Category: Set Facility Status

Optionally, you may choose to mark a facility as "Closed," "Open," "TBD/CHECK" or "N/A." This can be done on the main Facility page (this page may be called "Rinks", "Fields", "Courts" or whatever you have entered as you Generic Facility Name) selection on your home page when logged in as an Admin.

When a facility is marked as "CLOSED," ALL games at the selected facility will be "CANCELLED." If the affected teams' schedules are set to "Live" then an email will be generated, alerting all affected members of the schedule change. This will only affect games scheduled between the time the facility is closed and the remainder of that day.

When a facilty is set to "TBD/CHECK," it will have no affect on the games scheduled at the facility, rather, this is simply a visual message letting visitor know that a decision has not been made or that they should check their individual team's schedule.

At the end of each day, the status for a CLOSED facility will be reset to "N/A," so if the facility needs to be closed on consecutive days or if the facility needs to be listed as "OPEN," the status will need to be updated. You may also choose to add a "Today's Field Status" section to the right column of your home page, if applicable. This tool will show the status of all facilities that are listed as "OPEN" or "CLOSED". For more information on adding tools to the right column of your home page, CLICK HERE.