure player lacrosse skills & IQ, plus leadership, character and sportsmanship. it should be given at the beginning and end of the season.

Adobe PDF file How to Measure 8U & 10U Player skills and concepts Survey *- This survey helps coaches measures 8U and 10U player's lacrosse skills and IQ and character, leadership and sportsmanship. it should be taken at the beginning and end of the season to help coaches measure how effective their coaching was.

Adobe PDF file Parent Letter *- One way in which coaches can get onto the same page with their players' parents or guardians is to present them with this letter before the season starts. The letter explains the Double-Goal Coach® philosophy and sets expectations that are important for the parents to know about their child’s coach. This letter is a great way for coaches to prevent future disagreements or misunderstandings, and is a great tool for effectively communicating with the team parents. This document, produced by Positive Coachi

Adobe PDF file Parent Meeting Agenda *- Make sure your team experiences a positive and successful season by getting everyone involved onto the same page from the very start. Avoid parent/coach conflict, and instead become a powerful force of encouragement and support by working together. As a coach, it's your responsibility to take the lead in these relationships and to set behavioral standards. Let them know that yelling on the sidelines won't be tolerated, and that problem parents will be addressed. This is best done in a pre-season meeting bet

Adobe PDF file PCA Parent Pledge *- This Parent Pledge was developed by the Positive Coaches Alliance to be used with the Parents Letter at at the Parent Meeting at the beginning of the season. An organization dedicated to creating a positive youth sports experience must make sure the team parents are on the same page. This means fully integrating them into the cultural standards that you’re trying to set as a youth sport organization leader, administrator or coach. Not only do parents play an integral role on the sidelines, but they can a

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