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Raptors Diamond Cycle Drive
by posted 06/05/2018

Raptors Nation -

Please join us in our 1st annual Diamond Cycle Drive by saving your used sports equipment and supplies to donate to this great cause!  Many thanks to our new partnership with Denver Broncos Community Development and Boys and Girls Club of Metro Denver, as we will be collecting gently used items that will be going to youth athletes in the Montbello area.  

This event will be held during the AYL World Series right here in our home turf at Metzler's Ranch Park.  Look for bins at each of the fields to donate your items and please share with friends and family!  

If you would like to help volunteer at this event or have any questions, please feel free to respond.


Meagan Lang

Director of Baseball | Raptors Athletics

Go Raptors!!


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2nd Annual Bomber For Bones - JULY 21
by posted 05/03/2018

We welcome each of you to participate in our biggest community event of the season!!  

On July 21, 2018 at Metzler's please join us for the

2nd Annual Bombers for Bones

Last year our community helped generate together over $41,000 for it's first time - these donations together help fund research for a cure for one of our very own Raptors athletes who was diagnosed a rare bone disease in 2016.  Caleb still continues to fight daily, battling through the pain while still doing the things he loves.  Out on the diamond or the court he continues to play until he can no longer. Let's go out and rally together in support of this athlete and those affected with FOP!!   

Registration is currently open for this event! The home run derby and skills competition is for all ages!


Today 5/3/18 Caleb will be talking with Schelerth and Evans on 104.3 The Fan.  

You can check out the interview via pod cast here:

http://1043thefan.com/category/podcast_results/?sid=1149&n=Schlereth and Evans


For any questions about Caleb, FOP, IFOPA, and this event including volunteer opportunities or sponsorships, you can directly reach out to Scott and Stephanie Burgess at: bombersforbones@gmail.com




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Junior Sky Sox
by posted 05/02/2018

Raptors - What a great and fun opportunity to support our Sky Sox team down in Co. Springs.  Packed fun for the entire team!! Please click the link for order forms: https://leagueathletics.com/Documents.asp?n=&org=RAPTORS-BASEBALL.ORG


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The Cage is OPEN!!
by posted 04/18/2018

The Cage is OPEN!!  

The Cage has listed current inventory that is up for purchase.  This also includes spare hats, jersey's, and car stickers.


Click this link to shop the store today: 




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by posted 03/09/2018


Raptors Nation -

The 2018 season is now upon us, and the Raptors Baseball Board would like to extend a special congratulations to all of our AYL Seniors as they enter into their final AYL season. 

Many of these athletes have been apart of our program for many seasons, and we could not be more proud of the young men they are turning in to. Their head coaches Jay McConnell and David Miller whom are veterans of this program will truly be missed around the diamond representing Raptors Baseball.   

We are also very grateful to have our newest athletes join our club in their final season to share in the experience of Raptors Baseball.  We wish each of you the very best for a successful season while taking with you all that your parents, coaches, and teammates have taught you over the years and help prepare you for the next phase in your baseball goals. 

Congrats to our 2018 AYL Seniors:


Zach Blatter

Cooper Frnka

Tanner Gray

Brandon Hancock

Carson Hancock

Mason Hoff

Jacob Larsen

Lucas Liddell

Jack Lopez

Tyler Mathews

Dakota Maxfield

Jackson McConnell

Ryan Miller

Jacob Naibauer

Carson Parker

Nicholas Rostad

Dillon Schulz

Vinny Silvestro

Ben Trizila

Braeydn Vildibill

Nathan Ward

Holden Warfield

Sawyer Warfield

Stephen Zukowski


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AYL 2018 Season Schedule
by posted 09/18/2017

2018 AYL Season Schedule 

*Subject to change per AYL Board Discretion*


AYL 2018 Season Schedule:


  • AYL Baseball Schedules posted:
  • 14's/12-13 AAA/Majors – 2/23/18
  • AA/8-11 ~ AAA/8-11 ~ Majors – 3/15/18
  • AA – 3/22/18
  • AYL Spring Blast Tournament date – 4/7/18 – 4/8/18
  • 3 Game Guarantee
  • AYL Veterans Memorial Tournament dates – 5/5/18 – 5/6/18
  • 3 Game Guarantee
  • 14's season opener – 3/6/18
  • 8 Games + Single Elimination Playoffs
  • 12 - 13 MAJORS/AAA season opener – 3/6/18
  • 10  Games  + Single Elimination Playoffs (number of total games based  on schedule optimization)
  • 8 - 11 MAJORS/AAA season opener – 4/3/2018
  • 10 Games  + Single Elimination Playoffs (number of total games based  on schedule optimization)
  • AA Season opener – 4/6/18 (6/7/8) ~~ 4/13/2018 (9/10/11/12/13`14)
  • 14 games + Double Elimination Playoffs
  • 14's rosters are Frozen! – 4/9/2018
  • AA/AAA/M rosters are Frozen! – 4/30/2018
  • Last day 14's – 5/11/2018
  • 14's Playoffs – 5/14/2018 ~ 5/18/2018
  • 14's World Series – 5/22/2018 (AAA) ~ 5/23/2018 (M)
  • Last day AA – 6/14/2018
  • AA Playoffs – 6/15/2018 – 6/24/2018
  • Last day AAA/Majors – 6/7/2018
  • AAA/Majors Playoffs – 6/11/2018 – 6/14/2018
  • AYL World Series: AAA/Majors – 6/19/2018 ~ 6/20/2018
  • AYL World Series: AA – 6/26/2018 ~ 6/27/2018
  • Important Dates:
  • Rockies night – 6/8/2018
  • Club Coaches meetings – 2/18/2018
  • Coaches CLINIC and Meetings – 2/18/2018
    • 6 - 8 - 8 AM to 10 AM
    • 9 - 11 - 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM
    • 12 - 14 - 1 PM to 3 PM
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