PCSC is a nonprofit that inspires young athletes to develop competitive level soccer skills in a supportive and rewarding community environment that emphasizes enjoyment, respect and sportsmanship to foster their physical, mental and social growth.

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Park City Soccer Club
2018/19 Uniform Kits



2018/19 is the first year of a two-year uniform cycle for Park City Soccer Club.

     - All players will be required to purchase a complete uniform kit directly
       from Soccer.com last year, with the exception of 2011 (U8) players, who will purchase a partial kit.

     - Kits for X-League and Comp League players (U9 and older) will cost 
             - Approximately $280 + shipping for Youth sizes 
             - Approximately $300 + shipping for Adult sizes
             - The Adidas Stadium II backpack will be optional for an additonal $60

     - Kits for U8 Program players will cost approximately $112 + shipping.
             - U8 Kits will include the red jersey (with number), short and sock components
             - U8 Kits will include club training kit: gray training t, black shorts and black socks
             - The club training jacket, training pants, and Stadium II backpack are optional this year
             - As U9 players in 2019/20, purchase of the remainder of the kit (white uniform components
               and any optional pieces not purchased this year) will be required


               - Players needing to purchase the Uniform Kit are strongly urged to try on
                all pieces at tryouts
              - Players should note required sizes and retain sizing notes until kit arrives
              - The Club does not track sizing requirements for players

     - Player numbers will be determined by the PCSC Uniform Coordinator and team 

     - Every effort will be made to allow returning players to retain their current number, if they wish
              - Current PCSC players moving onto a new team will have to select a new number if their
                current number conflicts with an established player on the new team

      - New players (and players on new teams) will be asked to provide five number choices; every
        effort will be made to give players one of their five choices
               - Please note: 75% of the players in the Club request #10 as one of their choices;
                 please set your player's expectations accordingly for popular player's numbers

     - Uniform numbers are only assigned once across an age group (to all the teams
        in the same birth year), to faciliate movement at tryouts, guest playing in 
        tournaments, and C-passing between teams during league play.

     - Please do not order your uniform kit until your number has been officially
               - PCSC is not responsible for kits which need to be reordered due to 
                 the player's error in ordering the wrong number (or size)

      - All players will be provided with information about submitting their number choices and
        ordering their kits in their PCSC Welcome Letter

      - Within a week or so of accepting their place on a PCSC team, players will receive
         an email invitation from Soccer.com with a link to the Club's online store.
               - This will be a personalized invitation, taking players to the exact pieces
                  and number they need to order.

PLEASE DO NOT order uniforms except through the link in your 
         invitation email from Soccer.com!!!

      - The PCSC online store at Soccer.com will also carry optional pieces, 
         such as extra socks, technical gear, and Spirit Wear. 

      - Youth sizes are always preceded by "Y" and are found under the
         mens items in the online store


Uniforms Must Be Ordered Friday, June 15
to ensure delivery by late July for the PC Extreme Cup Tournament



X-League, Comp League and High School players (U9-U18) are required to order:

(2) Jerseys, (2) Shorts, (2) Pairs of Socks, (1) Training T, (1) Training Short, (1) Pair of Training Socks,
(1) Training Jacket,  (1) Training Pants

Optional Backpack available.
Keeper Jersey available.

Estimated Cost: Youth sizing $280.00 / Mens & Women’s sizing $300.00
Shipping Additional

Optional Adidas Stadium II Backpack: $60


U8 Program (2011) players are required to order:

(1) Red Jersey (with player number), (1) Red Short, (1) Red Pairs of Socks
(1) Training T, (1) Training Short, (1) Pair of Training Socks

Estimated Cost: Youth sizing $112.00
Shipping Additional

Optional Pieces Available for an Additional Fee:
Training Jacket, Training Pants and/or the Stadium II Backpack 

Uniforms Must Be Ordered Friday, June 29 To Ensure Delivery By Fall League Play


Scholarship players will be contacted by the Scholarship Committee
for details about ordering their uniforms.

Questions? Contact Melissa Allen, Uniform Coordinator at or 808.557.5179