Category: Links

Your site can include hyperlinks to other web sites for such information as your association's governing body, equipment suppliers, or whatever you think might be interesting to your members and visitors. Many times other web sites will ask you to link to them and in return will link to you. This can help improve your ranking with search engines, such as Google, since they base "relevance" off of the number of links to a site. With the simple form explained below, you can set up links with ease.

To enter one or more links, choose the "Links" choice from the Admin menu. The resulting form has the following fields:

Type the name of the link here. The name you type will appear in bold on the Links page and will be the actual link to the web site.
This is where you type the address (or URL) of the target web site.
Describe the site here. You can enter as much information as you like. The text you enter here will appear to the right of the name given above on the Links page. Note that you can include HTML formatting tags in your text like "<b>Bold</b>" or "<i>Italic</i>".
Use this field to upload a logo image file that will be displayed on the Links page and optionally in the right hand column of the home page, when "Link Logos" has been selected. Logo images should be no more than 250 pixels wide and any height you choose.

Use the Browse button to locate the image file on your computer. The selected image will be uploaded when the form is submitted. To remove an image from the site, uncheck the box to left of the input box.