Category: Create a Team Registration

This feature is used to capture team registrations for an event such as a tournament or jamboree. This is not used to capture individual registrations for an age division or season. Use the individual registration process for those programs.

Each registration program has a set of general properties that govern its identity, restrictions, costs and payment methods. This form is used to specify these properties and is also the jumping off point for defining supplemental questions as well. You'll reach this page by clicking the Add, Clone or Edit buttons on the Registration Control Panel. The form has the following fields:

Enter the title of the program here. This will be displayed on the Register Online home page and will distinguish it from any other programs that are listed there as well. The title should be short but unique to the other programs. For example, "2013 Boys U11 Registration."
This field can be used to control the order of programs on the Online Registration home page. By default, programs are listed alphabetically by name. If you'd prefer some other ordering, you can enter position numbers here that will override the alphabetic order. If you do use this field, it's recommended that you space the numbers by say ten. This way, if you later need to insert a program, you won't have to renumber all subsequent programs.
Type offers both a traditional Individual Player/Member Registration as well as a Team Registration.

  • Individual Registration
    As described previously, this is more of a "traditional" registration where a player is being registered for a season or a sprecific event. The registration module is designed to be used by Adults - those over 18 years of age or older - so if the registration is open to minors, a legal guardian is required to fill out the registration information. The guardian will also be required to enter their information - name, address, date, email address, phone number(s) - as well as that of the child participant.
  • Team Registration
    Team Registration can be very useful for tournaments or large organizations that have several active teams. This is designed so that a "Responsible Individual" - usually a manager, coach, or some other team representative - signs up and registers his/her team. The team, upon completion and payment of the registration form, will be automatically created within the site in the appropriate Season and Division specified later in this section. In addition to the capturing the Responsible Individual's information, the system will also automatically capture the team's name. Optionally, when creating the supplemental questions for this type of registration, you can allow the registrant to enter the Roster information for the team as well. Those entered on the roster will automatically be created in your sites database and assigned to the team.
Open Date
Use this field to specify the date that the program will be available to the public for registration. On this date, your site's Association menu will have a choice titled "Register Online" and the program's title and description will be listed on its page. Enter any valid date format here such as "MM/DD/YYYY" or "Month DD, YYYY".
Late Date
Optionally enter a date on and after which registrants will be assessed a late fee specified below. Enter any valid date here of leave blank for no late fee.
Close Date
Enter the date on which members may no longer sign up for this program. On and after this date, the title and description will disappear from the Register Online page. If this was the only open registration program, the Register Online menu choice will also disappear from the Association menu. No members will be allowed to register for this program after this date. To close a registration early, edit your registration program and set this field to a date in the past.
Test Mode
When checked, the registration will be visible only to Admins logged into the site. You can use this feature to register only administrators or perhaps more importantly, to test a registration program before opening it up to the public. If you check this box, you can set the open and close dates to include the present. This causes the program to become visible on the Register Online page but only while you're logged in. You can then go through an actual registration just as the public would in order to test things out. Once you're satisfied, you can uncheck this box to open the program up to the general public.
Invite Only
When checked, the registration program will not be visible to the general public on the "Register Online" page. This can be very useful for registrations intended only for "accepted" individuals, such as "Travel" or "Elite" programs. Admins can email a link for this registration to "accepted" members - the program will only be accessible via this link.

Heads-up! Choosing this option will not automatically email the members included in the Invited Email Address field below. You must manually send an email to people inviting them to register and providing the direct link.

Invited Email Addresses
Optionally, enter a comma separated email list here for those individuals that are invited to register in this program. This will prevent others that are not included on this list from registering. If this field is left blank, any member of your organization will be able to register for this program, if they have the direct link.

Note: This form will not actually invite people to register, it simply adds an extra layer of security so only the people you invite will be able to register.

Example:,, info@league...

Direct Link
This is the address that should be used if you wish to create a link to this program. Use this feature only AFTER the registration program has been initially created/submitted. This will not work for programs that have not been finished or are in the process of bring created.
Middle Initial
If you would like to require that members enter their middle initial during registration, check this box. Generally, this is not necessary.
Notify Email Address
You can use this optional field to specify an email address to be notified whenever someone registers for this program. If you'd like more than one address notified, enter each one separated by a comma or semicolon. Notifications are copies of the confirmation emails sent to the registrants themselves.

