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Coahing Resources

Please find a number of links here as well as in our documents area. 



Coaches can use these as a resource to support developing age and division appropriate drills / play.





Coach Pitch:




Below is a link to paid training.  Please contact   if interested to determine if WSLL can support your attendance. 

Little League Double-Goal Coach®: Coaching for Winning and Life Lessons

Link:  http://shopping.positivecoach.org/Little-League-DGC


Little League University has some great information for new / returning coaches:



Manager and Coach - Code of Conduct

Manager and Coach Code of Conduct 2018


Coach / Manager Information:

Major Manager info can be found by clicking HERE

Minor Manager info can be found by clicking HERE

Rookie Manager info can be found by clicking HERE

Coach Pitch Manager info can be found by clicking HERE

T-Ball Manager info can be found by clicking HERE


Arm Safety:

Please see a good article detailing arm safety:




If it’s rainy and you have a game at Bar-S, check with the WSLL website.  If you don’t see a notice that Bar-S games are rained out, please assume we are playing.  We have shop vacs and Turface to make the fields playable.  If you have a weekday or early Saturday game (9-10 AM), please show up early and help our Field Maintenance director prepare those fields. You should NEVER cancel games on the field turf venues like Hiawatha and Delridge unless player safety is an issue, e.g. lightning.

For games on Seattle grass fields other than Bar S, please take direction from Seattle Parks and Rec.  You can call the Ballfield Rainout Hotline:  Phone: (206) 233-0055  or signup for email notifications of field closures on the Seattle Parks website: https://www.seattle.gov/parks/reserve/sports-field-reservation

The hotline is updated no later than 3:30 on weekdays and then again as needed if conditions change and as needed on weekends.

In general, plan on playing unless notified of field closure – sometimes that will mean you are at the field when coaches and umpires determine that the game should not be played.   When present, umpire(s) have the final say whether the game should be played for safety reasons.  

Rescheduling Games

If you get rained out, please work with the other manager and me to identify an in-season practice time or alternative time that accommodates the game.  For tee ball, coach pitch, and rookies please play the games even if you can’t field 9 players. 




Microsoft Word file Coaching Manual