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Lacrosse News
  Cougar Families, I hope each and every one...
EHS PLayer Discipline Policy
  Cougars, I wanted to discuss and send out...
Message From Coach Egger 10/31/17
  Cougars,   First off, as you are all...
Lacrosse News
by Jay Egger posted 11/30/2017

Cougar Families,

I hope each and every one of you enjoyed your Thanksgiving.  I wanted to take a moment to send out a few notes:


I cannot thank those enough who paid their $100 fee to help our program purchase the bow-net.  We are pleased to announce that we were able to purchase this net that will cover both ends of the field and help us to secure more practice time on the turf as well as saving a ton of money on balls.  This is a huge step forward for our program.

Addition to Jeffco Discipline Policy

I sent out the Jeffco discipline policy a couple of weeks ago.  I failed to include one critical component that is very important to note concerning an athletes’ second infraction.  The policy states: “where drugs, tobacco or alcohol are involved in both violations, the student must demonstrate evidence of participation in an alcohol or drug treatment program prior to returning to competition.”  This piece has been missed in the past and players need to know that it is a part of the contract they have signed and is mandatory by Jeffco.  Jeffco has resources available for parents and athletes.  And last, I’m here to provide support and guidance in any circumstance that is needed.

2018 Mandatory Lacrosse Head Changes

As Christmas fast approaches and our boys ask for new lacrosse gear, I wanted to provide some details on 2018 changes to HS lacrosse heads. Again, this new change takes effect this upcoming season (heads that do not have these new dimensions are in violation and will lead to a penalty).  Here is a link that provides specific details on the changes: http://www.nfhs.org/sports-resource-content/boys-lacrosse-points-of-emphasis-2018/

Reminder of Crosse Change in 2018
The crosse shall be an overall fixed length of either 40 to 42 inches (short crosse) or 52 to 72 inches (long crosse), except for the goalkeeper's crosse, which may be 40 to 72 inches long. The circumference of the crosse handle shall be no more than 3½ inches. The head of the crosse at its widest point shall measure between 6½ and 10 inches, inside measurement, at the top and the bottom of the wall. (Figure 2) There shall be one crosse 10 to 12 inches, inside measurement at its widest point, at the top and bottom of the wall. This crosse shall be used by the required designated goalkeeper. The walls of any crosse shall not be more than 2 inches high.
EXCEPTION: The gut wall.

Beginning in 2018, minimum stick specifications shall be as follows:

The measurements for the crosse shall include:

Measurement from throat (inches)

Minimum distance between narrowest point of head (inches)


3 (all measurements)


3 (all measurements)


3.5 to 4 on front; 3.5 on back

Widest point

6 (all measurements)

NOTE: From the 1.25-inch measurement to the widest point of the crosse, the distance between the sidewalls of the crosse must be at least 3 inches.

Rationale: The committee defined crosse dimensions and specifications at different locations to address issues with the ball being stuck in the crosse. This change in equipment will begin in 2018 to allow for phased implementation.

Thanks again for your continued support to our program.  Remember, we are trying to create a program that is focused on building strong character and a tradition of winning.

Our Values: Character, Accountability, Discipline, Effort, Respect, Selflessness, & Camaraderie.


Proud to Be a Cougar,


Coach J


EHS PLayer Discipline Policy
by Jay Egger posted 11/10/2017


I wanted to discuss and send out the Jefferson County Athletic discipline policy.  There seems to be some confusion and misunderstanding regarding how this policy works.  As a program, we will strongly enforce and adhere to this policy (listed below).

With that said, below are a several key takeaways from my interpretation:

