Category: Creating an Official's Rule

Admin > Scheduling > Define Officials Rules > Add Rule

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An officials rule is a set of criteria that you define, as the administrator, that helps you make sure you have the correct number of officials assigned to specific event types and locations. For example, rules will help you schedule two refs for the U11 age group (preventing you from scheduling three), and help you schedule three refs for the U15 age group (helping you to fill all of these slots).

  1. Start by navigating to Admin > Scheduling > Define Officials Rules.
  2. Next, create a new rule by clicking the option in the top right corner.
  3. This will bring you to the rule definition page.

    Rule Title
    This entry will allow you to give your rule a distinct name that will identify it to yourself and other Administrators. This entry is limited to 64 characters. This title should be something descriptive such as "Reg_Season" or "Playoffs".
    While this section is optional, it is suggested that you give your rule a brief description. This will help identify the rule from the initial screen, which will be especially helpful if you have several different rules and/or several Administrators that may be creating or editing rules.
    Event Type
    Select the game type from the drop-down list. This list will include all game types with events scheduled.
    Home Only
    Check this box if you only want this rule to apply to facilities listed as "Where home games are played" for more on setting up facilities click here.
    Involving Teams in Division(s)
    Select from the list of available divisions that you want this rule to apply to. If you wish to include more than one division, use Ctrl+Click to select multiple divisions. If no division has been selected, then the rule, by default, will apply to all divisions/leagues.
    Available Positions
    Here, you can indicate the quantity of a specific position allowed for the previously selected game types.
    Enter the number of specific Officials positions that you wish to allow for this rule.
    Select the position on the Officials team that this rule applies to. All positions on the Officials team will be available to select from.
    Self Assign
    When this box is checked, members of the Officials team will be allowed to assign themselves to position that they qualify for.

If your rule has been created, you can now begin to assign officials to games if you have people designated as officials in your database.

Assigning Officials
If you have chosen not to allow Officials to assign themselves to games, Officials will have to be assigned by an Administrator with rights to Assign Officials.