Category: Running a Draft

Start a draft

To start the draft, the draft commissioner must login, go to Admin > Teams > Draft Players and click "Open." Once opened, they can click the Play button to start the draft timer.

This shows the round, pick and time left for the pick. You can roll back an entire round or one pick using the icons here. You can also play or pause the draft as the commissioner.
Team Draft Order
This is the order of your draft. Teams listed in green are teams where the coach has logged into the draft, others have yet to enter the draft room.
Selected Player
As you select a player in the middle of the board, their information will appear on top of the page.
Player Pool
This is the pool of available players. As they are selected, they will be removed from this section.
Draft Queue
You can add players here that can be auto-drafted. For example, if you want to get someone later in the draft and you want to make sure they are still available, add them to this list. If drafted by another team, they will be removed.
Draft Selections
This is your roster. As you draft players, they will be displayed here.
Chat Window
Communicate with other members in the draft by typing messages here.

To draft a player, click on the player's name in the Player Pool or the Auto-pick Queue and click on the green icon above your team roster, "Add to Roster."