During the busy period of registration, it's probably a good idea to leave this field blank. Otherwise, you may be flooded with email notices and it's otherwise a simple task to use the listing feature to monitor registrations instead. On the other hand, at some point perhaps after the program's late date occurs, you may want to receive these notices to ensure that late comers are processed quickly and accommodated.
Use this field to more fully describe the program and its restrictions. You'll want to give all the details visitors will need to be aware of when deciding which program to sign up form. The description you enter here will appear just below the program's title on the Register Online home page.
Prerequisite Programs
Prerequisite Programs are programs that must be filled out before another program can be completed. An example of this could be a volunteer or family registration. Select the program(s) that must be filled out before this program can be completed.
Use this option to select which season newly registered teams should be created in.
Select League(s)
Use this table to select which leagues registering coaches should be able to register their team(s) in. For example if you have a Competitive and Regular division, you may give them the two options to choose from during the registration process. To do this, check the box next to the corresponding divison. If one division has a higher or lower cost, you can specify that in the Extra cost field. To specify a lower cost, use a negative number.
Select Home Fields
If this is a team registration for a league, you may allow teams to select which home fields are their's for scheduling purposes. To enable this, select this box.
Create Team without Payment
If the teams should be created in your season without requiring payment, check this box. If not checked, registrants would need to pay with a credit card or be marked as paid manually by an admin within the site.
Limit to
Select this option and enter a maximum number of registrants if you wish to limit enrollment in this program. After the specified number of members have registered, subsequent visitors will not be able to register in this program. Prior to the program becoming full, there will be a horizontal "thermometer" graphic below the program description on the Register Online home page. It will indicate how many positions are still open for registration.
Waitlist after
Select this option if you wish to restrict registration to the specified number to the right but still allow people to fill in the forms and be put on a waitlist. In this case, after the specified number of registrants has been reached, visitors will be told that the program is full but that they will be put on the waitlist. As above, there will be a horizontal "thermometer" graphic below the description indicating the current number of open positions if any for the program.

Note: If you do not wish to limit registration to any number of registrants, simply leave the "registrants" field blank. Either of the above two options can be selected but as long as the number input field is left blank, no limit will be enforced.

Removing registrants from the waitlist
Once a program has reached capacity, additional registrants are added to the waitlist. On occasion, registered players may decide not to play or they will be removed from the registration. In this case, you may need to move waitlisted players to "registered." To do this, go to Admin > Registration System > List. Then find the player you would like to register and select the check box to the left of their name. Use the drop-down option at the bottom of the page to "Remove from waitlist and Email." This will add the player to the pool of registered players and allow you to address them in an email, letting them know they can now log in to their account to make payment.

Base Cost
Enter the base cost of this registration program here without a dollar sign. It's called a "Base" cost here because you can later specify additional fees that will be added to a registrant's total. Additional fees or discounts include a late fee or multi-child discounts specified below or additional cost items specified on the program's supplemental question form. The amount you enter here should be the cost before any of these other amounts are added or subtracted.
Late Fee
If you've entered a Late Date in the field provided above, you can enter an amount here that will be added to the base cost on and after that date occurs. Enter the amount without a dollar sign.
Allow Payments Of
This options allows you to select from three different ways that members will be able to pay your organization for any registration fees owed. They include Full Amount, Payment Schedule, or Subscription payments. Only one can be selected per registration program and each offers it's own benefits.

This option will require members pay the full amount due for the registration when they checkout. They will not be able to make a partial payment or pay on a pre-defined schedule. Use this option when you are collecting a simple registration payment one time and want to collect the full amount due at the time of registration. For more information on forcing payment at the time of registration, see the Delete Unpaid option on the Advanced tab.

Tip: To allow people to pay only a portion of the total registration cost using their own defined value, select the Payment Schedule option, but do not specify any payments for this schedule. Then check the Allow Partial Payment box. This will allow members to enter any amount they would like to pay toward their total registration cost.
If your club allows registrants to pay their fees over time in installments, you can use this option to specify a payment schedule. For example, some clubs require a deposit at the time of registration, followed by set amounts after making the team and perhaps some monthly installments as well. Use the provided link and pop up form to specify a Payment Name, Due Date, Amount and Reminder Note (optional). Each payment you create will be listed in the window where it can be edited or deleted using icons to the left and right of each listing.

