Category: Download Team Registrations

Any data that you collect during online registration can be exported to an excel (.csv) file. To do this, go to Admin > Teams > Team Registrations > Download.

On the resulting page, you will be presented will a series of options. Here to can build your own custom report that can be exported or used in conjunction with our registration data API.

Choose Report
This is a list of all saved reports you have created in the past. Once you save a report, you can select it from this list in the future so you won't need to build reports every time you need to download the data. For example, you might create a report with just Names and Uniform sizes for ordering.
Save Report As
Once you've defined your report columns below, enter a name to save this report. Something like "Uniform_Report."

When you're ready to download, click the Save & Download button. This will save the report and export the information. Leaving the Report as [Default] will not save a new report format.
This will tell the system what type of members you want to export in conjuction with the date fields below. This can be members Registered, Last Updated, or Paid on...
Use these date fields to specify the date range you want to use to find the type of members specified above.
This will be the format of the downloaded file. Either .csv (default) or XML can be returned.
League Age as of
Use this option to calculate a League Age that can be downloaded in the report. Using this option will produce a column titled Age.
If you would like to export team assignments in your download, choose a season where the assignments will be pulled from.

Note: If someone has more than one team assignment, only the first assignment on their record will be displayed in the download.
Available Data Columns
These items are the data columns that are available to you to include in your report. You can move columns into the report by highlighting them and clicking the right arrow button in the middle of the two columns. This will move that data column into the report. You can then position the data column in the report using the up or down buttons to the right side of the page.
Include Columns in Report
These are the columns that will be included in the report. You can add additional columns from the left side of the page or remove columns you may not need by highlighting them here and clicking the left arrow button in the middle of the page. For example, you may need to create a Uniform report. This probably wouldn't require parents names and phone numbers, which could be removed. You can also redorder the columns using the up and down buttons to the right