Category: File Storage

This section is specifically for miscellaneous files such as audio or video files. If you are uploading a document or picture, use the respective menu page choices from the Admin section. Users are limited to 500 MB of miscellaneous file storage with a maximum size of 50 MB per upload.

Upload File
Enter the path of the file on your computer.

Optionally, you can select to browse folders on your computer by clicking the "Browse" button. When using the "Browse" button you can select up to 10 miscellaneous files per upload. After the first file has been selected, click on the "Browse" button to select an additional file. This must be done for each additional file that you wish to upload. Each file that you have selected will appear below the file name selection.
New Sub Folder Name
You can create a folder for specific files by entering in a folder name here. Keep in mind, only new files may be uploaded into the folders created. Previously uploaded files cannot be palced in a new folder.