Category: Billing Info / Payment

This page is where you will pay for your website each year. Specify the name, address, phone number and email of the person responsible for paying for your website (the site lessee). All billing correspondence regarding the site will be addressed to this person. Usually a club will use their treasurer's information here or whoever is responsible for paying the club's bills. The page also shows the next payment date and the amount due for your reference.

Note: This page and its menu choice will only be visible if you log in using the Master password. This is the password you chose when you set up the site and is discussed in the Security topic. The fields on this form are as follows:

This is the full name of the person responsible for web site billing issues.
Type the person's address here.
Enter the city, state and zip code here.
Enter the billing contact's daytime phone number in this field including area code.
Enter the billing contacts's email address here. This will be used for billing and security correspondence only.
Next Payment Due
This is the date by which your site must be paid for the next year. If payment isn't received by this date, the web site will become disabled and eventually erased. You will receive email notification 30 days in advance of this date as a reminder.
Amount Due
The amount due on or before the date above is displayed here. This will be the annual fee plus any other charges such as the initial set up and domain registration fees.

At the bottom of the form is a link that can be used to display a formal invoice for your site. You can print this page for your records or submit it to your treasurer. In addition, there is also a button that can be used to pay for your website via credit card. Click the button and follow the directions on the resulting forms if you choose to use this payment method.