Inspires youth (regardless of race, creed, color, or sex) to practice the ideals of sportsmanship, teamwork, physical fitness, and healthy competition and strive to be

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Football tips
Great site with strategies and tips for Defense or Offense or go right to your position
Aspetuck Valley Rugby Club

Easton Park and Rec


Insports offers winter flag football and passing leagues.
Joe Namath Football Camp

Check out your favorite players and teams.
Redding Boys and Girls Club

Redding Park and Rec

Redding Park and Rec

Redding-Easton Lacrosse

Seattle Seahawks Tackling Drill
Coach Pete Carroll's drill to show the correct way to tackle
The Official NFL Site For Kids
Get tips for your position, player facts, strategy, play games, answer trivia... Visit and have a great time!
USA Wildcats Cheerleading

Western CT Youth Arena Football
Winter Youth Arena Football League