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Nashua, NH
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by kalin carroll posted 08/29/2018

Game results are always posted on our Facebook page and can be found here under Teams & Schedules> Football Schedules. 

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by kalin carroll posted 08/23/2018



Games will take place at Stellos Stadium located at 7 Stadium Drive in Nashua. Parking is located to the South of the stadium. Overflow parking can be found in the YMCA parking lot.


Stellos stadium offers on-site CASH ONLY concessions.


No dogs and no smoking or vaping are allowed on stadium property.* 


The City of Nashua has a strict noise restriction. No game announcements or music is allowed before 12pm on Sundays. Cow bells, blow horns and/or other loud noise makers are strictly forbidden at any time. Please share this with your guests as those in violation may be asked to leave the field as failure to comply could jeopardize our ability to utilize the fields.


Cheerleaders cheer near the goal post on the left side of the field when you walk in.


Visit our merchandise table!!! Merchandise is sold at every home game. 


*This rule is NHYFSC wide- there are no dogs, no smoking and no vaping at any of the NHYFSC games either home or away. 

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by posted 08/15/2016

The football schedule is out and is listed under the NPF Teams and Schedules tab or click here.

Remember! It is always subject to change. 

Cheer teams follow their assigned football teams.





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Are Dogs Allowed at the Field?
by kalinhamilton posted 07/31/2014

Please remember 

 These dogs are allowed at Artillery Field

but these dogs  are not.


For the safety and comfort of all our athletes, coaches and parents (and even in some cases, your dog), please make sure you that you are not bringing your dog to the field. Even cute ones. Even old ones. Even dogs that are the "best dog ever."

Thank you!



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