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Colts Neck Sports Foundation Board Candidates

The election will take place on Monday, October 3, 2016 at the Colts Neck Courthouse.

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John Satter

Hi all, my name is John Satter and I wish to run for a board position on the Colts Neck Sports Foundation.  I have resided in town for the past 9 years and my 2 daughters have been involved in softball, soccer, and basketball. I personally have coached softball for the last several years from the 7-8’s to the 14U’s, including district all-star teams.  I feel I have the capacity to assist the foundation and all of the sports programs to move forward and better the experience with the parents as well as the children. In my experience, there seems to be a disconnect between the town, the sports foundation, and the parents.  I will work diligently to create a new synergy between all parties involved.  Especially township departments (Parks and Rec, DPW, Board of Ed). The more transparency and open lines of communication, the easier it is to accomplish tasks as an organization.  In these times of financial strain, it is necessary to try to streamline our organization, try to generate alternate methods of fund raising, share service providers, (i.e. the porta johns) which 2 other sports now utilize, utilize the same uniform providers regularly.


I feel it is necessary to continue to strengthen our sports programs for the children to have the best opportunity to compete among ourselves in the rec leagues and among other towns in our travel leagues. I have worked very hard along with current board members, coaches, and parents to get the snack shed at Cedar, have better toilet facilities for the girls at Cedar, install the CN’s at Cedar, assist in the dugout project, and I am currently working on a project to bring power to Cedar fields.  It is also necessary to continue to strive to better all of our current facilities. Our children and our teams deserve better. As a person who frequently attends Sports foundation meetings, I feel this is a great opportunity to serve our community along with making the sports experience in town an enjoyable one for the children. I thank you for your time.


John Satter

Jacki Kronstedt

Jacki Kronstedt is a mother of a 4th and 1st grader at the Conover Road schools, a PTO member and served several years as a class mom.  She has been a Colts Neck resident for 9+ years and she has head coached recreation soccer for 3 seasons.  Playing sports was a way of life for Jacki; reaching the collegiate level in soccer and Equestrian as well as high school softball.  The combination of coaching, sports and parenting experience coupled with her vested interest in Colts Neck as a community would make her an ideal candidate for the Colts Neck Recreational Sports Foundation Board.  

Thank you for your consideration.


 Erik Whalen

Current vice president travel basketball club

Current youth ref recreation basketball 

League head youth league head recreation basketball last 3 years’ multiple age groups

Webmaster for CNSF website

Francine Cherchio

Let me take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Fran Cherchio, and I have been involved with the CNSF softball program for the past 5 years. I have two wonderful children, John 14, and Denise 11 who both attend CDMS. I have lived in Colts Neck for the past seven years. I have helped coach softball and lent a helping hand the past five years. 


I am running for the CNSF Board to remain Commissioner of Softball and would appreciate your vote.  This past season I took over the softball program as Softball Director and together, we have made some great improvements.  I would like to continue the opportunity to work on the softball program and expand it even further. I would also work with other board members to better every sports program for all the children of Colts Neck.


So please, consider me, Fran Cherchio on election day. 


Thank You


Jeff Sponder

My name is Jeff Sponder.  I have lived in Colts Neck for almost 6 years.  I formerly played college baseball and coached college baseball for 13 years.  I have been the President of the Colts Neck Sports Foundation for over 2 years.  I have in the past been in charge of softball and am a member of the baseball committee.  I have coached my three children in basketball, soccer, softball and baseball over the past several years.  I volunteered some four or five years ago to be on the CNSF Board in order to make a difference in our children’s lives.  I agreed to act as President for the same reason.  I believe strongly that team sports are important in the development of our children.  If I were to continue on the Board and as President, I will strive to achieve the goal of making the facilities in Colts Neck one of the finest facilities in New Jersey.  In addition, I will strive to achieve the goal of making our programs the best programs that they can be with the help of our many volunteers.  Further, I will strive to achieve the goal of continuing the transparency of the CNSF by ensuring that questions can be asked of the Board and grievances filed pursuant to our new grievance procedure and form.