  1. This policy starts and exists throughout the athlete’s entire high school career.  Example, if a player violates one of the below standards his freshman year- that is strike one and he will be suspended for 2 LAX games.  If that same player violates one of the rules his junior year, that is strike two and the player will be suspended 4 LAX games.  If that same player has a third violation, strike three, his senior year, that player will be suspended for the entire athletic season- one-year suspension.
    1. Note: this policy does not refresh each year.
  2. If a player is involved in other sport programs and receives a suspension during that particular sporting season, he will serve his suspension during that sport and it does not carry into the new sporting season.  If the player only plays LAX, or is not participating in a sport during his violation, then he will serve his suspension during the LAX season.  However, if a player is in violation during LAX season, he must serve the required suspension based on the number of violations the player has received.  Example, player receives a violation during basketball season- that player will serve his suspension for basketball and it does not carry into LAX.  However, if that same player receives another violation during LAX season, that would result in strike two and that player will serve a four game suspension.
  3. All violations must be acted on and strictly enforced by the coach, AD, and EHS leadership.  A lack of following the guidelines can lead to detrimental consequences for our program.
  4. As a coach, if I hear or witness any of the violations (listed below), I’m mandated to report to the AD/EHS Leadership immediately.
Please go over this policy with your boys.  I know that peer pressure is tough and proper decision-making is also quite difficult.  This is why our program stresses our values because when they make unhealthy decisions it not only impacts them; it impacts their family and their teammates.  It’s ultimately their choice but we hope they decide to make great choices.  Being accountable, not being selfish, being disciplined, and showing strong character will not only help in high school but in college and beyond, too.
Below is the Jeffco policy:
Participation Contract
1. The use (lighting, chewing, smoking, inhaling, vaporizing, ingesting, injecting or application) or possession of drug paraphernalia, alcohol or any product that contains or is derived from tobacco, nicotine or steroids and is intended to be ingested, inhaled or applied to the skin of an individual will not be tolerated, regardless of quantity. The following represent minimum sanctions for violation of this rule, and shall be served at the first possible contest following the infraction. In cases of greater severity, the responsible administrator may increase the sanction up to and including suspension from school and from all interscholastic participation. Observance of all training rules involving the use or possession of tobacco, alcohol, or drug paraphernalia, drugs, including steroids, is a responsibility of the participant.
  • The first violation for sports with 11 or fewer contests will be a one-contest suspension and for sports with more than 11 contests, the sanction will be a two-contest suspension (Note: EHS Varsity and JV have 15 contest, and L3 has 9).
  • A second violation occurring at any time during a student’s attendance in the Jefferson County Schools will result in a suspension from twice as many contests as are provided for the first violation. Where drugs, tobacco or alcohol are involved in both violations, the student must demonstrate evidence of participation in an alcohol or drug treatment program prior to returning to competition.
  • A third and any subsequent violation occurring at any time during a student’s attendance in the Jefferson County Schools will result in suspension from all interscholastic athletics for one full year from the occurrence date

2. Students must also meet the following behavior expectations. Violation of these expectations may result in game suspensions, code of conduct penalties, and/or removal from the team at the discretion of school administration.

  • Participants are expected to conduct themselves in a commendable manner at all times in the school, the classroom, during interscholastic activities, and toward opponents, officials and spectators. The use of profane language is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.
  • There will be “zero tolerance” for assault upon, hazing, disorderly conduct toward, harassment of, intimidation of, discrimination against, or any criminal offense against another student or damage of property of another student.
  • Any behavior, on or off school property, which is detrimental to the welfare or safety of others will not be permitted.

3. Students who violate this participation contract out of season, including summer months, are subject to disciplinary action at the beginning of the next competitive season for any sport in which they participate. This contract is in effect from the signing date until the student officially graduates or transfers to another school outside the District.

Additionally, students are parents are responsible for reading and understanding the Jeffco Athlete Handbook: https://sites.google.com/a/jeffcoschools.us/central-athletics/handbooks.


Thanks again for your support. And please do reach out if you have questions or concerns.


Banner bound,

Message From Coach Egger 10/31/17
by Jay Egger posted 11/6/2017



First off, as you are all aware my emails are never short so I’m so sorry for the length of this email but I feel it’s so important to send out the below content.


What a great fall ball season.  We performed well in tournaments and played well in our league—Thanks for your hard work boys and congrats.  We improved greatly but still have a long way to go in order to achieve our goal this year of hanging that banner. 


Banner Bound is not just a saying this year— it’s a reality.  But achieving the banner will take a certain type of mentality where ALL players must dedicate themselves to being accountable, disciplined, determined and committed and by showing fortitude, determination, desire, and effort.  This group of boys is unique in so many ways and we have an opportunity to accomplish great things this upcoming season.  The Evergreen HS Lacrosse program is about building great character and building a tradition of winning.  However, we can’t just wait for the spring season to start and expect to be handed the banner. TRULY, IT’S ALL ABOUT THE OFF-SEASON.


