Category: Assigning Officials

Reminder: Be sure you have created Officials Rules before assigning officials to events. See this article for creating rules.

There are two ways that Officials can be assigned to a game by an Administrator:

  1. When using Admin > Scheduling > Add Game or Practice in the Admin area of your site.

    At the bottom of the form will be a list of ALL members of the Officials team, simply check the box next to their name to assign them to a game. For members that have been assigned to multiple positions on the Officials team (i.e. Center Ref and Line Judge) select from the drop down next to their name to assign them.

    Heads-up! Assigning Officials using this method does not take your rules into account.

  2. When signed in as an Admin, go to the Master Schedule page, located on your home page.

    In the Officials (Ofl) column of each game type that a rule has been created for, you will see a color-coded button with either a number and a letter or the word Assigned.

    The colors are as follows:

    • Red - means that no assignments have been made to this particular game. For example a Red button with "3R" in it means that the rule called for 3 Referees and none have been assigned to the game as of yet.
    • Yellow - means that assignments have been made but the quantity specified in your rule has not been reached. For example, a yellow button with "2R" means that two Referees are still needed to meet the quantity requirement specified in the rule.
    • Green - means that the quantity requirements for the rule have been met and the button will have the word "Assigned" within it.

    When one of the buttons is clicked, on the resulting "Assign Officials" page, Administrator can assign members of the Officials team who fit the criteria of the rule. The "Assign Officials" form will contain ALL members with the position specified in the rule. Administrators simply place a check in the box next to an Officials name to assign them to that game. Officials with conflicting game assignments or conflicting availability issues (as per the Availability Form they fill out) will have a "Not Available" note and their checkboxes will not be enabled. Driving times are also taken into consideration when determining an Official's availability for a game. A minimum of 15 minutes (plus 3 minutes per mile) is allowed to get from one facility to another. If the facilities are listed separately in the system but are at the same address (i.e. ABC Field 1 and ABC Field 2), the system will not figure any drive time. It is very important to have your facilities set up accurately for use with this feature.

    Administrators will be able force an assignment by selecting the "Override Rules Below" checkbox. This will allow an Administrator to select any member from the list, regardless of how the system has figured their availability. Administrators can also choose to have assigned members notified immediately upon submission of their assignment. Officials will always be notified, at minimum, 24 hours prior to their assignment, assuming the assignment has been made 24 hours prior to the game.