When visitors complete their registration, the payment schedule is displayed and they're given the option of paying whatever is currently due or displayed amounts up to their full cost. The system sends out automatic payment reminders one week prior to each payment's due date. The reminder emails contain standard verbiage specifying the name of the registration program and the details of the amounts they currently owe and also what they've paid to date. If you allow credit card payments, there will be a link thy can use to pay their balance.

You MUST use a Merchant Account when using this tool. PayPal does not support payment schedules. When using a Merchant Account - which we can help you obtain if needed - all of the processing is done using the secure Shopping Cart/Credit Card form, which allows the system to provide multiple choices for the user to pay, either the amount that is currently due or a combination of future payments including the total.

To add a payment, click the link provided in the Payment Schedule window. The resulting pop up form contains the following fields:
Enter a name for this payment that will be used to identify or describe it. For example, "Deposit."
Due Date
Enter the date this payment is due. Payment amounts up to and including the next scheduled payment will be due upon registration. For example, if you has specified payments on 1/1, 2/1, 3/1 and 4/1 and one were to register on 2/5, they would owe the sum of the amounts due on 1/1. 2/1 and also the next future payment of 3/1. This being the case, you can make your initial payment due in the future, perhaps after registration closes. The next payment might be due a week before the season actually starts.
Enter the amount due for this payment. Note this is not the total accumulated amount due at this time but only the amount due for this payment. If a registrant is behind one or more payments, the system will compute their total due to date by adding up any previous payments that were already due.

If registration costs vary from person to person because of various extra-cost form options, multi-child discounts or late fees, you should only schedule payments with fixed amounts totaling an amount that ALL registrants will pay and leave the Amount field blank for the last payment. This causes the system to compute a registrant's final payment as a balance due based on their program total cost less their payments made to date. For example, if everyone in your program is going to pay at least $200 and some may pay more because of late fees, or maybe because you have an option to order uniforms or donations, you could create payment schedule as follows:
Reminder Note
Use this window to enter reminder notes or instructions for this payment. As payments become due, the system will send out reminder emails to those who owe for each period. These will be sent out 7 days prior to the due date and will contain boiler plate verbiage tailored to each individual indicating the amount due at this time as well as a link to make payment if you allow credit card payments and/or the address to send checks to. In addition to the above these emails will also include whatever text you enter in this field. You might want to remind registrants that certain paperwork is also due at this time or the consequences of failing to make payment by the date due.
Notified On
As reminder emails are sent out, this field will be displayed with a checkbox and the date and time the reminder was emailed out. If you would like to resend the reminder email, simply uncheck the box and submit the form. The reminder will be regenerated and resent within 15 minutes.
The subscription payment method will allow you to collect fees automatically from a registrant by storing their payment (credit card) information in your merchant account. This will allow a member's credit card to be charged automatically without having to login to the website and make manual payments or enter their payment information multiple times.

NOTE: This feature is only available when using as your payment gateway. You will also need to contact and have your account setup for ARB, Automated Recurring Billing.

When using this option,, NOT, will be automatically charging the credit card that your members are entering, based on the parameters you set. At checkout, members will be able to specify any amount they would like to pay between the deposit amount (optional) and the full amount for the registration. Once the Subscription option has been selected in your registration setup, you will be prompted with the following fields:
Intial Deposit Amount (optional)
This is an optional initial deposit that can be charged to a members' credit card before the payment subscription begins. If you do not want to charge an initial deposit, leave this field blank. The amount charged here will be applied to the total cost of the registration. For example, if your registration costs $50, and a $10 deposit is charged initially, the balance that will be charged over the term of the payment schedule will be $40. In this same scenario, when checking out, members will be able to pay anywhere from $10-$50 on the payment screen.
Charge First Payment On
This will allow you to specify when you want the subscription payments to begin. Once this has begun, fees will automatically be charged to the member's credit card the number of times that you specify using the "Number of Payments" field. If your Next Payment date has passed and a member registers after this date, their next payment will be due one full term from the day they registered. That is, if your payments are charged every 30 days, the next payment for this member would occurr 30 days from the date they registered.

