Category: Upload Pictures

This drop-down list defines the season in which the photo page will exist.
You can select what team page the photo is displayed. Selecting a team will automatically create a "Pictures" page selection for that team, if one has not already been created. The "Club Pictures" selection creates a menu page under the Association Tab.
Link To
This feature allows you to enter a website (URL) or email address to link uploaded pictures to. This allows visitors to click on the photo and be directed to another website or prompted to send an email regarding the picture. This can be particularly handy for professional photographers or those clubs who sell their own photos or have a website where members can purchase the photos.
This tool allows you to enter text that will appear as a watermark across the image. This will allow visitors to view pictures as samples but prints will have the entered text across them
When checked, this tool will allow you to make the original uploaded, full resolution picture available for download directly to the site. This is designed specifically for clubs that wish to allow their members access to pictures without paying any fees or restrictions. When viewing a picture, there will be a "Download" button available on the Picture page. If un-checked. the "Download" button will be unavailable and only the standard size, 580 pixel wide version will be available.
File Name
Optionally, you can select to browse folders on your computer by clicking the "Browse" button. When using the "Browse" button you can select up to 10 (30 for Internet Explorer users who have downloaded the Active X file) pictures per upload . After the first picture has been selected, click on the "Browse" button to select an additional picture. This must be done for each additional picture that you wish to upload. Each picture that you have selected will appear below the file name selection.

One great way to customize you site is by uploading pictures. Since does not limit the amount of pictures that you can upload to your site, "Picture Albums" can be a great way to organize your pictures by category or time frame. This will make each picture easier to locate.

This is the name of the picture album you are creating. Frequently, Admins will also add a date to the name, for example, "Championship Game -1/1/01".
For Season
This drop-down list defines this season in which the photo album will exist.
You can select what team page the photo album is displayed. The "Club Pictures" selection creates a menu page under the Association Tab

Note: If your site chooses to use the "Picture Slideshow" feature on the Association (Home) page, only the pictures NOT in albums will be used. Optionally, you may create an Album titled "Banner Montage" to store pictures for use with the Auto-Generated Banner.