Category: Family (Account) Balances

Displays a list of those members who may have outstanding account balances with your organization.

Using the email option at the bottom of the page will automatically populate with members' information once sent, allowing you to alert people of overdue balances they have. Check the members you would like to send notices too and click submit.

This is the adult member who registered the child or them self online, associated with the account that has the balance.
Days Old
This is the number of days this balance has been outstanding. That is, if the balance was due yesterday, this would show 1.
This is the amount that is owed to your organization by this account.

Heads-up! This column can also include amounts that you owe someone. For example, if someone has a credit on their account, this will show in negative numbers here. You may not want to email people letting them know they have a balance of negative dollars.

Email Selected Members
Once you have selected the people you want to email above, you can compose and email to them below. The information included in the brackets "[ ]", will automatically fill in the information regarding this individual user. The link sent to them will also be unique, allowing them to login to their account and make a payment.