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IP & 8U Mites Registration is Now Open!!!
by posted 06/27/2018


IP and Mite Registration is now open!

The future generation of MYHA has arrived.  The foundation of a strong organization starts at the IP/Mite level and at Midstate we strongly acknowledge our beginners.  


It is important that we give these kids a great opportunity to learn the sport the right way and to have a blast doing it.  Our organization’s goal is to introduce an affordable hockey opportunity to all young kids in Central New York.  These players will get the chance to watch and look up to the skaters that came through the same IP/Mite program before them.  They will have the opportunity to make friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.  We are looking forward to welcoming the next wave of players to Midstate Youth Hockey and welcome back all of last year's Nats!

Please sign up to register your child by using the links below:  

Click Here to Register for IP Program (Beginners)

Initiation to Hockey will start in November and the cost is $100 for the season.

Click Here to Register for U8 Mites

8U evaluations for A, B & C teams will be $30 for a 2 skate evaluation.   It is important to attend both dates if possible.

8/17 6:30 PM Cicero OLY 

8/26 2 PM  Cicero NHL. 

Best to luck to all of our players!




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MYHA's Joel Farabee goes 14th Overall in the NHL Draft
by posted 06/22/2018

Congrats on a Major Accomplishment Joel!!!

MYHA's own Joel Farabee keeps the CNY hockey momentum at an all-time high!  Everyone in CNY was just starting to get their feet back on the ground after watching Al Tuch and the Golden Knights amazing run throughout the season and playoffs.  Joel has taken the baton and has kept the ship moving full speed ahead.  The kids at Midstate have had a lot of extended bedtime hours as of late and all for the right reasons.  How much fun is it to watch former players from our organization exceed at the highest levels.  The kids are excited and it gives them drive in themselves to think “Why not me”?  They work harder at every practice because of it and know they have an organization behind that can help make their dreams come true.   Congrats Joel on being picked 14th Overall by the Philadelphia Flyers!  We all will be watching you play hard for BU this up coming season!  Enjoy the moment and keep working MYHA hard! 

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Welcome Back Players and Parents
by posted 05/22/2018

Let it Begin!

Welcome back parents and players!  The coaches are excited to start the "process"!  Setting goals, working harder and preperation are all things that are going to make our team that much better.  One of the things that us as coaches and the organization are going to work on this year is creating a great culture.  We obviously want to field a great product on the ice, but more importantly we want to mold our players into role models off the ice.  We want to do things the right way and remember that there are players at younger levels that follow our lead.  Let's make that lead worth following!  So let it begin!!!

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The Rebranding of an Organization
by posted 05/22/2018

A New Direction, with a New Logo

The board of directors has had several meeetings over the course of the last couple of months.  We have had some productive conversations about change in a positive direction.  Our marketing committee sat down and came up with a new organization identity.  We still acknowledge our old logo and won't forget the past, but felt it was time to freshen it up a bit.  Thanks for all of the hard work put in to get this done everyone!

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by posted 04/27/2018


There is excitement and positive energy in the air out at the Cicero Twin Rinks.  The announcement of Scott Montagna as president has everyone geared up for a change in how things are going to be done from top to bottom.  Scott's enthusiasm and passion for the game of hockey made him the prefect choice to help lead the organization in the right direction.  "Creating culture" have been the most used words from President Montagna over the last couple of months.  There have been several productive board meetings since Scott has been appointed president of the organization.  All of the committees have been formed and have already started working on our transformation process.  Our main goal as an organization is to make sure we take care of everyone in it!  From mite to midget, figure skating to broom ball, male or female, AAA or house, we are one organization, one family!

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