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Middle School Coaching Qualification Requirements
  All middle school boys and girls coaches (head...
Nationwide Children's Concussion Toolkit
  The Nationwide Children's Concussion ToolKit...
Middle School Coaching Qualification Requirements

All middle school boys and girls coaches (head coaches and assistant coaches) must complete the following qualification requirements prior to the beginning of any organized team activities:

  1. Each coach must have a valid U.S. Lacrosse membership with an expiration date that extends past the end of the upcoming season
  2. Each coach must have CPR certification
  3. Each coach must complete concussion awareness training
  4. Each coach must complete the Fundamentals of Coaching Lacrosse course
  5. Each coach must complete the First Aid for Coaches course
  6. Each coach must complete a background check (FBI and BCI)
  7. Each coach must obtain a Pupil Activity Permit
Nationwide Children's Concussion Toolkit

The Nationwide Children's Concussion ToolKit is a tool to educate parents, coaches, teachers and school administrators, along with the student-athletes themselves, about the signs, symptoms, treatment and management of concussions. This toolkit has a wide range of information for different groups of people who support the student-athlete both on and off the field.



Adobe PDF file Inclement Weather Policy *-  OHSAA Lightning and Inclement Weather Policy for Lacrosse

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