Category: Master Calendar

The Master calendar displays a yearly calendar with dates with scheduled events highlighted for your reference. Weekends are highlighted in darker colors and are on the right side of each month's calendar. Weeks always start on Mondays. To change to a different year, select it from the Year drop-down list at the top of the page. You can click any date to bring up the weekly schedule and move to the selected date.

The weekly master schedule shows all the events for a given week. The date range is displayed at the top and bottom of the page with links to the left and right for moving to the previous and next weeks respectively. There are also links at the top and bottom for creating new games and for creating a printable version of the page without borders. The body of the page lists all the events broken down by day and location. Each event has an Edit button to its left and a Delete button on its right side. If you click the Edit button, the Event Information form will be displayed with the event's information ready for you to edit. You can use the Delete button to remove an event from the schedule after being asked if you really want to do this.