It is possible that a member's credit card may expire before all payments have been made. In this case, their credit card would not be charged for that installment. However, you should be notified by if this occurs.
Space Payments Every
This allows you to determine how often you want payments to be charged to the member's credit card. The initial field should be a numeric character between 7 and 365 for days, and 1-12 for months, and the drop-down should be used to select if this will be charged over a period of days or months. 7 Days would charge a member every 1 week.
Number of Payments
Use this field to specify the number of total payments that will occur up to the total amount of the registration. For example, if you were charging $100 in 4 payments, this would charge the member's credit card $25 each time until the $100 registration cost is reached. The time period between payments would be based on the "Space Payments" field.
Partial Payments
If you do not specify a Payment Schedule and Allow Partial Payments of Amounts Past Due, members will be able to enter any amount they would like to pay. Example: If your program's base cost is $100, and you allow Partial Payments, a registering player could choose to pay $10, $25, or even $53.26 if they'd like. The checkout screen will display an input box for the member to enter the amount they would like to pay at that time. They can always log in to their family account later and pay the balance, or other specific amount.
Send Fees to
Enter the name of your organization here or the name that checks should be made out to for registration payments. If you do not wish to allow payment by check, leave this and the following field blank. In this case, only credit card payments will be suggested after registrants complete their forms.
Enter the address that registrants should send checks to for payment.
Merchant Accounts
If you are accepting credit card payments, check the box of the corresponding Merchant Account or Pay Pal account that you wish to use. If any updates need to be made to your merchant account, such as updating your "M_Key" or Transaction Key, those changes must be made in the "Merchant Account" section of the Administration area.
Confirmation Note
This simple text field will appear on the confirmation page the registered member will receive upon completing registration. The registrant will also receive this note via email. You can include any additional notes you need people to receive after they've completed registration such as what to do next, paperwork that needs to be sent, etc.
This feature can help to organize the Register Online page, especially for programs with several OPEN registrations.

When creating/editing your registrations you can select or create a new Category for the program in the ADVANCED section. For example, a program that offers both Boys and Girls programs could create a category for "BOYS" and and a separate one for "GIRLS." Another example would be a program that offer both Recreation and Travel programs - separate categories for both levels could be created. There is no limit to the number of categories that can be created. Once a new Category has been created, it will be available to be selected for other programs.

If there are two or more categories being used in open and visible registrations, the user will need to select a category when initially clicking on the Registration page, as shown in the image below. When the visitor selects a category, open registrations in that category will be visible. The visitor will also have the choice to select ALL registrations. If there is less than two categories being used, then ALL registrations will show by default.
On Registration Home Page
Check the corresponding boxes for information that you want to appear on the Register Online page. By checking a box, the corresponding information will appear on the Informational Window for the registration program.
Delete/Waitlist Unpaid Registrations
You can choose to delete unpaid registrations on a specified date or after a particular period of time. This can be very useful for clubs only wishing to accept credit cards or for clubs using the "Limit" or "Waitlist" feature. If a date is entered, the system will delete ALL registration where no money has been paid and there is a balance due. You may also choose to delete individual registrations if unpaid after a specified amount of minutes, hours or days. Optionally, you may choose to delete a registration when the browser session closes, in which case, the registration will be deleted after a period of 40 minute of inactivity or 40 minutes after the user's browser session has been closed. If an amount of time has been entered, it will be based on a period of inactivity, so if the member is still on the site actively visiting other pages or is registering another individual, the time frame will not start. When deleted, an email will be sent to both the registrant (and their guardians if a minor) and the email address entered in the "Notify Email Address" entry.

NOTE: Registrations entered within a day of the Close Date of the registration will not be deleted.

The email contains formatted text that includes:
"This is a notification that the registration for (Registrants first name and last initial) has been deleted due to non-payment on (Date and time that registration was deleted). If you feel that you have received this message in error please contact an Administrator for your organization.

This is an automatically generated email from on behalf of (Organization Name). Please do not reply to this email."

A few "good practices":
  1. It is NOT suggested to set a time frame for deletion of less than 20 minutes. This will give your member a reasonable amount of time to pay online.
  2. You should not use this feature if you are accepting checks as a form of payment.
  3. You may want to place a note regarding registrations being deleted on the Registration Instructions and/or on the Confirmation Note. This should give your members a sense of urgency to pay for the registration.

After completing the Registration Program Information form, click the "Submit" or "Form" button to proceed to the area where you define supplemental questions for your program. Go there now