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Action Item
by Rob Brown posted 1/14/2019


I know the inclement weather has made for a rough start to practices.  Just remember it is still early.  If the wet weather stays constant for another week, we will look and getting teams time at Mather if they wish. 

I still need to know if anyone needs any equipment.  If you find you need goalie gear, first aid stuff or whatever, let me know so the club can get it for you.

The new player bags were ordered this week.  The turnaround is pretty quick, so I anticipate distributing at the end of next week.  Hopefully, I will have them at the the dinner on the 26th for you. 

Speaking of the dinner, I need some help. I need each coach to poll your parents.  We need an approximate head count so we can plan tri-tip and booze accordingly.  Please email your head count to Kimbart@frontier.net no later that COB Friday. 

Again, I appreciate your commitment to these kids.   The time and energy a coach puts into his team is rarely recognized.  Rest assured I absolutely appreciate you.