Our schedule this year is much, much tougher.  However, we have a chance to make history in this program by doing something that has never be done— hanging that banner in the gym and going deep into the 4A State Championships.  I’m strongly encouraging each and every team member to buy-in and to commit to our off-season program.  I know it’s not easy to commit yourself after a long day of school, but sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same. I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy; I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.


Starting with Yoga on November 1, we will be diving deep into our off-season strength and conditioning programs.  The goals for November and December:

  • build our strength,
  • increase our flexibility,
  • build our camaraderie,
  • strengthen our confidence, and
  • build our mental potency. 

We will be starting our rigorous program starting in early November.  We have inherited Ohio State’s Lacrosse weightlifting program as our own.  We will be lifting and performing cardio two days a week and Yoga once a week (schedule coming out shortly).  This program is about building strength in the key areas of the body where lacrosse players need it the most.  We will be lifting for 45 minutes and then performing cardio for 45 minutes.  This past Thursday, during weightlifting, we had 13 players show 10 freshmen and 3 sophomores.  Again, I’m asking where are the upperclassmen?


I’m asking for players to commit 4 hours a week.  Parents, I’m also asking for your support in encouraging your son to participate.  We must become stronger as a unit and once we can get the point where our players are more excited to see their brothers succeed than themselves, then we will be State Champions.  Remember our values and don’t lose sight of them:Character, Accountability, Selflessness, Effort, Respect, Discipline, and Camaraderie.



“Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.”


“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.”


In case you aren’t yet convinced about the off-season programs, see below:




We have been doing Yoga every Wednesday for almost 2 months and the participation levels are minimal. I expect participation by the upperclassmen to improve in the next couple of months and ask the underclassmen to keep it up.  As you will see below, there are many benefits to Yoga and it will change the way you play and the way you feel.


What The Research Says About Yoga

Yoga works young men.  Nationwide over 90% of top high school and college sport teams participate in Yoga. Davidson et al. has suggested that, “These practices induce changes in brain structure and function, which can enhance skills, such as self-regulation and prosocial behavior, and lead to improvements in students’ performance” (2012).  Other research evidence suggested that the yoga interventions exerted positive effects on several factors, including emotional balance, attentional control, cognitive efficiency, anxiety, negative thought patterns, emotional and physical arousal, reactivity, and negative behavior (Serwacki & Cook-Cottone, 2012).  Now tell me what parent/player doesn’t want these benefits?  Furthermore, when lacrosse players begin to practice yoga, they are increasing their core strength, adding shoulder mobility, gaining latissimus dorsi and hamstring flexibility, hip stability, physical balance, mental focus and gaining faster recovery times by decreasing the delayed on-set of muscles stiffness (DOMS) effect that comes along with their training.


What Pro and College LAX Player’s Say About Yoga:

From Chris Wiedmaier (Princeton College Player and now a pro player for the Ohio Machine):

Once I finally gave the class my undivided attention, my mind was blown. The next time I stepped on the field to play in a lacrosse game, I couldn’t believe what my body was capable of.  Here are the main reasons why if you are a serious lacrosse player, you should practice yoga: Speed, Range of Motion, Endurance, Core Strength, and Focus.”


From Paul Rabil:

I started doing yoga as a senior lacrosse player for John Hopkins. I was shocked at how much it helped improve my athletic performance as a lacrosse player. It made me stronger, more powerful, I recovered more quickly, and I FELT better! Shortly after graduating, I started Man Flow Yoga to help spread the benefits of yoga to people that don’t normally do yoga, namely, guys and athletes.”


From Cam Evangelho (D1 College Athlete):

“It was 30 plus guys doing yoga inches apart in a packed room,” Evangelho says. “I think the whole team was skeptical at first. I never pictured myself doing yoga as a college athlete. But after our first session – and it was tough as we do a lot of core stretching and balance – I realized it all ties in with sports and what we do.”


From Colorado Academy Lacrosse:

“The secret to competing against the big schools isn’t having a chip on the shoulder. It’s yoga.”


Research About Yoga:


We Are Banner Bound,


Coach Egger


Proud to be a Cougar