The Indian Hill Recreational Soccer program is a community based, volunteer run SAY soccer program open to children who live in the Indian Hill School District.

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by posted 08/08/2018

Final Fall referee Field Training and testing this Saturday for returning refs and new refs that have completed the CHSS Course.   

Please use this link to sign up for your IH Field Training portion of your ref training. 

We ask that ALL IH refs attend Field Training each season.  This is a good way to meet the others you are working with, learn rule updates and gain field experience and confidence.  We want our IH Refs to be the best and we are here to be a resource for that.  After Field Training session we are offering testing that complies with your CHSS requirement to test annually.    

Prior to attending IH Field Training please:

1) Register as a ref on the CHSS site. 

2) review your rule books specifically: 

Law XII - Fouls and Misconduct (6 pages beginning on page 34)
Law XIII -  Free Kick (3 pages beginning on page 40)
We will cover many topics but these two Laws are important and too lengthy to cover entirely.
Here is a link to the rule book if you need a copy. 

3)  SAY offers a great online training syllabus here that will fully prepare you for class and testing.

Field Training alone will not be enough to pass the Annual Referee Test - please come prepared.  
**New refs that tested during the CHSS classes need not test unless to improve scores. 


We will hold our refs to a high standard of competency and behavior.  We expect to be proud to have our Refs to representing Indian Hill.



IH Rec Soccer

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Concussion Legislation & what it means to IHRC Soccer
by posted 05/28/2014

In various parts of the country, states are introducing laws regarding concussion and youth sports; Ohio passed its concussion bill on December 20th, 2012.  The bill defines the responsibility of players, parents, coaches, referees and league officials when a player is believed to be exhibiting the signs, symptoms or behavior of a person who may have sustained a concussion.
A concussion is a brain injury and all brain injuries are SERIOUS. A concussion may be caused by a bump, blow, jolt to the head, face, neck or elsewhere on the body with an impulsive force transmitted to the head. The injury can range from mild to severe and disrupt the way the brain normally works. Although many concussions are mild, concussions of any type are serious and can result in severe complications if not managed properly. This can include prolonged brain damage and even death.
Laws such as the one passed in Ohio, contain four main provisions, these are as follows.
  • SAY Soccer Districts and Areas are responsible and must make available to every player and their parents an informational sheet, that has been developed by their State Department of Health. This informational sheet is available to you on your player's team website from the Documents option of the team menu.  Please take the time to review it. You can also locate the informational sheet here:
  • SAY Soccer will provide an informational page on their website of recommendations for all coaches and referees advising them of their individual responsibilities. This has been communicated to IHRC coaches and referees.
  • Many states are now asking that all coaches and referees to take an online training certification before they are allowed to work with youth soccer players. IHRC has asked its coaches and referees to become certified prior to coaching this spring 2014 season.
The final part of the law involves the removal of the player and the return to play. Key points in this are as follows:
  • Coaches, referees, or officials must remove from play an athlete exhibiting the signs and symptoms of a concussionduring practice or a game.
  • The athlete cannot return to play on the same day that he she is removed after exhibiting signs of a concussion.
  • The athlete is not permitted to return to play until he/she has been assessed by a physician or licensed health care provider approved by the Youth sports organization and received written clearance.
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