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Leki race poles
by Jodi Slomsky on 10/22/2018

Leki GS race poles - 115 cm - $45


I also have a pair of 110cm Rossignol poles with pole guards attached - $15

Spyder race suit - 14/16
by Jodi Slomsky on 10/22/2018

Spyder race suit - size 14/16.  The pads are in good shape.  There are a few holes by the bottom of the legs where the suit goes over boots.  - $60

Bradford Ski Team Jacket
by Jodi Slomsky on 10/22/2018

I have 2 Bradford Spyder Ski Team Jackets for sale.  One is size 14 ad one is size 16.  Each jacket is $80.

Head SL skis
by Jodi Slomsky on 10/22/2018

Head I.SL team slalom skis - 141 length.  $75

Fischer GS skis - 141
by Jodi Slomsky on 10/22/2018

Fischer RC4 Worldcup GS skis, 155 length.  The top of the skis are a bit beat up, but still have edge and bases are in good shape.  $75

NEW 2017 Volkl Junior Racetiger GS R Skis w/ Marker Race 10 TCX
by Chapman on 10/15/2018

BRAND NEW: 2017 Volkl Junior Racetiger speedwall GS R Skis w/ Marker Race 10 TCX
148cm: 101-65-90 (14m radius)
*Out grown before season started*

SAME SKI AS 2019 Models just different top sheet


Sidecut: Meets FIS Regulations
Radius: 14m @132, 140, 148; 17m @156, 161, 166, 171
SW Multilayer Wood Core
Power Construction and World Cup Design
Full Sidewall and Powered by Titanium
Speedwall 2.0 and Jr. Race Interface Plate
Tip Rocker Profile
Made in Germany
Skill: Expert Junior Skiers and Racers

178 GS Head Race ski
by Mark houston on 10/11/2018

Great GS race ski

only used for racing

great edges and texture


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