Category: Creating a Draft

Setting up a draft

The settings page for the draft allows you to define how the draft will be held and what players will be included for selection.

The title of your draft (i.e. 2012 Minors Draft)
A direct link to your draft. You can use this to send in an email to all managers in the draft. This will essentially be their invitation.
Select a person that will be responsible for running the draft. The person selected here will have the ability to change settings for the draft and start the draft.
From Season
Choose the season of the teams you will be drafting for.
Select Teams
Click in the box next to each team you want to include in the draft. This will set their draft order. Leave a team's field blank to exclude them from the draft.
Draft Type
Snake draft will go in reverse order once the first round is over. Traditional will go through the same order for every round.
Seconds per Pick
Set home many seconds each coach will have to make their selection.
Players per team
If you have a set number of players per team, enter a number here. Leave this blank to draft all players in the pool.
Free Agents
Select which pool of players will be available for this draft.
Select the gender of players that will be included in the draft pool.
Born Between
Use this to limit the draft pool by age.
Between Grades
Use this to limit the draft pool by grade.
Registered in
Use this option to limit the draft pool to a specific registration program.
Rank Players
Choose how players will initially be ranked in the draft pool.